Saturday, January 17

Two States for Two Peoples and Islamist Terror

Countries in which Islamist terrorist attacks ...
Countries in which Islamist terrorist attacks have occurred on or after September 11, 2001. Based on Image:BlankMap-World6, compact.svg with information from Image:WOT map4a.PNG. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
This is shocking! The Jihadi terrorist attacks occurring in the world today is on the increase because of the tolerant attitude of many Western European countries towards Islamist extremists, who appear to be observant Muslims and take them at face value. The sensitivities of the EU towards Muslims are now reaping the rewards of their folly as they continue in Israel bashing and ignoring the real danger on their doorstep, which is NOT Israel.

The terror attacks by Jihadis in Paris are another tragic, unjustifiable terrorist act of many against innocent people in many parts of the world! Where is the Muslim clergy? Why are they not condemning these terrorist acts and the claims made by Islamists that they are acting according to the teachings of the Quran? Their deafening silence conveys a message of complicity with Islamist terror. The venomous racist, anti-Semitic sermons coming from Imams in mosques in the major cities of Europe without any protest from mainstream Islam, as well as tolerance of most governments in Europe by its complacency and indifference to this Islamist venom, is fuel to Jihadi extremists in their desire for murder in cold blood with accompanying screams of "Allahu Aqba!" Anjem Chaudary is a radical Muslim with British citizenship. He is an example of Islamist thought that inspires Islamist terrorism.

Most Muslims are law-abiding citizens in their adopted countries and we did see many Muslims joining the march against the tragic murders of 12 cartoonists of the Charles Hebdo magazine in Paris. We must also remember the hero,Lassana Bathily, an immigrant from Mali - a Muslim, who saved Jews in the Kosher Supermarket in Paris, by hiding them in the refrigerator.

Unfortunately various European Governments have been bending over backwards to be "politically correct" in their treatment of the millions of Muslim immigrants in their countries. They were oblivious to the Islamist terror cells that were created by European Islamist citizens returning from training in ISIS camps in Syria and Iraq. Many mosques became places where racist and hateful imams gave sermons against Jews and Christians as well as rabble rousing their flock into joining ISIS for Jihad to establish a caliphate or Islamic State in Europe. The European Governments discreetly closed their eyes to these developments in the hope of "not offending the religious sensitivities" of Muslim immigrants. The religious sensitivities of other faiths were overlooked. Today they are reaping the fruits of their own mistakes. The police have now discovered a number of dormant Islamist terrorist cells in Belgium, Berlin, Paris and it remains to be seen where the next discovery of Islamist terrorist cells will occur. Hopefully, the security police will be able to track down these Muslim extremists and bring them to justice before they become killing machines.

There is only one way to deal with this tirade of Islamist hate and terror that threatens our civilization and that is to arrest them, close down the mosques and madrassas, where the racist imams preach, and deport them from their adopted country to the countries of their origin. Anti-Semitic hate-speech or racist speeches against any religious group, including Muslims, must be given zero tolerance by those bodies responsible for maintaining law and order. Perhaps it would be prudent to expel close family of terrorists (parents, brothers and sisters) to the countries of their origin. The amount of young people going for training via Turkey to Syria and Iraq where they get training for committing terrorist acts has reached a stage where Europe cannot afford to turn a blind eye for the purpose of expediency and tolerance.

On the Israeli-Palestinian track these events must also be borne in mind. While Hamas may not be ISIS and their fight against Israel is localized to Israel, the hateful sermons of the Gaza and West Bank imams are just as venomous and rabble rousing. The terrorist acts they carry out against Israelis is unjustifiable! The ramming of vehicles into innocent Israelis, stabbings at every opportunity as well as butchering innocent people does show signs of similarity to the Islamist terrorists in Paris.

While there are many Israelis and of course the world community, who support a two-state solution to the conflict and an end to the occupation, we must come to terms with the hostile environment in which we Israelis live. The occupation is immoral and a just peace between Israelis and Palestinians must be negotiated in order to end the occupation, which is eroding the morality of Israel's society. Of course this is our desire but is it realistic, especially today?

While many argue that Israel has no leaders that can lead the negotiations to end the occupation. The problem is that the Palestinians also do not have the leadership to negotiate a peace treaty that will end the occupation. President Mahmoud Abbas and the Palestinian Authority do not have the support of the Palestinian People. There have been no Palestinian elections since 2005. Mahmoud Abbas has no power base. According to Palestinian polls, if elections were held today, Hamas will gain power in the West Bank. We, in Israel will be faced with Hamas on our doorstep and they have no desire to come to terms with Israel's existence let alone negotiate a peace treaty. This is no mantra; this is a fact by the utterances of Hamas and backed up by the Hamas Charter itself. If a choice is to be made between a Palestinian State controlled by Hamas on the West Bank, with all the "human rights and democracy" as well as "freedom" that it gives to the Palestinian people as is illustrated in Gaza, and the current occupation of Israel, the conclusion is obvious. Hamas wants to destroy Israel and until it becomes pragmatic, accepting Israel's right to exist within secure borders and ceases to be a terrorist organization, there will never be negotiations for peace let alone a Two-State solution.      

The PA request to join the ICC when it is part of the National Unity Government with Hamas is insipid! This in itself makes them equally responsible for the high death toll of Palestinians during Operation Naked Edge. The use of Palestinians as human shields as well as the use of UNRWA compounds for launching missiles into Israel disqualifies the Hamas-Abbas Unity Government to charge Israel with war crimes - not to mention the Hamas tunnels dug for infiltrating and creating killing fields against Israelis on the Gaza borders. Hamas terror is responsible for Palestinian suffering as Israel has every right to defend itself against Hamas-Islamic Jihad, whose similarities in ideology to IS are very obvious. Hamas has committed war crimes against Palestinians and Israelis. Hamas must be held accountable for the tragic consequences in Gaza. After the war their cowardly, wealthy leadership under the polecats, Khaled Mashaal, Ismail Hanniyeh and Moussa Mohammad abu Marzook, suddenly come out of their rat holes after the cease-fire was declared, claiming a victory against Israel with their usual fantasies accompanied by their hateful rhetoric! The hypocrisy of the PA leadership to take Israel to the ICC in The Hague is just as logical as ISIS and Jabat al Nusra taking France to the ICC for war crimes against terrorists who killed 17 people in France.