Saturday, January 26

Right-Wing Racist Rabbis who Promote Jewish Terrorism against Palestinians

It is rather upsetting and tragic, we, Citizens of Israel, should hang our heads in shame that many Orthodox establishment rabbis, including those who brainwash their students in yeshivot in the occupied territories of the righteousness of murdering innocent Palestinians as in the case of the tragic murder of Aisha Rabi, a Palestinian mother of 8 children by stoning as she and her family were travelling in their family car not far from Pri Haaretz Yeshiva in Rehalim on 13th Oct 2018. The King's Torah is a book that is studied in many of these yeshivot and very often revered by religious extremists. It justifies the killing of non-Jews in certain circumstances with a very wide definition. Prohibition 'Thou Shalt Not Murder' applies only 'to a Jew who kills a Jew,' write Rabbis Yitzhak Shapira and Yosef Elitzur who wrote The King's Torah.

The Shin Bet had done their job and found the suspect as the fatal 2 kg stone thrown had evidence of his DNA on it. Today with the identification of murder suspects through their DNA on murder objects that serves as evidence of guilt is well developed and leaves very little doubt as to who was responsible for the murder. Throwing a stone at somebody with the purpose of killing is not manslaughter, but murder 3.
A car belonging to a Palestinian couple is seen after it was involved in a deadly crash reportedly due to stone-throwing by Israeli settlers at the Tapuah Junction in the northern West Bank on October 12, 2018. (Zachariah Sadeh/Rabbis for Human Rights); Aisha Muhammad Talal Rabi (Courtesy)

It is amazing although not surprising that this 16-year-old Jewish terrorist from the Pri Haaretz Yeshiva in Rehalim in the “hallowed, occupied Land of the Holy Settlers” threw a 2 kg stone at a Palestinian car and killed an innocent Palestinian mother of 8 children. It is a disgrace that he will be charged with manslaughter and not with murder. The support of senior right-wing rabbis for this terrorist, claiming that there is no such thing as Jewish terror is in itself appalling. The Sixth Commandment “Thou Shalt not Kill” does not apply to them only to killing Jews as mentioned earlier. This despicable rabbinical scum, by their acts and teachings in these awful, hate-filled racist yeshivot, has brainwashed their students to carry out murderous acts against Arabs. They do not teach Judaism in these yeshivot but a macabre, evil mutant form of twisted dogmas that they have no problem in justifying. These self-styled rabbis - the purveyors of racial hatred and strife are no less responsible for this crime and should be viewed as accessories.

It is sad that this racist, hate-filled yeshivot are allowed to exist and the law authorities have no legal power to close them down.  These yeshivot are blossoming and the rabbinical mentors responsible for teaching these students are left to their own devices and creating a young generation of Jewish terrorists spurred on by hatred of Arabs. The Price Tag terrorist organization also spawn from these evil institutions. It is no credit to Israel’s reputation that rabbis of this nature hold senior positions and some are even funded by the State as in the case of the Chief Rabbi of Safed (Tzfat) Rabbi Shmuel Eliyahu 1, who has a history of making racist statements and in this tragic murder even stated that these Jewish terrorists are not terrorists and are “fighters for justice”2

. How low can you go in the name of Judaism and Halacha? If this is the trend in Orthodox Judaism of today, we should not be surprised that many Jews will leave the fold. The list of racist rabbis in Israel is well known. Another mentor of the Bayit Hayehudi and its breakaway Right-Wing Party is leading Rabbi Haim Meir Drukman, who denies the existence of Jewish terrorists, He said "I call from the bottom of my heart on the prime minister to order the release of these three boys held by the Shin Bet,"

By the acts of these two rabbinical examples, they are encouraging and justifying Jewish terror against Palestinians as revenge. Killing an innocent Palestinian mother does not worry them and they are quick to justify it. The government appears indifferent to their statements and no words of condemnation have been heard from that source.

There is no doubt, that racism in Israel is on the increase today and we can expect more of it while the government remains indifferent.

According to IRAC, “Racism and extremist language have entered the Israeli mainstream, fueled by racist incitement that is spread by extremist rabbis and the activities of hate groups. IRAC sees racism as one of the greatest threats to Israeli society today and stands at the front-line of the battle. IRAC fights racist incitement by monitoring hate speech and hate crimes and demanding that investigations be launched, and public legitimacy and government funds denied to religious extremists that incite to racism. At the same time, IRAC engages in actions that affirm the reality and highlight best practices of a shared and equal society between Jews and Arabs in Israel”.


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