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Israel and Gaza -at War

English: Grad rocket fired from Gaza hits Sout...
English: Grad rocket fired from Gaza hits Southern Israeli city of Beer Sheva and destroys a kindergarten classroom (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
English: A Qassam rocket fired from a civilian...
English: A Qassam rocket fired from a civilian area in Gaza towards civilian areas in Southern Israel. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Izz ad-Din al-Qassam Brigades emblem
Izz ad-Din al-Qassam Brigades emblem (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

At the time of writing, Israel is pounding Gaza from the air and from the sea. I also hear the Israeli Air Force Planes flying overhead carrying their deadly cargo to fire into the Hamas terrorist nests. Are they Terrorists or Freedom Fighters? I prefer the term terrorists for that is what they represent. Maybe eyebrows are raised by the term especially by naive human rights groups. Do they have any idea what it is like to be within the radius of terrorist aggression? Missiles are fired on innocent civilians, who have made no provocations of violence towards the Palestinians. This has been going on intermittently for months and years and Israel has not retaliated. The Qassams fall, people are injured and their property is destroyed and for what? Where is the UN? Why is there no condemnation from that impotent world body?  Deathly silence from its halls is the reply.

This has nothing to do with the occupation. It has a lot to do with not accepting Israel's right to exist. The occupation is a result of that. My opposition to the occupation and its ramifications has been written many times in my previous articles and I am not going to repeat what I have already stated over the years.

It would be wise to ask the question: What country would allow rockets to be fired into their civilian population? Would the US, South Africa, Great Britain and France allow this to go on undeterred? The Hamas Government of Gaza has been warned many times but to no avail. They ignore splinter terrorist groups such as Izz ad-Din al-Qassam Brigades, Islamic Jihad and many other splinter groups who are the military wing of Hamas. One must also remember that these groups are being aided by Iran and even Syria, Iran's proxy -"bastions of democracy and human rights".  If this is the case and it certainly is then Hamas must take the responsibility for controlling them which they have not. Hamas must be held accountable for the reaction of the Israel Defense Forces.

The picture on the war front is showing that Hamas and its terrorist wings are taking a well deserved hammering. They have tried their luck against Israel in their hateful rhetoric and terrorist activity. Their anti-Israel activities have also gained legitimacy by naive human rights groups, whether it is the arrival of flotillas to bolster Hamas morale by protesting the Israeli blockade on Gaza and the so-called passive anti-Israel platitudes expressed by these so-called self styled righteous "peace-mongers" . The blockade is not against the Palestinians of Gaza but against Iranian attempts to smuggle in arms in order to destroy Israel. The propaganda machines of Hamas have been playing on the poverty and suffering of the Gaza Palestinians much of which is of their own creation. Hamas is a racist Islamist organization whose ideology of super race is aligned to fascism and paradoxically getting the support of self-styled human rights activists. Human rights are NOT on their agenda for their own people. Their treatment of women is shocking. Hamas tortures members of the opposition who are aligned with Fatah without mercy. Democracy and human rights are not on the Hamas agenda and never will be.

Hamas gets funds for developing infra-structure for Gaza from various Arab states. What do they do with these funds? The leadership pockets it for themselves and the rest goes into promoting the suffering of the Gaza Palestinians because this is where their strength lies. The money goes into Qassam rockets, Grad missiles, Fajr 5 missiles which is targeted towards Tel Aviv and other heavy populated areas of Israel. This is the Hamas answer to promoting the interests of the Palestinians. Their Islamist fantasy world is their enemy. They lie to their own people in order to bolster their morale by stating that they have hit the Knesset in Jerusalem and targeted Tel Aviv. Israel had no alternative but to attack the Hamas terrorist headquarters and their terrorist leaders.

Hamas survives on hatred and destruction, not on education and building a viable state for the good of the Palestinian people including all the social services that their citizens are entitled. There is no economic development in Gaza apart from building weapons of death and destruction under Iranian and Syrian tutelage. They use innocent children as human shields - placing them in the pathways of Israeli shelling and bomb attacks in order to create as much death and destruction as possible to promote their evil cause. This serves as a very effective propaganda machine against Israel and soon world pressure will build up against Israel in the pathetic Islamist - controlled UN to cease its attack on Hamas and its evil allies in Gaza

Hamas will not rest and even if a cease fire is declared it will be a respite for them to re-arm and create a situation in their fantasy world of Israel's total destruction. They will have another try in a few months in order to achieve that end. Their ideology does not cater for Israel's existence now and possibly forever. I do hope that that I am wrong and they will become pragmatic towards a reality in the Middle East that will not disappear under the rain of Qassams and Iranian weaponry.

Those who suffer the most are the Palestinians of Gaza who are scared of their Hamas oppressors. Israel has not occupied Gaza. Hamas has occupied Gaza with their Iranian proxies. There are those that will say that Hamas was elected by free elections. That is true but if we go back in history to 1933, the Nazis were elected in democratic elections by the German people. We must bear in mind that there are anti-democratic racist parties that use the democratic process by standing for election and using their propaganda to gain power. The end result is total crushing of the opposition and installing a reign of terror. This happened in Nazi Germany and is now happening in Hamas occupied Gaza. Al Qaeda is waiting on the sidelines to pick up the pieces. It is the silent majority in Gaza, who is suffering.  Poverty, unemployment, lack of basic essentials and decent education is not part of the Hamas plan for its people. The various in-fighting within Hamas itself unknown to most of us is also taking its toll. All that unifies Hamas is its hate for Israel.

Israel has the ability to destroy Hamas but it will not. It has no intention of occupying Gaza and installing military rule. The ramifications of that would be disastrous as world opinion would pressurize Israel - not to mention Egypt's President Morsi is tight rope walking now.

A reality cannot be ignored. Israel's assassination of Ahmed Jabaari of the military (terrorist) wing of Hamas was a catalyst to the increased firing of missiles from Gaza. It was not the cause as this was going on for too long. He was a commander of terrorist groups responsible for much of the aggression against Israel's citizens.

The war goes on at the time of writing and nobody knows how it will end. Hopefully Hamas will raise a white flag for a truce but this is unlikely. They will use their supporting countries like Egypt to apply pressure on Israel and this could have a domino effect in the UN and the Arab world. It is an unfortunate fact that the opposition to Hamas in Gaza are those groups that are even more extreme.


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