Saturday, June 1

The Decision of Holding New Elections is Absurd and Lacking in Logic

This decision to hold new general elections because Netanyahu was unable to form a coalition government is so absurd and lacking in logic. The deadline for presenting President Ruby Rivlin with a coalition government had passed and Netanyahu’s failure to form a coalition because of Avigdor Lieberman’s refusal to be part of the coalition. Lieberman and Netanyahu dislike each other – the draft law that Lieberman insisted for compulsory conscription of the ultra-Orthodox to the IDF was the so-called excuse. This draft law was unacceptable by the Likud and the ultra-Orthodox parties. The rift between the two men goes deeper than that. There is much speculation in the press as to why the hatred between these two men is so intense.

As expected, Netanyahu has labelled Lieberman as a “leftist” who has joined the Arab opposition. This is such balderdash and typical of Netanyahu, who in his desperation views all his opponents as leftists, traitors, including the media, police force, law courts and the attorney-general, who are out on a witch hunt against him. As has been mentioned many times in the media, Netanyahu is interested in one thing only – not to stand trial for his alleged accusations of bribery, fraud and breach of trust. Calling for new elections is his way of achieving that goal with a little help paradoxically from the Arab Parties as well. Netanyahu is a genius and he knows how to manipulate his supporters with his lies and deceit.
PM Benjamin Netanyahu
There was a rare unity between Hadash-Taal and the opposition parties at the largely successful demonstration on Saturday night 25th May 2019. What happened? They did not join the opposition and voted with the right-wing to dissolve the Knesset. They are not aware that this move will only strengthen Netanyahu and his right-wing toadies even more.

The mindset of many voters, especially in the periphery, is right-wing and they will not change their allegiance to the Likud and its right-wing parties, including the ultra-Orthodox parties. They have swallowed all Netanyahu’s lies with great enthusiasm and many believe every word of Netanyahu’s mantras. The fact that Netanyahu is accused of breaking the law does not affect their support of Netanyahu, it just strengthens it. These people believe that the witch hunt against Netanyahu is real and they must support him as in their view “Netanyahu is the best prime minister since Israel’s establishment”.

Netanyahu, his right-wing toadies and the ultra-Orthodox Parties will stick by his side once again. He and his party with its macabre mix have incredible support from "Talisman toters and those prostrating themselves in supplication on the tombs of the saints,” to use a quote from the famous Israeli artist, Yair Gabuz, in a speech he made at Rabin Square on the eve of Elections in 2015. In the speech, which took place a mere ten days before the elections, Garbuz spoke of "the handful" and said: "We were told that the despicable man who murdered the prime minister came from a handful of delusional people ... We were told that the yellow-shirted, black symbol-ed ‘Kahane was right’ people, and the 'Death to Arabs!' hurlers, were no more than a handful—a mere handful! ... That the wicked price taggers are certainly a handful ... and they told us that the threatening, disparaging racists do not represent Israeli society at all, that they are only a handful!” Unfortunately, these right-wing purveyors of racial hatred have grown immensely since then and this is Netanyahu’s powerhouse of support. Most of these people that he described are very much alive in the religious extreme right-wing parties - neo-fascist fanatics such as Bezalel Smotrich, Itamar Ben Gvir, Benzie Gopstein and the list goes on not to exclude the parasitic ultra-Orthodox parties who contribute nothing to the country but “religious bullshit” and religious extortion, as well as eternal poverty-stricken Torah students, who do not work or serve in the IDF. The last elections on 9th April, they were very much alive with their poisonous pseudo-religious, hateful rhetoric. They will try to be “Netanyahu’s saviours”. They all share one mantra called “denial” of Netanyahu’s suspected criminality. The peripheral towns are where these types are found and they are enough to get Netanyahu in. Their mentors are racist rabbis that bless and curse at will.
Avigdor Lieberman
The time is now more than ripe for the parties that are left of centre to unite. The last elections have proved that. The Arab Parties are thinking of resuscitating the Joint List in order to win more seats. Perhaps it is time for Meretz to negotiate with the Arab Parties to form an alternative Jewish-Arab List. After all, it was the Arab voters that saved Meretz from losing their Knesset representation. If this is not achieved, Meretz will not be in the next Knesset. An Arab-Jewish Party should be open to all. This new Arab-Jewish Party will gain more support from the Arab communities who show disillusionment with their own representatives resulting in a low voter turnout. Many Arab citizens of Israel with whom I spoke had expressed support for such a move. The emphasis on common Israeli citizenship that embraces all Israel’s citizens irrespective of race, colour or creed will go a long way to achieve a better Israel for its entire people.