Wednesday, February 24

Delegitimizing Israel Serves the Wealthy Palestinian Leadership

There is no doubt that the Palestinian pundits, who claim to espouse Palestinian rights and oppose the Israeli occupation, are feathering the nests of Hamas and their ilk. These wealthy savages do not care about the Palestinians. Their mantras of hate for Israel and support of killing Jews wherever they can is what these sanctimonious BDS pundits and communist-fascists support. The occupation is Israel’s existence and not only territories occupied in the June War of 1967. This has been made crystal clear by Hamas and the PA (in its agenda).  
The wealthy Hamas Lifestyle - Private Planes for "liberating Palestine"
Hamas, the Palestinian Authority (PA), and their terrorist allies are masters of deception, lies and fantasies. They know that the lies they spread on every world podium serves their interests financially. The Palestinians do not benefit at all. They live in absolute poverty and the brainwashing propaganda of racist and Islamic hatred for Jews is their lot, instead of money for improving their lives and infrastructure that includes education, health and social services to which they are entitled. The thuggish BDS movement, directed by pseudo-liberal sickos, is wallowing in their self-righteousness, lies and deception that Hamas and its racist allies spew into their pea-brains. They damage the Palestinian cause (whatever that may be) by denying them basic human rights in their support of Hamas. The Palestinian People deserve far better conditions than what their multi-millionaire Hamas buffoons in Qatar decide they deserve, if anything at all apart from hate and bloodshed, governed by their fantasies of destroying the “Zionist Entity”.
Another Hamas leader-turned-tycoon is Khaled Mashaal. “Estimates around the world are that Mashaal is currently worth $2.6 billion, but the numbers ...
Yes! It is the BDS movement that strengthens Hamas and motivates them to torture those, who oppose their cruel rule in Gaza and the enrichment of the PA, whose human rights record in the West Bank is no less dismal. The Hamas-PA Axis will never achieve an independent, democratic Palestinian State alongside Israel. Democracy does not exist in the Palestinian leadership. Human rights are a joke in the Middle East anyway. As far as Islam is concerned, democracy is the way of the infidel and will never be part of their agenda for an improved, humane society. Perhaps the US and EU still believe that under their parochial guidance, an independent,democratic,Palestinian State -  the Two-State Solution, will arise out of the shambles created by tribal disunity and bloodshed, as well as its desire to ethnically cleanse Israel of its Jews. The Palestinian, thuggish, leadership thrives on the poverty of the Palestinian People, claiming that the Israeli occupation is to blame for their misfortunes and tragedies. Every day that these thugs cry crocodile tears in the UN, their private bank balance enlarges.

BDS cries for them and it seems that other organizations like J Street is also falling into the trap of their lies and deception as well, while the Palestinian People suffer even more.

If ending the occupation in the West Bank is considered a moral and justified alternative, with the promise of an improved quality of life for the Palestinian People, including democracy and a human rights package, it deserves support. This unfortunately will not happen. At best, it will be a Palestinian State run by a dictatorial, despotic wealthy Islamic Hamas leadership that is quick to torture and murder opponents in cold blood in the streets after justice is meted out in their kangaroo courts. There is no “at worst”. “Best and worse” are synonymous in this case.  This is what the wackos of double standards - BDS and its allies wish to achieve. Daesh (ISIS) will also be waiting on the sidelines to take over from Hamas when the time is ripe, carrying on beheadings and raping every woman in sight. They will also take a bash at attacking Israel with Hamas support. Is this what these pseudo-liberal, Palestinian supporters wish to achieve? A Caliphate? Maybe this will be the alternative to the “occupation” (Israel’s very existence). We need to see what the Arab Spring has achieved in Syria, Iraq, Lebanon, Libya and other tribal Arab States (except the mono-tribal Gulf States) and this will happen in a “free post-occupation Palestine”. This will be a BDS and its pundits’ dream!     

Monday, February 22

Suspension of MK’s from the Knesset - Is it Justified?

English: MK Haneen Zoubi. I lightened and crop...
English: MK Haneen Zoubi.  עברית: עברית: חברת הכנסת חנין זועבי (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
English: MK Jamal Zahalka עברית: חבר הכנסת ג'מ...
English: MK Jamal Zahalka עברית: חבר הכנסת ג'מאל זחאלקה (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
MKs Haneen Zoabi and Basel Ghattas were suspended for four months, and MK Jamal Zahalka was suspended for two months. All the lawmakers are from the Joint Arab List's Balad faction.

Suspending Knesset members for meeting with Palestinian families over the return of the bodies of Palestinian terrorists and somehow exhibiting empathy with them by standing in silence to respect their memory is indiscreet. It also conveys a message to Israelis that there is an understanding on the part of these MKs for stabbing attacks against innocent people. While they did condemn terrorism it was more a message of blaming the occupation and its influence of frustration on the Palestinian mind that causes these attacks. The way these MKs handled the situation lacked total sensitivity to the feelings of those who lost family because of these stabbing attacks as well as the victims who survived these attacks. This cannot be justified under any circumstances. We must also understand that the Arab MKs do not view the conflict and its solution in the same way as the majority of Israelis. They somehow feel a certain bond with the Palestinians in the occupied territories. This explains their attitude towards them even though many abominable acts of terror against Israelis are committed by them.  

Having said that, these MKs did not break the law and breaking the law is the only reason that can be viewed as justification for suspension or expulsion from the Knesset. Expulsion of MKs for meeting with parents of terrorists for condolence purposes, as distasteful as it is, is not a reason to delegitimize them in the eyes of those who elected them to the Knesset. The Israeli Government wishes to pass a law to delegitimize them, but the debate ended in chaos, and possible legislation in that direction will be a threat to Israel’s democracy. It could have very wide interpretations and the ruling coalition could abuse this law to delegitimize the right of other MKs to oppose them, if it is felt that opposing views constitute treachery in their eyes.

The President of Israel, Reuven Rivlin, is a traditional Likudnik of Revisionist Jabotinsky mode, and the Speaker of the Knesset, Yuli Edelstein, are opposed to enacting a law that delegitimizes MKs that have meetings with enemies according to ruling government definition of such.

The reasons for the stabbings is not because of the occupation of territories since the 1967 June War (In Palestinian minds, it began in 1948 with the establishment of the State of Israel - Al Naqba - The Catastrophe). The education system in the Palestinian Territories is geared to brainwash youngsters to hate Jews and it is considered an honor to kill as many as possible. Palestinian TV and the social media such as Face book and Twitter are full of propaganda against Israel and the Jews as well as dehumanizing them. It is very clear that the Palestinian leadership, whether it is Hamas or the Palestinian Authority, do not want a non-Muslim country (Israel) in their midst as they believe that they have no right to exist here according to Islam. All the rhetoric over the years in the Palestinian Campo reflects that and even before the Six Day June War of 1967.

Saturday, February 6

Recognizing Israel's Right to Exist

nakba woman jug 1948
nakba woman jug 1948 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
The last few articles written on this blog were devoted to the feasibility of ending the occupation as well as a possible scenario that could occur if Israel would end the occupation and withdraw from territories occupied in the Six Day June 1967 War. It is really a vicious circle and we always seem to return to the same problem. The problem of the inability of the Arab States to recognize Israel's right to exist is an engraved mantra going back over 100 years. It is NOT the occupation since the Six Day June War of 1967. As mentioned in previous articles, wars were fought prior to the Six Day War. History has illustrated this. The occupation is a result of a Israel's strike against Egypt as Egypt had closed the Tiran Straits to Israel's shipping after ordering the UN to remove its UNICEF from there.  Jordan and Syria joined Egypt in an attempt to destroy Israel. Israel could not afford to lose this war. Had Israel lost, it would cease to exist.

If we go back before the establishment of Israel in 1948, we notice that the Arabs were consistent in a rejectionist attitude towards the establishment of a Jewish state in their midst. When Israel was established on 14 May 1948, the Arabs referred to it as Al Naqba - the Catastrophe, and since then wars were fought against Israel in an attempt to destroy the Jewish State.

The history of the Arab-Israeli conflict reveals 24 major junctures when compromise was offered since the 1920s, dating from pre-state, League of Nations Mandate to the present time.
 Plan after plan, including patently pro-Arab proposals, were put on the table. Since the 1993 Oslo Accords, 15 agreements and memorandums have been signed. 

If we examine the history of this conflict, it is not difficult to realize that the conflict did not begin with the occupation of 1967 but many years before Israel's establishment. The emphasis on the occupation being the cause of the conflict is simply because of political interests and the desire to delegitimize Israel. This does not mean that the "occupation" is justified if it allows Jewish settlements. After all, it is disputed territory. Establishing settlements simply weakens Israel's case in that it turns Israel into an occupying and colonizing power on the ground, ruling a people that are hostile.

Today with the uncompromising attitude of Hamas, the duplicity of the PA, and the radical changes in the Arab environment around Israel, including Daesh (ISIS) and various other Islamist terror groups, creates great instability. This is not conducive to solving the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict. Peace negotiations between the two sides are moribund. 

It is obvious, despite the very bleak situation that a solution to this conflict lies in negotiations between the warring parties. Hamas has closed the doors to that and the PA has no authority to jump start negotiations without Hamas support, which will just not happen under the present environment.

Maybe there is another way of facilitating the initiation of negotiations. A hint of this could perhaps come from the Joint List in the Knesset. They are in an ideal position to be mediators or facilitators. These Knesset members speak Arabic and Hebrew fluently. They support the Two-State Solution, interact with Israelis and understand the Palestinian position. They also do have Palestinian support in the West Bank. This mediation position that they could take stands a greater chance of success towards solving the conflict than if a third country, ignorant of the Palestinian and Israeli psyche, would ever have. Giving the Joint List more responsibility in peace negotiations has never been tried and perhaps there is a possibility that they can really play a positive role. 

The Joint List is composed of an alliance of BaladHadashTa'al and the United Arab List (the southern branch of the Islamic Movement). Balad is the most radical partner in this list. Three MK's from this list, Hanin Zoabi, Jamal Zahalka and Basel Ghattas, visited the parents of the terrorists, who stabbed and killed innocent Israelis, to sympathies with them and stood in silence as a mark of respect for these "shuhada (martyrs)". The excuse was to negotiate the return of their corpses for burial in the territories. When interviewed over TV Arutz 2, Jamal Zahalka, said that he viewed the stabbings and killings of innocent people whether Jewish or Palestinian as "Victims of the Occupation". (This interview is in Hebrew) He did express his disapproval of murdering innocent people for what it is worth. One may argue as to what the occupation is - whether it is the establishment of the State of Israel in 1948 as appears in the Hamas Charter or the territories occupied in June 1967 War. The Joint List does support the Two-State Solution, so it does recognize Israel's right to exist. 

The avoidance by the Palestinian Leadership of critical issues over many years of dead-end negotiations is because they cannot come to terms with Israel's existence. It is perhaps on these issues that the Joint List has the potential of being a facilitator in future peace negotiations. The issues are so crucial for both Israelis and Palestinians and lack of vision for new ideas on both sides do not give much promise on making peace. The Joint List option could be a new direction that may produce positive results as they are not viewed as enemies of the Palestinian people in the PA-Hamas controlled areas. The Joint List, even though they are regarded with suspicion and the action of the three MK's mentioned was not productive, created further animosity as a really bad tactic that was unnecessary and achieved nothing. After the hype of this unfortunate meeting will blow over and the possibility of Joint List participation in bridging the wide gaps between the two sides can be given more serious consideration.