Friday, December 28

Predictions for the April 9th 2019 Israeli Elections

Many of us are addicted to polls, which are fairly accurate. By calling early elections, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is racing his own indictment.1 There is no doubt that the Likud, even with a limping Netanyahu, weighed down by future indictments in three criminal cases ( Case 1000, 2000 and 4000) is destined to receive the most votes. “The voters, I think, understand exactly what we have done for Israel,” Netanyahu told lawmakers from his Likud party on Monday.2

The big question is whether he will be indicted before the elections or not. We should bear in mind that a prime minister suspected of felonies and about to receive an indictment should resign and not put himself up as a candidate for reelection let alone becoming prime minister for a fourth term. Apart from that, Netanyahu is doing all in his power to weaken the law courts, police, attacks the press and of course, the left for his predicament. He views it all as a witchhunt against him by his political opponents. Netanyahu is putting pressure on Attorney General Avichai Mendelblit so that he doesn’t dare to think of deciding to indict him, even subject to a hearing, before the election takes place. There are reports in the press that if Netanyahu is indicted before the elections, he will not resign. The Jerusalem Post has reported that the matter was not even discussed. So who must one believe? The election result will still be the same. The Likud will get the most votes even if Netanyahu is indicted before the elections. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's Likud party is expected to receive the most votes in Israel's upcoming election, according to polls published by three main television stations on Tuesday. 3

Thugs even went into the Yarkon Cemetery, Petah Tiqva and vandalized the tombstone of Baruch Mandelblit, the father of the Attorney General Avichai Mandelblit. The thugs were not found. Likud election campaigns are not the most gentlemanly on earth. If their "king" is a suspected felon there are thuggish members, who are capable of carrying out acts against opponents.

Israel’s Electorate is swinging to the right and extreme right. Left-wing is a swear word. Netanyahu and his shenanigans have succeeded in ostracising and demonising the left. They will be viewed as enemies by many Israelis. It is a mindset that is becoming more popular in Israel. This will be his legacy even if he does resign because of his legal problems. The present government is the most divisive, hateful and racist government since Israel’s establishment. If only there was some hope of a change for the better but this will not happen.  Netanyahu is viewed by many Israelis as the best prime minister that Israel has ever had. The cases against Netanyahu 4 will probably not affect the mindset of most Israelis, who have no problem in voting for a corrupt prime minister “who has done a lot for Israel and there is nobody worthy of replacing him” in their view.

Those of us who are left of centre in our ideology have nothing to look forward to after the elections. There will be no change. There is no true left-wing in Israel anymore. They are disunited, fragmented and weak generally. They have no common programme that can attract voters. These splintered left-wing groupings, who view themselves as an alternative to the present coalition have a mammoth task ahead of them in order to remain relevant in Israeli politics. The Zionist Camp views itself as mildly left of centre - God Forbid that they should be viewed as “left” which is close to heresy against the establishment and “favours Israel’s enemies”. The left-wing are walking around with their tails between their legs and have lost pride in their beliefs.

The upcoming general elections are a foregone conclusion. What is not is whether Netanyahu will or will not be indicted before the elections - that is the question. Netanyahu cannot be beaten easily. He will not give up. He changed his battery of defence lawyers as he knows that there is an indictment against him. He has taken on the best criminal lawyers that money can buy.

A recent development is the decision of former Chief-of-Staff of the IDF, Benny Gantz to enter politics and establish a new party called ‘Israel Resilience Party,’ amid reports he will team up with ex-defence minister Moshe Ya’alon. His party manifesto is unclear. However, he is a very popular figure and stands to get a lot of support. It is highly unlikely that he will have much influence on the outcome of the elections

The recent weeks have seen a flurry of developments in a number of criminal investigations involving Israel’s Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu. These developments fueled debates as to whether Netanyahu should continue serving as prime minister while facing criminal charges. Netanyahu has signalled that he has no intention of resigning. He attacked Israeli media and law enforcement for persecuting him and his family and peddling baseless allegations. His critics have argued that it would be unethical and irresponsible for the prime minister to continue running the government and making consequential decisions while juggling multiple criminal proceedings that could lead to a trial, and potentially a jail sentence.5

The government that will be elected will pass a law that prevents the prosecution of a prime minister in office.6 This may be the first weird law that will be passed by the future right-wing government that will be elected.7


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Thursday, December 20

Israel's Growing Friendship with Neo-Fascist Leaders

Never in many of our wildest dreams or perhaps nightmares, could we imagine Israel’s leadership ever making friendly overtures to Europe’s far-right national leaders and Africa’s cruel dictators. The history of the Jewish People has been a history of persecution, racism and expulsion from the countries of their origin over thousands of years. The worst of all was the Holocaust.

The reason for Netanyahu’s overtures to these far-right nationalist leaders appears to be his reaction against the European Union’s criticism of Israel. Despite their (the far-right nationalist leaders) differing views on the Holocaust, including in some cases, minimalizing the amount of Jews annihilated and the praising of some Nazi and fascist supporters. These leaders appear to be pro-Israel in Netanyahu’s eyes. What amazes many of us is “How can far-right-wing nationalists with records of anti-Semitic statements be pro-Israel?” This seems to be so surrealistic if not a paradox. In the land of Bibi, anything is possible if it serves his right-wing ideology of ”Herrenvolk” (master race, chosen people).

Last week, Israel welcomed the leader of Italy's far right, Interior Minister and Deputy PM Matteo Salvini. Called a neo-fascist by his left-wing critics, Salvini was accused of embracing World War II-era dictator and Hitler ally Benito Mussolini when he echoed Mussolini's words in a tweet marking the anniversary of his birth. Netanyahu last Wednesday called Salvini "a great friend of Israel."

PM Benjamin Netanyahu has adopted a policy of waltzing with neo-fascists ruling Austria, Hungary, Italy and Poland. Hungary and Poland have played down their role in the annihilation of Jews in their respective countries. This goes against the evidence that proves the contrary by scholars who have researched records with Yad Vashem.

The desire of PM Victor Orban of Hungary is to whitewash Hungary’s part in the murder of half a million Hungarian Jews during World War II by the establishment of a new revisionist Holocaust museum to be opened in Budapest. Orban also used anti-Semitic tropes to demonize George Soros and to praise Miklós Horthy 1—the regent who presided over the murder of Jews during World War II—to seek to honour the notorious World War II–era anti-Semite Bálint Hóman 2, Orbán, the self-styled defender of Christian Europe, has shown himself willing to tap into this hatred to score political points. The Figyelő cover, an attack on a prominent figure in the Hungarian Jewish community, appears to be a bold escalation by the leader whose Fidesz Party 3 won a landslide victory earlier this year. Far from paying a political price for exploiting anti-Semitism, Orbán is thriving.  He is also adopting racist migrant policies that Netanyahu is on the road to adopting. Far-right populist Mr Orbán, re-elected in April, also put Jewish-Hungarian philanthropist George Soros 4 on an anti-immigration billboard campaign and appeared to evoke antisemitic language in denouncing the Budapest-born billionaire 5.

Austria should also be held with suspension in Netanyahu's cultivating of relations. The Jewish community in Austria and the State of Israel are not ready to give the Freedom Party (FPÖ) a kosher certification. The reason for the boycott of the ministers of the FPÖ is not the Nazi past of the German nationalist camp. The party has never distanced itself from it. What the FPÖ is today and what the party really stands for - that is the problem. This cannot be camouflaged by Freedom Party leaders' symbolic visits to Israel

Despite all that, the Austrian Chancellor, Sebastian Kurz, who has many members of this Freedom Party in his government, appears to be bending over backwards to dispel Israel's fears of anti-Semitism in his government and giving a very pro-Israel impression. 

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán shakes hands with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in July during a joint press conference in Jerusalem.
Credit: Debbie Hill/AP

Italian Interior Minister Matteo Salvini attends a memorial ceremony at Yad Vashem in Jerusalem last week.
Oded Balilty/AP

Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki 6 has supported legislation to crack down on claims that Poland was complicit in the Holocaust. "Those who say that Poland may be responsible for the crimes of World War II deserve jail terms," Morawiecki told Polish lawmakers in June. It appears that the Polish prime minister is in denial and wishes to hide certain truths. There does not appear to be any difference between Hungary and Poland in their attitude towards the Holocaust. Even Yad Vashem’s committee was not happy about the visit of these leaders to Yad Vashem.

The courting of right-wing nationalist leaders by Netanyahu is a strategy that we should view with strong doubts as to its morality as well as realpolitik.

An attempt to alter the history of the Holocaust by these very countries, with Netanyahu's consent is most disturbing. Ideologically these right-wing nationalists and Netanyahu's government coalition share much in common in their right-wing ideology when it comes to hatred of migrants to their respective countries as well as not opposing the occupation or at least make an issue over it.

The strong criticism of Israel by the EU has also made Netanyahu seek friendships amongst potential despotic leaders to show the EU and other countries that Israel is not dependent on their support.

Recommended Reading:

  1. Israel's Netanyahu Embraces European Leaders With Controversial Views On Holocaust
  3. Opinion: How Benjamin Netanyahu Became a Holocaust Revisionist By Anshel Pfeffer Dec 13, 2018, 10:09 PM


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Friday, November 23

The Dark Ages Dawning on Israel

The Gaza unrest and the fortitude of the people in the south of Israel - kibbutzim, settlements and towns near the border with Gaza have had their full share of rocket and mortar fire from Hamas and Islamic Jihad.

They fired nearly 500 rockets, about 80% was intercepted by the Iron Dome anti-missile system over two days. No doubt, this did save many lives and damage to property. Nevertheless, some missiles did get through causing severe damage to homes, injuries and loss of life. An uncertain cease-fire was declared and it is anybody’s guess as to how long this will hold.

Just after all this, the Minister of Defense, Avigdor Lieberman, resigned nearly bringing down the coalition. The Minister of Education, Naftali Bennett 1 and his side-kick, Minister of Justice, Ayelet Shaked 2, of the extremist right-wing Bayit Hayehudi Party, threatened to resign over Netanyahu’s refusal to give Bennett the Defense portfolio and taking on the Defence portfolio for himself. Eventually, after Netanyahu’s speech, Bennett and Shaked went back on their decision to resign and the issue of early elections was avoided. Mr Bennett, leader of Israel's right-wing Jewish Home party, imagined he had placed a risk-free bet to elevate his status and share the limelight with Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu 3. The Government Coalition has a majority of one mandate (61 to 59). This will make its governing ability almost untenable.

The whole scenario after the shaky cease-fire was declared was an exercise in childish behaviour within the coalition that proves that many coalition members are there for their own personal interests. If Netanyahu manages to govern with a one mandate majority, theoretically elections will be held in a year’s time. If there is a crisis and the coalition breaks up then it will be sooner. If the latter occurs and there are early elections, it will cost the country billions of shekels and we shall get the same government re-elected with a few minor changes. Many Israelis have moved towards the right and extreme right and it is very unlikely that they will change. Ask any Israeli why he/she fears change, he/she will tell you with great conviction that there is nobody who can replace Netanyahu and he is the only one worth supporting. After all, the economic situation in Israel is very good and this is the bottom line that will determine what government will be elected as well as the security situation.

The opposition to the present government is weak and disunited. They are unable to offer an alternate message that is strong enough to convince Israel’s electorate that Netanyahu has governed for too long and needs to go. Even the various police investigations of Netanyahu over his suspected criminality makes no impact on the Israeli electorate as according to most of them, Netanyahu is the best prime minister Israel has ever had.

The Dark Ages are now dawning on Israel. It begins with the eroding of democracy. Those who are left of centre in their thinking are ostracised by the present government and are viewed as unpatriotic, treacherous and wish to harm Israel. The occupation and the messianic Orthodox Judaism of the Bayit Hayehudi Party and the ultra-Orthodox Parties in collusion with the Netanyahu Coalition are heralding the coming of Israel’s Dark Ages. This is part of the government’s plan to justify its rule that is becoming increasingly autocratic. More anti-democratic bills designed to clamp people’s mouths will be passed into laws. The latest bill is the Cultural Loyalty Bill introduced by Commissar of Culture and Sport, Miri Regev, will undoubtedly gain government support. Freedom of speech, freedom of culture and eventually books that are written that will be interpreted by Commissar Miri as being anti-Israel will eventually be censored or banned. The legal community have come out against this anti-democratic bill. Freedom of culture will be decided upon by the Commissar of Culture, whose duty will be to decide what can be defined as anti-Israel, unpatriotic, seeking the destruction of Israel and supporting terror from the narrowest definition in her agenda. Miri has no idea what culture is as she was never exposed to it. She is one of the initiators of Israel’s dark age. She and the Minister of Justice were working together to even fire the vice-Attorney-General Dina Zilber for opposing this anti-democratic piece of legislation. Dina Zilber is certainly not a pundit for harming Israel. The opposite is true.

Earlier we had the Nation-State Law to ensure the Jewishness of Israel as the Nation-State of the Jewish People. This is another piece of heinous, racist legislation that ought to be expunged from the statute book of Israel. We can expect more disgraceful bills to be enacted before the next election, reigning in a period in Israel that will bring it closer to a dictatorship that can be defined as Israel’s Darkest Age. We must bear in mind that a country that occupies another people cannot be a democracy in the long run. Slowly but surely, the occupying power will slip into a pseudo-fascist regime. Laws ensuring the purity of an occupying nation will protect its status. In Israel’s case, two laws were passed, the Nation-State Law and the Cultural Loyalty Bill (soon to become law). These laws have two principles in common. Both intend to weaken the opposition to the Netanyahu Government by showing who is the boss and to clamp mouths of those who are involved in avant-garde cultural projects that go against Commissar Miri’s agenda.

There is also no true freedom from religion and the excuse that this is a Jewish country. Pluralism in Judaism is not recognized. Reform, Conservative and Reconstructionist Judaism is not recognized nor are their rabbis. The only Judaism recognized is Orthodox and ultra-Orthodox Judaism that ensures that there will never be a separation of Orthodox synagogue and state. They have also succeeded in alienating Diaspora Jewry, especially US Jewry who are mostly non-Orthodox observant. 

As I write this, I feel that Israel’s most brilliant philosopher of the 20th Century, Late Prof.Yeshayahu Leibowitz ז"ל 4 states it very well indeed. It is still relevant today:

”I am talking about the monstrous phenomenon of a regime that is imposed upon a population which is not made up of a single people but of two peoples who are enemies. On top of this national conflict, itself insoluble, there is a social conflict between these two peoples. One works and the other exploits the first. That is why there cannot be a democratic regime in this country, neither can human rights be respected. I insist: they cannot be. It doesn't depend on someone's goodwill. It is the consequence of the objective fact that the State of Israel is, today, a colonial power. Precisely when history, for the second half of the 20th century, has been characterized by world decolonization, the State of Israel and South Africa are the only remaining colonial powers”.
Yeshayahu Leibowitz 5

He continues: “I am not shocked, I am making an observation. If I raise my voice it is because some people still don't know. This is why I shout out loud: Judeo-Nazis do exist!”
Yeshayahu Leibowitz

This will also initiate a period of Netanyahu’s schmoozing with right-wing regimes in Europe that have a history of racism including anti-Semitism. This is a natural development expected within the right-wing regime of the Netanyahu Era.  


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Friday, October 12

The Knesset Member Racist Scumbag!

We should all be ashamed of the scumbag racists that are mainstream Likud and Bayit Hayehudi members of the Knesset. The purity of the Jewish People to be kept “unpolluted” by miscegenation and assimilation - call it as you wish, has its roots in the ideology of apartheid South Africa and even Nazi Germany. Just replace the words "Jewish People" with words "Germans or Aryans" and the memories of the Nazi ideology comes to mind.

What right has Likud Knesset Member, Oren Hazan, the scumbag racist darling of the Likud, uttering the disgraceful, hateful words that he did condemning the marriage between Tzachy Halevy and Lucy Aharish? Lawmaker Oren Hazan (Likud) attacked Israeli Arab news anchor Lucy Aharish over her wedding on Wednesday night to Jewish actor Tzachi Halevy, known for his role in the TV series Fauda.

The two have been together for four years, but have kept their relationship a secret from the media.

Hazan called to stop Jewish assimilation, saying: “I don’t blame Lucy Aharish for seducing a Jewish soul with the goal of harming our country and for preventing more Jewish progeny from continuing the Jewish dynasty, on the contrary, she is welcome to convert,” Hazan wrote on his Twitter account.  

The reaction of Oren Hazan over this marriage is a disgrace. It stinks of racism at its worst! May the couple be blessed with a happy marriage. If only there would be more intermarriages and we could be normal like in other democratic countries. Peace would then come at last!

Another observation is that not one Likud Knesset member condemned his disgraceful remarks. It has nothing to do with Israel’s lawmakers or anybody else for that matter as to who one chooses as a marriage partner. The marriage of two people is a private affair. If a Muslim and a Jew marries that is a private affair as well. Intermarriage between Jew and non-Jew is no threat to anybody, nor will it result in “miscegenation” and “assimilation” in Israel. Two people of different faiths have fallen in love and have decided to marry. What is so evil about that? Both partners are patriotic Israelis and belong in Israel. Lucy Aharish was even given the honour of lighting the torch on Independence Day three years ago.

Oren Hazan is not new to insulting, sexist racist remarks and loutish behaviour as the reader can see from the YouTube clips in this article.

The present right-wing Netanyahu Coalition Government is the most racist government since Israel’s establishment. Some examples of their racism are :

  1. Oren Hazan’s racist statements on assimilation and his hatred of black refugees.

Scumbag Oren Hazan MK's racist rant


Israeli Lawmaker's Attack on Celebrity Jewish-Arab Marriage Echoes Nazi Ideology

Monday, October 1

Will the Two-State Solution be on the Cards Again?

President Donald Trump and PM Benjamin Netanyahu met again after the UN General Assembly 2018 Meeting with all its speeches. After the joint meeting, the Two-State Solution question was raised at the Netanyahu-Trump press conference for the umpteenth time. Trump has given an indication that he personally “would go” for the Two-State solution. Netanyahu never said anything apart from twitching a foot in discomfort. Netanyahu did not commit himself verbally at all.

Trump assumes that Netanyahu supports the two-state solution but this appears to be doubtful. He cannot commit himself with any certainty. On the one side, Netanyahu’s extreme right-wing Zionist religious and the ultra-Orthodox Parties will break up his coalition. Habayit Hayehudi has made no bones about its opposition to the two-state solution. Most UN members support the two-state solution and it is easier said than its possibility of achievement in the future.

The mutual back-slapping between Netanyahu and Trump will harm Israel in the long term. Had Trump authorised the move of the US Embassy to West Jerusalem and stated that, the opposition to the US Embassy would have been avoided. Trump did not state that and the Palestinian reaction was detrimental to the US and made a very poor situation even worse. After all the Knesset and many official government offices are in West Jerusalem including the High Court and this has not been a bone of contention.

Referring to Trump's support of Israel's actions in Syria, Netanyahu said he was very satisfied with the president's "unreserved support for the State of Israel and its right to self-defence in the context of the event [the crisis with Russia over the downing of a Russian plane in Syria] and in general." 1

A day later PM Benjamin Netanyahu delivered his General Assembly Speech. As we all know, Netanyahu is great at rhetoric. Most of his speech was devoted to condemning Iran and all the various Mossad secret information on Iran’s nuclear capabilities complete with diagrams as only Netanyahu knows how to deliver to his UN audience.  Some of the information revealed was the nuclear sites not far from Beirut’s airport. Displaying photographs from the podium of the United Nations General Assembly, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Thursday accused Iran of maintaining a secret atomic warehouse in Tehran, proving its intent to develop nuclear weapons despite the accord it reached with major powers in 2015. 2

His speech received much applause from the Israeli and US delegations. The hall was half empty and it is difficult to estimate how much applause he received from the other members present. Briefing Israeli reporters travelling with Netanyahu in the US on Friday, a senior Israeli official said the prime minister's revelation of the atomic warehouse and its contents have caused “growing pressure inside Iran.” 3 While most of us are aware that Iran does pose a threat to Israel. The Iranian leadership rhetoric against Israel and its support for its destruction by their own admittance cannot be denied and Israel has the right to defend itself. Iran’s human rights record is shocking and opposition to the Iranian regime is not tolerated. This part of Netanyahu’s speech reflects a truth that cannot be refuted.

The problem with the Palestinians was hardly emphasized. We all know that peace with Israel’s Arab neighbours depends on achieving peace with the Palestinians. The two-state solution that appears unattainable is still the only game in town. There are  two main obstacles to getting there:

  1. The weakness of Mahmoud Abbas and his inability to make any movement towards peace because of the inability of Hamas to recognize Israel’s right to exist or even to coordinate any stand for peace negotiations together with the Palestinian Authority with Israel. As far as Hamas is concerned, Israel is occupied territory since the day it was established in 1948.
  2. The establishment and expansion of Israeli Jewish settlements in territory captured in during the June 1967 War and Israel’s refusal to withdraw towards the pre-1967 lines and giving up these settlements. Under these conditions, a future Palestinian State with East Jerusalem as its capital will never be viable or negotiated.

If these two problems were solved then the two-state solution has a chance. It will still not be a piece of cake to achieve. Viewing the scenario for a two-state solution today is an impossible exercise and under the present circumstances will just not happen and the stalemate will continue for many years.

Netanyahu has stated in his speech that “Some believe that Israel cannot be both Jewish and democratic. This is false. Israel is both, and Israel will always remain both”. This is not really true.

Orthodox and ultra-Orthodox Judaism is the state religion of Israel and has always been so since Israel’s establishment. Muslims and Christians have total freedom of religion. This is not true of Reform and Conservative Jews whose rights of worship are not free. Their rabbis have no recognition in Israel and they are forbidden to marry couples. DEMOCRACY AND ORTHODOX JUDAISM ARE NOT COMPATIBLE! Netanyahu is the king of rhetoric but not the king of truth.

Netanyahu’s ramble about the Nation-State Law as being non-discriminatory and degrading towards Israel’s non-Jewish citizens is also not entirely true. Another example is in culture. Culture is under the control of the Minister of Culture and Sport, Miri Regev. She views avant-garde culture as not patriotic and will be deprived of state funding. She has her own agenda of what culture should be and she sticks by it! Miri Regev maintains that Israel is a democracy and that she has the democratic right to do as she wishes on cultural issues according to her worldview. Satire in cultural activity directed against the government is viewed as unpatriotic. In fact, criticism of the government, especially on the occupation is viewed as treacherous and those who are left-wing are ostracised most severely. Visitors suspected of political views that are not sympathetic to the Netanyahu Government are often questioned at Ben Gurion Airport on suspicion of wanting to harm Israel. So where is democracy in Israel?  

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