Sunday, January 15

The lack of a Constitution in Israel makes the Law Courts vulnerable

Israel has no written Constitution protecting citizens from human rights abuses. The reason is that if a citizen feels that he /she has been mistreated by the authorities, he/she has recourse to the Law Courts. According to the “reforms” by the Minister of Justice (perhaps the word Injustice” is more accurate), the selection of judges will be political and will judge within the framework of laws passed by the political parties in power. This means that the Law Courts, including the Supreme Court, will be subservient to the Netanyahu Coalition. The result for the complainant will be futile if political decisions govern the ruling of the judge.

This is how the justice system works in totalitarian communist and fascist countries. Britain has no constitution either, but they have committees and long traditions of justice ensuring that laws passed are acceptable and fair. Britain's unwritten constitution | The British Library that Israel does not have. Political judge appointments are the destruction of Israel’s system of justice. The Courts will protect the Knesset’s power and not represent justice for the citizens of Israel. The President of Israel has the last word in his signature to the poisoning of Israel’s justice system. He should refuse to sign the destruction of justice.


Thursday, January 12

The Movement of Israel towards Fascism and Apartheid

Israel is moving in a dangerous direction by politicizing the Courts and dispensing justice according to the party lines of the evil, homophobic, fascist government in power that is shooting holes in Israel's present faulty democracy. The courts will be subservient to the present evil, right-wing government

The solution does not lie with the Israeli electorate, as there is a move to destroy the left and possibly the center opposition. Demonstrations will not change the government. Apartheid SA ended by boycotting SA sports as starters followed by boycotting South Africa economically brought the end to apartheid. When Israel is harmed by boycotts, sanctions and divestment, democracy, and an end to the occupation of Palestinian lands will end and a two-state solution will be negotiated. If Israel is hit economically and things go bad for the Israeli citizen, then the evil, messianic, religious, racist, homophobic Netanyahu Government will lose support and disintegrate. I never supported BDS in the past. It may be the first stage of failure of fascism in Israel, which is now on the increase.

The right-wing extremists of the Itamar Ben Gvir-Betzalel Smotrich types and Likudniks and their gangster shenanigans will encourage antisemitism. The attitude towards destructive, racist changes against a country moving towards fascism logically encourages antisemitism. Discrimination against Reform and Conservative Jews and hatred expressed towards them by the corrupt, self-righteous orthodox rabbinical bigots, as well as the non-recognition of pluralism in Judaism. The fear of assimilation of the Jewish people is paranoia! It will result in the selection of Jews under the Law of Return. The direction Israel is moving is homophobic. It is developing into fascism and apartheid that is racist and homophobic - certainly not according to halacha. I don't think that reasonable Israelis will "put it down to antisemitism". What the Israeli Government is doing is creating antisemitism, creating hatred of the stranger, and those who do not tow the Netanyahu - Ben Gvir - Smotrich line. They may consider themselves Jews but lack Judaism's teachings of welcoming the stranger, the Jewish heart and soul. They have forgotten generations of suffering. Furthermore, they have forgotten what it is to be a Jew. Even the political rabbinical leaders, who are chief rabbis and those in the Haredi political parties, are corrupt and parasitic. If there is no food, there is no Torah! ( ) Ignorance because of not receiving a proper education in mathematics, sciences and English and only religious subjects will ensure that they remain parasites and eat the taxpayer's money. They are NOT JEWS IN SPIRIT, but JUDAIC MUTANTS.

Tuesday, November 29

Under the Kahanist, Itamar Ben Gvir the incoming Minister of Internal Security, the Israel Police Force will resemble the Nazi SA

Israel of Today Does not Care about Diaspora Jewry

 The new right-wing Netanyahu Coalition in the making is moving towards fascism that does not tolerate those who are different in thought and creed. Leftists are branded as traitors. Racist, Messianic Judaism (Betzalel Smotrich, Ben Gvir-style) is in, and true, tolerant Judaism is out. True democracy and this fanatic-heartless Judaism are not compatible. 50% of Israel's electorate voted for this. They use Israel's faulty democracy to push non-democratic and racist apartheid parties into the Knesset. Some members of the Knesset, have a record of criminal offences for sabotage and provoking violence against Arabs by the destruction of their property. They have received legitimacy in the cabinet of Netanyahu to halt his court case and keep this accused criminal out of prison. Israel is moving down the path of pseudo-fascism. Not much good will come of it.

Friday, December 11

An Extreme Right-Wing Break Away From the Likud

 We do not really have any cause to celebrate another breakaway from the Likud by Gideon Sa'ar. If it was a breakaway that moved towards the left of centre-right with a new approach then we could celebrate. 

Gideon Sa'ar is even more right-wing than Netanyahu. At the end of the day, we notice a plethora of right-wing to extreme right-wing parties. These parties are Yamina, Likud, Sa'ar's yet-unnamed new party, Yisrael Beiteinu Party, Jewish Home Party and of course the ultra-Orthodox Parties, Basically all these parties have similar ideologies and do not weaken the right-wing bloc. They may even form a coalition after the upcoming general elections, despite denials of serving under criminal suspect, Netanyahu, who stands a strong chance of being re-elected. 

The credibility of politicians in Israel is erratic and after elections, the ball game changes as well as their promises to their voters as we witnessed in the aftermath of the last elections. 

These upcoming elections will bring no significant changes. It is a right-wing oriented election. The left-wing in Israel will be weakened even further. Basically the Israeli electorate is moving further to the right and the position of the centrist right-wing parties may even make a shift to a right-wing coalition. Even the Joint List, apart from the Hadash faction is certainly not left but Arab nationalist rather than egalitarian for all Israel's citizens. This leaves us with the left-wing Meretz Party that may get 6 seats according to the latest polls. The Labour Party will not have any representation in the Knesset.

Friday, December 4

Fourth Israeli Elections Coming Up!

The present squabbling, ineffectual coalition is a total failure. They have wreaked more destruction on Israel’s health and Covid-19 is on the increase as well. The economy is in ruins because there is no policy. Israel still does not have a budget for 2920/21. Most of the decisions made by the appalling Netanyahu Coalition is not logical as well as confusing to the general public. An example is the pilot experimentations of opening only 15 shopping malls in the country instead of all the shopping malls. This has resulted in overcrowding and the impossibility of social distancing because long queues were created in the foyers of these malls and who knows how many people are asymptomatic carriers of Covid-19 standing in these queues. 

 The unemployment rate is high. Small businesses are bankrupt and much of the population are holding pirate weddings and parties, inviting many positively tested guests, who spread Covid-19. We must remember that the lack of discipline and not wearing masks properly or social distancing is to blame for the increase in Corona infections. It is the offspring of the unemployed that must bear the responsibility for the upsurge of new cases in all sectors of the population. There are also insufficient inspectors ensuring that the Covid-19 prevention laws are enforced. This pathetic, divisive Netanyahu Coalition always seem to be involved in political decisions that go against the Ministry of Health decisions. The blame for all the failures must be laid at the door of a criminal suspect, PM Netanyahu, who appears to be more involved in his upcoming criminal trial and postponing it indefinitely. The fourth upcoming election (whenever that will be) will solve nothing. The results will be the same - the Likud and right-wing will get the most votes and the accused PM Netanyahu will be given another shot at forming the next coalition government. So whether we have new elections or not it is a matter of six of one and half a dozen of the other - there will be no change. 

There is nothing more predictable than the knowledge that the right-wing bloc will get the most support and we will be back to square one again with a very similar coalition combo failure as before. It appears that voting for a better government is an exercise in futility under Israel’s electoral system.

Friday, November 27

Meretz Can Only Survive as an egalitarian Jewish-Arab Party

Meretz and the left will cease to be relevant or survive if they do not change their tactics and form a true united Jewish-Arab Party that embraces Zionists as well as non-Zionists. After all, Zionism today has become the monopoly of the right-wing including the extreme racist right-wing with a large proportion of adherents to orthodox, messianic Judaism (not to be confused with Jews for Jesus). Apart from Hadash that is left-wing, the Joint List is NOT left-wing. As is mentioned in the article, Ayman Oudeh, is opposed to joining Meretz in the formation of a combined Arab-Jewish Party which is a pity. Now with the possibility of the Joint List fragmenting because of Mansour Abbas making “overtures to Netanyahu”, we are in need of a united Arab-Jewish Party, representing all Israel’s citizens and not being involved with sectorial national interests as appears to be the case with the Joint List at present. Israel’s non-Jewish minorities’ interests and problems will be represented in an egalitarian Jewish-Arab Party on an equal basis.

Saturday, September 19

Some Reflections on Rosh Hashana 2020

 The international community as we know has been hit severely by Covid-19. The Coronavirus pandemic originated in Wuhan, China and spread out of control to almost every country on earth. It is a pandemic that does not distinguish between races or religion and nobody is immune from COVID-!9 hence the three main precautions accepted internationally to prevent being infected. 

Coronavirus spreads like wildfire in crowds, especially in limited closed spaces. The three main precautions to prevent infections as we are all made to feel aware are:

  1. Wearing masks to cover the nose and mouth.

  2. Social distancing - 2 metres between people to the next.

  3. Personal hygiene.

Many people do not observe these simple precautions and until a vaccine against COVID-19 is available to the public, we have to adjust our lives within the framework of these precautions to avoid infection. 

Israel is now under its second lockdown for 3 weeks which may even be extended after the end of Sukkot (Tabernacles).

Now for the religious aspect, which is also part of the story. I am not a religiously observant person and have strong feelings as to whether God exists or not but if I would be religious, I would have very strong doubts as to God’s existence and questions to ask.

A religious person would accept that the Coronavirus was created and sent by God. If this is the case, maybe God does not want people to pray in their respective houses of worship. Prayer in houses of worship, whether the synagogue, church or mosque or whatever, maybe considered evil in the eyes of God. Perhaps God does not want to hear the prayers of believers in Him. He punishes them by infecting them with Covid-19 if they crowd into a House of Worship. Maybe God wants to curtail the overpopulation on the planet and that we are all equal in His eyes and face the same destiny irrespective of our faith or lack of it. Excuse my use of anthropomorphisms but there does not appear to be any other way of my humble attempt to explain this theory. 

Is it possible that God wishes to punish humans for their evil ways? The hypocrisy that seems to exist in all faiths may be a cue to His anger. 

The scientists are in a race to achieve the invention of a vaccine against the Coronavirus. Nobody can predict when this will be achieved.

Here in Israel, while we are under lockdown and the threat of the ultra-Orthodox communities to overcrowd the synagogues during the High Holydays thus endangering themselves as well as all Israel’s citizens. Is it possible that they are acting against the Will of the Almighty, who will infect them and others with a vengeance?


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