Friday, March 29

Nous Accusons!

The history of Israel since its establishment in 1948 can be divided into 2 parts:

Part 1. Before October 7th 2023. 

Part 2. After October 7th 2023.

The definition of “Zionism” simply is the belief in the establishment of a homeland for the Jewish People — nothing more and nothing less. There is nothing political about it at all. Today, “Zionism” has been twisted in many directions:  racism, occupation of Palestinian lands and the most dominant is synonymous with anti-Semitism. The Jewish People, before the establishment of the State of Israel, were a persecuted minority in the Diaspora. The culmination of this anti-Semitism reached a peak in Nazi Germany, resulting in the Holocaust and the murder of 6 million Jews.

The establishment of the State of Israel was a big challenge and resulted in the Palestinian refugee problem that had never really been solved. We are all aware of the countless wars and acts of terrorism over the years, resulting in a tragic loss of lives on both sides. This was associated with Part I of Israel’s history.

Part 2, preconceptions of Israel’s Intelligence and Security services were proved wrong and inaccurate and the slaughter, rapes, kidnapping of hostages and destruction of homes of kibbutz members on the southern frontiers by Hamas terrorist savages was the result.

Israel will never be the same after October 7th 2023. This is the Jewish People’s Holocaust number two in their homeland under the rule of Netanyahu’s phoney security bluff. Now these evil coalition fascists controlling Netanyahu have made their priority the destruction of Hamas and not the freeing of the hostages. Itamar Ben Gvir and Betzalel Smotrich, the puppeteers who pull the strings that control PM Netanyahu. Families of the hostages have been demonstrating for the release of their families held in Gaza under the most inhuman conditions. At the same time, the evil Netanyahu Coalition plays politics and false lip service to the freeing of hostages. The police are molesting the demonstrators, whose families are in captivity.                                                                                

For years, we were all deceived by the Netanyahu Government coalition and after the various campaigns against the Hamas terrorists in Gaza that never solved the firing of missiles into Israel. The Iron Dome anti-missile system had saved many lives. We were led to believe that Hamas terror was halted. The Intelligence and Security forces underestimated Hamas' strength. There was no knowledge of the existence of over 500 Km of underground tunnels in Gaza, right under the noses of the IDF: so close to home! They also underestimated the strength of Hamas, who used these tunnels as shelters for terrorists as well as stores for their missiles. These tunnels were under hospitals, schools, and mosques in Gaza.  Kibbutz members on the border with Gaza had been complaining for a long time that they heard activity and vibrations under their homes that were unheeded by the security authorities. Nothing was done! Hamas was given plenty of time by Israel’s Intelligence and Security Services to build underground tunnels under Gazan Cities.

Tatzpitaniyot on duty (Photo: Haim Horenstein)

Tatzpitaniyot (soldier observers, usually on the borders, who observe movements of suspected enemy activity against Israel). They had warned their superiors of suspicious activity, and it appeared that they were preparing for terrorist activity against Israel before October 7th 2023. The officers in charge had threatened these observers with court-martial for spreading rumours. The Macchio officers refused to believe these warnings from their “inferiors”. Hopefully these “know-all”, negligent officers will be found guilty under a Commission of Enquiry established after the Gaza War. What is the purpose of having tatzpitaniyot if their superiors do not take notice of their warnings of danger? Apart from that, they are the “eyes of Israel” that do important work and whose lives were endangered as well on October 7th 2023. Their contribution to Israel’s security has been compromised, and the results of neglect of their importance played into the hands of the Hamas Nuqba savages. 

Now the Gaza War continues unabated, resulting in the loss of lives of close to more than 32000 innocent Gazans that has left most of us in a tremendous conscience dilemma including the lives of our soldiers. While Israel has achieved a strategic victory but has not won the war, the 134 hostages’ fate hangs in the balance. Netanyahu’s credibility is close to zero, and his popularity has fallen. It is in the evil coalition government’s interest to keep the war going, as this keeps Netanyahu in power and avoids his criminal legal problems. There is no doubt that new elections must be held as soon as possible. This evil coalition government is not achieving anything by misinforming the public and creating a rift with President Joe Biden, who has been more than a friend to Israel with the help he has authorised for Israel’s benefit.

Families of the hostages are demonstrating in their thousands to have the government make a greater effort to get the hostages released, rather than paying useless lip service to achieve this. The police are acting against these families with brutality. Israeli authorities investigate reports of police brutality after anti-gov. protest in Tel Aviv

A question we cannot avoid asking is: Where were the security forces at the time when Hamas terrorist savages managed with such ease to break through the security fences with bulldozers?  

Israel has the right to defend itself from an enemy attack. There was every justification for Israel to protect its citizens from Hamas terrorist attacks. The support of Hamas by the Palestinians, according to Palestinian polls, is very high.  Dr. Khalil Shikaki, Director and Senior Researcher: Associate Professor of Political Science, Ph.D. in Political Science, graduated from Columbia University in 1985  

Dr Khalil Shikaki of the Palestinian Centre for Policy Survey Research, polls are reliable and accurate. This gives a good picture of Palestinian thinking and support of Hamas. The conclusion of these polls proves that Hamas by their admission are not interested in peace with Israel and are interested in Israel’s destruction and the establishment of a fanatic Islamist caliphate and the destruction of the Jewish People. The 7th October 2023 Holocaust is proof of Hamas's intentions. The leadership of Hamas have reiterated that they were prepared to carry out this genocide repeatedly. 

Hamas’s October 7 Attack: Visualizing the Data 

Much of this “Netanyahu War” is Bibi's fault. What was unmentioned was the amount of Qatari Dollars cash in suitcases authorised by Netanyahu to “rehabilitate” Gaza at the rate of 33 million Qatari Dollars a month. Undoubtedly, he did this to create a “divide and rule” situation between Hamas and the Palestinian Authority. These Qatari Dollars were not used to rehabilitate Gaza, but rather for Hamas projects of terror tunnels and weaponry and of course the slaughter on the southern frontier of Israel.

The Right-wing Coalition Government must be blamed for the October 7th 2023 tragedy. It could have been avoided, as the government was warned about the manoeuvres of Hamas terrorists on Israel’s southern border with Gaza. We were all led to believe that Hamas was not interested in having any military confrontation with Israel, and Islamic Jihad fired missiles into Israel. This went on for many years, including the launching of incendiary balloons. 

Another factor is the neutralisation of Israel’s security forces that were involved over the years in keeping the demonstrating citizens who were against the retrogressive court “reforms” to keep Netanyahu out of prison. These demonstrations were obviously under Hamas observation for nearly a year in 2023. Even Israel’s reserve air force personnel refused to do reserve duty to keep Netanyahu in power. Hamas was aware of Israel’s vulnerability, and they chose October 7th, 2023 to attack Israel with ease by crossing and destroying the security fences.

We accuse Israel’s “Mr Security” (Crime Minister) PM Netanyahu and his cabinet of clowns, intelligence, and security services for the tragedy of October 7th, 2023. They had failed to protect Israel’s citizens.




Monday, January 8

All that I Believed and Hoped for, has been Shattered

 All that I believed and hoped for has been shattered. The cause of this was the horrific massacre of Israelis on 7th October 2023.  I have always said and believed that Israel had failed to treat the occupied Palestinians fairly and plundered their lands as well as settling it with right-wing religious zealots over the years. These fanatic zealots and messianic settlers have enormous representation in the present Netanyahu extremist right-wing coalition. The violence of these right-wing fanatics also played a part in increasing the Palestinian hatred of Israel. On the other hand, Hamas-ISIS never recognised Israel's right to exist. According to them, the occupation began the day Israel was established in 1948. Hence, generations of Palestinians were brainwashed to hate Israel and Jews generally. Israel could have made a more effective effort to safeguard Palestinian human rights, which they failed to do. All of Israel's governments are to blame. Integration of education where Jews and Palestinians should have been made compulsory to attend integrated schools at an early age. This would have played a part in building a multiracial society living in peace. This was never done, and any attempt to educate the pupils not to hate was never achieved.

Unfortunately, this is the reality with all the horrors of suffering on both sides.

I cannot remain neutral when people here, who hate the present evil coalition and have helped the Palestinians, are tortured and murdered. I happen to know people whose homes have been destroyed by marauding terrorists. It could happen to us too. In this situation, I cannot remain neutral and keep to my beliefs but rather modify them to suit the situation as best I can. The IDF is protecting us, and many soldiers have lost their lives in their endeavour to protect us Israelis. Israel never realised how strong and well-armed Hamas-ISIS is. This dilemma, most of us face on the peace spectrum. 

Monday, September 25

The Purpose of Yom Kippur

 The purpose of Yom Kippur (Day of Atonement) is to cleanse oneself from one's sins and ask for forgiveness from one's fellow human beings for wrongs committed against them, whether intentional or unintentional. This of course includes slander ("lashon ra" in Hebrew). Before entering the synagogue on the eve of Yom Kippur the Kol Nidrei (All Vows) chant is recited or sung by the officiating cantor (chazzan). Forgiveness must be requested from one's neighbours before entering the synagogue and requesting from The Almighty. The fast begins before entering the synagogue for the Kol Nidrei service.

Israel's Orthodox and Ultra-Orthodox political religious leaders in the Knesset, who fast on Yom Kippur should be asking for forgiveness before embarking on their fast for their slander against Arabs, non-Jews, refugees, left-wingers and fellow Jews who happen to be Reform or Conservative believers of Judaism. According to Halacha, these pseudo-religious hateful slanderers holding ministerial posts in the Knesset have broken the precepts of the Yom Kippur fast before it has even started.

The meaning of the fast for many traditionally observant Jews is to identify with the Am Ehad (One People). There is no such thing! Thanks to the present satanic, evil government of Judaic mutants that are leading the country with a xenophobic, racist "Jewish" supremacist outlook that is encouraged by their right-wing, rabbis give one the feeling that they hold the monopoly on Judaism in Israel.

I cannot identify with this kind of Judaism that rules Israel and is led by rabbinical bigots, who slander those who don't hold their despicable worldviews. Fasting in Israel is an exercise in futility and is meaningless when one has no purpose in identifying with such awful Jewish mutants led by satanic rabbis with enormous power in the Knesset. Some of them and religious cabinet ministers are a disgrace to Israel and the Jewish People. A right-wing extremist Jewish terrorist, who is found guilty of murdering the Dawabshe family in Duma by burning down their home, is considered a "tzaddik"(Saint) by a large amount of religious right-wing Zealots, who have raised over a million shekels to have him freed from prison. This is not a fringe group of thugs; they have fascist representation in the Knesset that supports them.

Wednesday, August 23

Tragic Deaths in Israeli-Palestinian Towns


The tragic death of four Palestinian Israeli Citizens by a gang of Palestinian Arab murderers is shocking. Words of condemnation of the murder of innocent people, who have a right no less than Jewish Israelis for personal security against crime gangs in Arab Israeli towns. The number of innocent Palestinian Israeli Arabs murdered has risen to 159 since the beginning of this year. The blame lies with criminal suspect, PM Netanyahu and his fascist right-wing, scumbag cabinet ministers in the Knesset. The Minister of National “Jewish” Security, who refers to Jewish terrorists, who go on a rampage of killing innocent Palestinians, as “heroes”. 

Ben Gvir has a history of incitement against Arab citizens of Israel and took part holding demonstrations with placards written “Death to the Arabs” with his fellow Kahanist fascist scumbags. Since he was elected to the Knesset, he modified his slogan  “Death to the Terrorists”. The leopard never changes its spots. However, to Ben Gvir this does not apply to right-wing massive kippa-cladded, ear locks, and fringes dangling out of their shirts scum. The stereotype that the evil coalition government refers to Jewish Israelis as “Am Ehad” (One Nation) is far from the truth. We must dissociate ourselves from this neo-Nazi scum and their “godfathers” supporting them in the evil Netanyahu Coalition Government. The Arab Israeli Community have no personal security. The perpetrators of the murder of innocent Arab Israeli Citizens never seem to be caught. If it were Jewish Israeli citizens murdered in this fashion, the terrorists would be caught sooner rather than later. One seems to get the impression that the two homophobic, Arab – hating cabinet ministers, Itamar Ben Gvir and Betzalel Smotrich, are only too pleased when Israel-Palestinians kill each other. This is why there is no police force preventing this tragic bloodshed.

Sunday, January 15

The lack of a Constitution in Israel makes the Law Courts vulnerable

Israel has no written Constitution protecting citizens from human rights abuses. The reason is that if a citizen feels that he /she has been mistreated by the authorities, he/she has recourse to the Law Courts. According to the “reforms” by the Minister of Justice (perhaps the word Injustice” is more accurate), the selection of judges will be political and will judge within the framework of laws passed by the political parties in power. This means that the Law Courts, including the Supreme Court, will be subservient to the Netanyahu Coalition. The result for the complainant will be futile if political decisions govern the ruling of the judge.

This is how the justice system works in totalitarian communist and fascist countries. Britain has no constitution either, but they have committees and long traditions of justice ensuring that laws passed are acceptable and fair. Britain's unwritten constitution | The British Library that Israel does not have. Political judge appointments are the destruction of Israel’s system of justice. The Courts will protect the Knesset’s power and not represent justice for the citizens of Israel. The President of Israel has the last word in his signature to the poisoning of Israel’s justice system. He should refuse to sign the destruction of justice.


Thursday, January 12

The Movement of Israel towards Fascism and Apartheid

Israel is moving in a dangerous direction by politicizing the Courts and dispensing justice according to the party lines of the evil, homophobic, fascist government in power that is shooting holes in Israel's present faulty democracy. The courts will be subservient to the present evil, right-wing government

The solution does not lie with the Israeli electorate, as there is a move to destroy the left and possibly the center opposition. Demonstrations will not change the government. Apartheid SA ended by boycotting SA sports as starters followed by boycotting South Africa economically brought the end to apartheid. When Israel is harmed by boycotts, sanctions and divestment, democracy, and an end to the occupation of Palestinian lands will end and a two-state solution will be negotiated. If Israel is hit economically and things go bad for the Israeli citizen, then the evil, messianic, religious, racist, homophobic Netanyahu Government will lose support and disintegrate. I never supported BDS in the past. It may be the first stage of failure of fascism in Israel, which is now on the increase.

The right-wing extremists of the Itamar Ben Gvir-Betzalel Smotrich types and Likudniks and their gangster shenanigans will encourage antisemitism. The attitude towards destructive, racist changes against a country moving towards fascism logically encourages antisemitism. Discrimination against Reform and Conservative Jews and hatred expressed towards them by the corrupt, self-righteous orthodox rabbinical bigots, as well as the non-recognition of pluralism in Judaism. The fear of assimilation of the Jewish people is paranoia! It will result in the selection of Jews under the Law of Return. The direction Israel is moving is homophobic. It is developing into fascism and apartheid that is racist and homophobic - certainly not according to halacha. I don't think that reasonable Israelis will "put it down to antisemitism". What the Israeli Government is doing is creating antisemitism, creating hatred of the stranger, and those who do not tow the Netanyahu - Ben Gvir - Smotrich line. They may consider themselves Jews but lack Judaism's teachings of welcoming the stranger, the Jewish heart and soul. They have forgotten generations of suffering. Furthermore, they have forgotten what it is to be a Jew. Even the political rabbinical leaders, who are chief rabbis and those in the Haredi political parties, are corrupt and parasitic. If there is no food, there is no Torah! ( ) Ignorance because of not receiving a proper education in mathematics, sciences and English and only religious subjects will ensure that they remain parasites and eat the taxpayer's money. They are NOT JEWS IN SPIRIT, but JUDAIC MUTANTS.

Tuesday, November 29

Under the Kahanist, Itamar Ben Gvir the incoming Minister of Internal Security, the Israel Police Force will resemble the Nazi SA

Israel of Today Does not Care about Diaspora Jewry

 The new right-wing Netanyahu Coalition in the making is moving towards fascism that does not tolerate those who are different in thought and creed. Leftists are branded as traitors. Racist, Messianic Judaism (Betzalel Smotrich, Ben Gvir-style) is in, and true, tolerant Judaism is out. True democracy and this fanatic-heartless Judaism are not compatible. 50% of Israel's electorate voted for this. They use Israel's faulty democracy to push non-democratic and racist apartheid parties into the Knesset. Some members of the Knesset, have a record of criminal offences for sabotage and provoking violence against Arabs by the destruction of their property. They have received legitimacy in the cabinet of Netanyahu to halt his court case and keep this accused criminal out of prison. Israel is moving down the path of pseudo-fascism. Not much good will come of it.