Saturday, June 1

The Decision of Holding New Elections is Absurd and Lacking in Logic

This decision to hold new general elections because Netanyahu was unable to form a coalition government is so absurd and lacking in logic. The deadline for presenting President Ruby Rivlin with a coalition government had passed and Netanyahu’s failure to form a coalition because of Avigdor Lieberman’s refusal to be part of the coalition. Lieberman and Netanyahu dislike each other – the draft law that Lieberman insisted for compulsory conscription of the ultra-Orthodox to the IDF was the so-called excuse. This draft law was unacceptable by the Likud and the ultra-Orthodox parties. The rift between the two men goes deeper than that. There is much speculation in the press as to why the hatred between these two men is so intense.

As expected, Netanyahu has labelled Lieberman as a “leftist” who has joined the Arab opposition. This is such balderdash and typical of Netanyahu, who in his desperation views all his opponents as leftists, traitors, including the media, police force, law courts and the attorney-general, who are out on a witch hunt against him. As has been mentioned many times in the media, Netanyahu is interested in one thing only – not to stand trial for his alleged accusations of bribery, fraud and breach of trust. Calling for new elections is his way of achieving that goal with a little help paradoxically from the Arab Parties as well. Netanyahu is a genius and he knows how to manipulate his supporters with his lies and deceit.
PM Benjamin Netanyahu
There was a rare unity between Hadash-Taal and the opposition parties at the largely successful demonstration on Saturday night 25th May 2019. What happened? They did not join the opposition and voted with the right-wing to dissolve the Knesset. They are not aware that this move will only strengthen Netanyahu and his right-wing toadies even more.

The mindset of many voters, especially in the periphery, is right-wing and they will not change their allegiance to the Likud and its right-wing parties, including the ultra-Orthodox parties. They have swallowed all Netanyahu’s lies with great enthusiasm and many believe every word of Netanyahu’s mantras. The fact that Netanyahu is accused of breaking the law does not affect their support of Netanyahu, it just strengthens it. These people believe that the witch hunt against Netanyahu is real and they must support him as in their view “Netanyahu is the best prime minister since Israel’s establishment”.

Netanyahu, his right-wing toadies and the ultra-Orthodox Parties will stick by his side once again. He and his party with its macabre mix have incredible support from "Talisman toters and those prostrating themselves in supplication on the tombs of the saints,” to use a quote from the famous Israeli artist, Yair Gabuz, in a speech he made at Rabin Square on the eve of Elections in 2015. In the speech, which took place a mere ten days before the elections, Garbuz spoke of "the handful" and said: "We were told that the despicable man who murdered the prime minister came from a handful of delusional people ... We were told that the yellow-shirted, black symbol-ed ‘Kahane was right’ people, and the 'Death to Arabs!' hurlers, were no more than a handful—a mere handful! ... That the wicked price taggers are certainly a handful ... and they told us that the threatening, disparaging racists do not represent Israeli society at all, that they are only a handful!” Unfortunately, these right-wing purveyors of racial hatred have grown immensely since then and this is Netanyahu’s powerhouse of support. Most of these people that he described are very much alive in the religious extreme right-wing parties - neo-fascist fanatics such as Bezalel Smotrich, Itamar Ben Gvir, Benzie Gopstein and the list goes on not to exclude the parasitic ultra-Orthodox parties who contribute nothing to the country but “religious bullshit” and religious extortion, as well as eternal poverty-stricken Torah students, who do not work or serve in the IDF. The last elections on 9th April, they were very much alive with their poisonous pseudo-religious, hateful rhetoric. They will try to be “Netanyahu’s saviours”. They all share one mantra called “denial” of Netanyahu’s suspected criminality. The peripheral towns are where these types are found and they are enough to get Netanyahu in. Their mentors are racist rabbis that bless and curse at will.
Avigdor Lieberman
The time is now more than ripe for the parties that are left of centre to unite. The last elections have proved that. The Arab Parties are thinking of resuscitating the Joint List in order to win more seats. Perhaps it is time for Meretz to negotiate with the Arab Parties to form an alternative Jewish-Arab List. After all, it was the Arab voters that saved Meretz from losing their Knesset representation. If this is not achieved, Meretz will not be in the next Knesset. An Arab-Jewish Party should be open to all. This new Arab-Jewish Party will gain more support from the Arab communities who show disillusionment with their own representatives resulting in a low voter turnout. Many Arab citizens of Israel with whom I spoke had expressed support for such a move. The emphasis on common Israeli citizenship that embraces all Israel’s citizens irrespective of race, colour or creed will go a long way to achieve a better Israel for its entire people.

Wednesday, May 8

Israel's Independence Day Celebrations

Israel has only one day annually that is celebrated without any religious constraints or “mitzvot”. This is a day that secular and religious Israelis celebrate as well as those who identify with Israel and its people. 

Israeli Arab Citizens do not celebrate. There are no flags or symbols of celebration in their villages. It is a great pity that the two peoples - Jewish and Arab Israeli citizens are divided in their respective narratives causing the Israeli Arab sector not to celebrate Israel’s independence. Here in Israel, we have failed to achieve a common loyalty in Israel for all its citizens - Jew and Arab alike. It could have been achieved but Israel has failed to be the state of all its citizens for a number of reasons. The most striking, perhaps, is the non-inclusive character of Israel’s Jewish majority. An example of this is the non-inclusive wording of Israel’s National Anthem “Hatikva” - The Hope. 
Hatikva - Israel's National Anthem

The wording of Hatikva could be modified to include Israel’s non-Jewish minority symbols of culture without changing the wording of Jewish desires and hopes. 

Apart from the national anthem, there are other symbols of Arab Israeli culture that could be included and thus make them feel part of Israel's people rather than estranging them with all kinds of declarative laws that estranges them from Israel. This could go a long way in promoting a common patriotism that is all-inclusive. This could also be done through education from an early age as well as encouraging the establishment of integrated Jewish-Arab schools, where education in unity among all Israel’s peoples could be achieved.

 Arab and Jewish Israelis could learn each other's languages as well as secular subjects to equip them for their future. Arabic and Hebrew should both have equal status. Both Arab and Jewish Israelis should have the same standard of education and go to the same schools from kindergarten age until matric. In most western democracies, pupils of all faiths attend the same schools. When it comes to religious instruction, religious leaders of different faiths instruct the pupils in their respective faiths. 

Israel’s 71 years of independence should be a nation-wide non-political affair that is inclusive of all Israel's citizens. However, with the passing of the racist Nation-State Law last year, resulting in the grading of Israel's Arab Citizens as second class citizens that will estrange 20% of Israel's citizens even more. 

Another upsetting development is the attempt to politicise the law courts that have been impartial since Israel's establishment. The outgoing Minister of Justice, Ayelet Shaked, had her agenda in interfering with the court system 

It is a great pity that this year’s Independence Day celebrations will have a right-wing political slant to it which will, unfortunately, spoil its non-political nature. Ayelet Shaked will be replaced by Yariv Levin - a Netanyahu appointee, who intends to weaken the courts and make them subservient to the incoming right-wing coalition. Legislation will be passed to ensure that the court cannot overrule government decisions even if their legality is in question.  

Independence of the law courts will be compromised. Israel is going down a path that threatens democracy if the Netanyahu Government succeeds in appointing conservative judges to the bench. The opposition is weak and will whimper impotently against the incoming ruling government anti-democratic bills.

Thursday, May 2

Holocaust Remembrance Day has been Defiled!

Holocaust Remembrance Day has been defiled by our present leadership. Have we forgotten the lessons of the Holocaust and trivialised it?

For starters, the opening ceremony addressed by President Reuven Rivlin was the beginning of the hint of the direction in which Israel is moving. It is a direction of realpolitik played out by PM Netanyahu towards the far-right, neo-fascist leaders that are ruling Austria, Hungary, Brazil, Poland and the Interior Minister of Italy 1. The list will continue to grow as many European countries move towards the neo-fascist right. It appears that Netanyahu is cultivating friendships with these far right, neo-fascist leaders, whose record of anti-Semitism is a blemish on their respective characters 2. This is what President Reuben Rivlin had hinted in his speech. It was obvious that this remark was directed at Netanyahu."Today, Europe is once again pursued by the ghosts of the past. Ideas of superiority, national purity, xenophobia, blatant anti-Semitism from left and right are hovering over Europe," Rivlin said.  He spoke of rising anti-Semitism in conjunction with the anti-Israel sentiment, Rivlin said one cannot hate Israel and love Jews nor hate Jews and love Israel. Rivlin went on to warn of warming ties between Israel and right-wing leaders who have not recognized their nation's responsibility in "the crimes of the Holocaust."  

After having heard and viewed President Rivlin delivering his speech, which was a good speech denouncing racism in all its forms, my feeling was that Netanyahu is the total antithesis of President Rivlin. Rivlin spoke as a true statesman. I just felt that I could not watch Netanyahu deliver his speech and left my armchair in disgust! Words! Words and more words of the same re-hashed stuff that Netanyahu is so expert in delivering! This is King Bibi - the heartthrob of most of the Israeli Electorate today. A racist has no place speaking at a Holocaust Remembrance Day Ceremony.

There is no difference between Jewish and Arab citizens of Israel, President Reuven Rivlin said at a previous occasion in an apparent rebuke to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for saying that Israel is “the national state only of the Jewish people. 3

If we view the various right-wing neo-fascist leaders that Netanyahu has been courting over the past few years it is quite disgusting. It is finding a consensus on re-writing the history of the Holocaust to suit the views of the neo-fascist leaders, whose friendship Netanyahu has been cultivating 4.

Another subject that is really painful concerning the observance of Holocaust Remembrance Day is the pitiful conditions under which many aged Holocaust survivors live in Israel. Many are caught up in crippling bureaucracy Israel-style in order to get reparations. Many have not received anything or very little and are living their last few years in poverty without getting any financial assistance 5. This painful subject is largely overlooked and the time has come for the government to give a hand to these survivors who have suffered so much so that at least in their last years they have a decent quality of life which to date they do not have 6.

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Saturday, April 13

Is Israel on the Road to a Fascism?

It is a sad day for Israel with these electoral results! The road has now been paved for fascism to take root. The independent law courts will be packed with conservative judges, the media will probably be censured as we will be told what journalists may or may not publish. More schmoozing with right-wing regimes in the world. Democracy and human rights will be compromised. The majority of Israel's electorate has chosen the fascist path.
The parties on the left of the Gantz-Lapid Kahol/Lavan Party have been severely trounced and will be very weak in the opposition. The only way to strengthen the left in Israel is to find a formula that will unite the Labour Party, Meretz and the moderates in the Arab Parties into one party, whose members are Arab and Jewish Israelis. This is a link to a post that I wrote on 30th July 2015 and is still relevant today even though the Joint List and the Zionist Camp has disintegrated and Zahava Galon is no longer the leader of Meretz:
This new party could be a true Left Alliance with more influence and potential to gain support from all Israel’s people.

In the not too distant past, the analogy of apartheid South Africa and Israel was certainly wrong and showed ignorance on the part of those who viewed Israel as an apartheid state. However, with the reelection of Benjamin Netanyahu and a strong move towards the extreme right in March 2015 when Netanyahu stated that the Arabs are "coming in droves to vote" thus using Islamophobia tactics to encourage the apathetic, potential Likud faithful to vote “en masse” to prevent this disaster from occurring. This tactic worked and Netanyahu ceased to sweat.

The passing of the racist Nation-State Law 1 in the Knesset in June 2018, whereby Israel is declared the nation-state of "the Jewish People only," shows signs of some similarities to the cruel apartheid system, which was tailored for “whites only”. The blacks were not included. They had their Bantustans where they had “full rights” to vote for black government stooges of the apartheid regime. The racist Nation-State Law will be amended to make it more extreme and exclusive as the incoming coalition government has received a mandate to do what it wishes.

Non-Jewish citizens of Israel are viewed as second class citizens and the status of Arabic has been defined as a "special status" and nobody knows what that means.

Netanyahu's Likud Party volunteers placed cameras in strategic points in polling booths 2, where Arabs voted in the latest election on 9th April 2019 was another sign of an attempt to intimidate Arab Israelis by discouraging them to vote. It is an unfortunate development in Israel that it has moved far to the right that threatens its already faulty democracy.

The left-wing, as in apartheid South Africa, is viewed as treacherous. In apartheid South Africa they were arrested under the 90-day and 180-day detention laws without recourse to lawyers and their newspapers were banned. When they were released from detention, they were placed under house arrest or received banning orders forbidding them to leave the district where they reside. Between 1948 and 1991, the apartheid government banned more than 1,600 men and women. Banned persons endured severe restrictions on their movement, political activities, and associations intended to silence their opposition to the government's apartheid policies and stop their political activity. They also had to report to the nearest police station twice a day.

In Israel, however, they do have administrative detention which is similar. Administrative detention is incarceration without trial or charge, alleging that a person plans to commit a future offence. It has no time limit, and the evidence on which it is based is not disclosed. Israel employs this measure extensively and routinely and has used it to hold thousands of Palestinians for lengthy periods of time. While detention orders are formally reviewed, this is merely a semblance of judicial oversight, as detainees cannot reasonably mount a defence against undisclosed allegations. Nevertheless, courts uphold the vast majority of orders 3.

In Israel, Netanyahu blames the media, the Law Courts, the left, the Attorney-General and the law enforcement authorities for the legal problems of his own making. Despite that, the majority of the Israeli Electorate voted for Netanyahu and the right-wing parties, including the ultra-Orthodox parties destined to be his coalition partners. Israel's democracy is destined to be compromised.

Netanyahu is a genius. He knows how to manipulate and tell lies in an incredible way as to be convincing to his potential supporters with tremendous success. He maligns his opponents' characters with great success and spreads untruths casting doubts on the so-called "left" that has a very wide definition in his view, which he hates with a vengeance. Any political party, who disagrees with him is "left" and treacherous. We saw this in his campaign. He instils fear of the "Arab Threat" (in South Africa it was “die Swart Gevaar”4 or “Black Threat”) if he were to lose and the "treacherous left" wins. He is an expert on the Israeli racist psyche, which afflicts many Israelis and this is what winning elections in Israel is all about. Only a genius can serve five terms as a prime minister. This is one of the reasons why the Arab parties will never be part of any coalition deal.

If Israel becomes “a non-democratic Jewish apartheid state” then those who support a democratic Israel, according to Israel’s Declaration of Independence, would be justified to carry out a selective BDS programme to prevent this from happening. This BDS programme should be directed at the incoming Netanyahu  Government Coalition and its right-wing institutions including the illegal settlements in the occupied territories, the parasitic ultra-Orthodox and right-wing religious parties. The tactics should be similar to the BDS applied to apartheid South Africa. While the fascist takeover becomes consolidated even though the majority of Israel’s electorate voted for it, it will be a disaster, racist and totalitarian. In this case, the majority is not always right (excuse the pun). Those who wish to donate to Israel should donate to NGOs devoted to maintaining Israel’s democracy and human rights programmes such as Peace Now 5, B’tzelem 6, Breaking the Silence 7 and New Israel Fund 8.

The justification of Likud and the right-wing supporters is based on xenophobia in which Netanyahu proved his adeptness at exploiting for his own political and personal gains to achieve immunity from his impending prosecution as prime minister.

It is a tragedy for the Jewish people that Israel is losing its Jewish heart and soul. This is certainly true of “welcoming the stranger in our midst” and the hatred for refugees from Eritrea and Sudan. We have forgotten as Jews that we were also refugees and strangers and not welcome in many countries 9 10., Now with Pesach - the festival of freedom - is upon us, it has become meaningless and hypocritical when we give no thought of freedom to others which is becoming trendy today in Israel.

The Orthodox Rabbinical establishment does not recognize Reform and Conservative Jews, who are in the majority in the US. These non-Orthodox Jews have greater freedom in the Diaspora than they ever will have in Israel. The present elected government will ensure that more now than ever before with the nature of its ultra-Orthodox partners, who wield great power, the move towards a bigoted theocracy is a possibility.


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Saturday, March 2

The Indictment of PM Benjamin Netanyahu

All of us knew that eventually Netanyahu would be indicted. Netanyahu has a brilliant mind and he knew how to make the most of his status as prime minister (He is the longest-serving prime minister in Israel as well as the wealthiest) for his own creature comforts and that of his wife, Sarah, and his sons. He also tried to manipulate Noni Mozes, editor of Yediot Ahranot for positive press coverage and making the reader pay for Sheldon Adelson’s pro-Netanyahu freebie daily Yisrael HaYom resulting in its readership to drop.

Bibi had the knack for cultivating friendships with tycoons, not so much for friendships but for his own personal gain, whether financial or political.

A recent poll by the Israeli website The Times of Israel predicted that Mr Netanyahu's Likud would lose four parliamentary seats if the prime minister was indicted, while Mr Gantz's coalition, known as the Blue and White Party, could gain enough seats to take the premiership 2.

Israel's attorney general has announced his intention to indict the country's prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, in three corruption cases 3.

According to the various case indictments (Case 1000, 2000 and 4000), it appears that he was involved in gaining control of the press so that he would be portrayed in a very positive light thus ensuring that his rule would remain indefinite with the support of the masses. As for case 1000, this could be referred to as his creature comfort case with expensive cigars and loads of pink champaign, which the attorney-general viewed as a breach of trust and fraud case. Case 4000 is the most serious of the lot where he was indicted for corruption 1.

His methods of achieving this were based on fear-mongering. He delegitimized the Arab Parties by saying that they wish to destroy Israel and that the left relies on their support to prevent a right-wing coalition from being formed after the election by forming a left-wing bloc.

A leader of a country who has been elected by the voters of that country and lies to the public has no respect for the citizens of the country that voted him/her into power. He only has respect for himself. This is the impression we get from PM Netanyahu. He has been prime minister for close on 13 years if we take his first term into consideration. He uses Israel as one of his possessions and that of his immediate family.
He is behaving like a cornered rat. Cornered rats are known to be vicious and bite in all directions. He tried a gamble that did not pay-off. He knew that the Sword of Damocles was hanging over his head about an upcoming indictment against him so he brought the General Elections forward in order to stymy the receiving of the indictment against him.
By Netanyahu's behaviour, he has crossed the Rubicon so much so that he has been served an indictment by the AG and his status has changed from being an innocent, law-abiding leader to a criminal suspect. Now that he has this new status, he blames everybody but himself for his created predicament. He views himself as a victim of a national witch-hunt orchestrated by the left, the media, the courts and the police, even the AG, who he had appointed, the ex-Police Commissioner, Ronnie Alsheich (also one of his appointees). So where does the left come into the picture? All is a figment of his paranoiac imagination. He is behaving like a cornered rat. He knew that the Sword of Damocles was hanging over his head about an upcoming indictment against him so he brought the General Elections forward in order to stymy the receiving of the indictment against him. This would allow him time to win the elections and hopefully receive a majority in the Knesset to pass a law – an Israeli version of the French Law to grant immunity from receiving an indictment and that charges against him would be dropped. He also used this harangue of his to rabble rouse his supporters in voting for him. General Elections were due to be held sometime in November 2019. If he would have waited until then, the indictment would have been served months before the scheduled election date.
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Saturday, February 23

The Left's Dilemma in Israel's Upcoming Elections

It would be a natural choice for those on the left in Israel’s upcoming elections to vote for Meretz.1 In fact, there really is a dilemma, especially now with the suspected felon, PM Benjamin Netanyahu, granting legitimacy to Otzma Yehudit 2, a Otzma Yehudit a Kahanist party (Jewish Fascist and a racist party consisting of ghastly thugs) to be part of the new Likud Coalition if they win.
There are other considerations that one has to take into account before one decides to vote for Meretz. The main consideration is to replace Netanyahu and his right to extreme right-wing extremists that are presently ruling the country. Meretz, unfortunately, is on the borderline of having any seats in the new Knesset. According to the latest Israel polls of 21st Feb, Meretz will win 4 Knesset seats, which is the minimum. In future polls, Meretz may even drop below 3.25% and not have any representation at all.

This means that those, who support Meretz (including myself) will have wasted their vote if Meretz does not make it. Wasting a crucial vote against Netanyahu and his Kahanist allies to form the next government would be unfortunate and opens the entry of Otzma Yehudit and its rehabilitation of that fascist Kahanist ideology to become part of the law-making processes in Israel. The alliance between Yair Lapid (Yesh Atid) and Bennie Gantz (Hosen Yisrael) into a single party called Kahol-Lavan (Blue and White) has caused the small parties such as Meretz to fall into the twilight zone with 4 seats each, which may drop even further in future polls of which there will be many before Election Day on April 9th.

If Meretz disappears from the map in future polls then we have no choice but to choose a party that will oppose Netanyahu and his future coalition partners from forming the next government. Voting for a party that has plummeted below 3.25% will only aid Netanyahu and his revolting coalition partners. All that is left for us on the left is to follow the polls very closely before we decide to ditch Meretz, assuming that we wish to support them. I hope that we will not be faced with this dilemma as Meretz is really an important party, whose voice must be heard in the new Knesset.

PM Netanyahu has played it really dirty 3 as he is desperate to win. He has moved towards the fear tactic of rabble-rousing by deceiving the voters with his racist dislike of Israel’s Arab Parties in the Knesset, whom he views as the enemies of Israel and that their main desire is to destroy Israel. He accuses the opposition of wishing to form a coalition with them for that purpose. He may even succeed in this tactic.  The “Generals” who are part of the new party alliance, were IDF chiefs-of-staff that Netanyahu accuses of being leftists that wish to give up Israel’s settlements in the territories to the Palestinians. This is a blatant lie that Netanyahu has stated, but then if King Bibi says it, it becomes truth and the thronging, ignorant masses may, as in March 2015, rally to support him at the last moment.

NETANYAHU SPEAKS AGAINST LAPID-GANTZ PARTY 'THEY WILL RELY ON ARAB PARTIES' This is the gist of his reaction  for those who do not understand Hebrew

Another part of the left’s dilemma is the possibility of the new government being unable to form a ruling coalition. This could happen to the Blue and White Party as well as the Likud and their allies. The result could very well be a grand coalition of both opposing groups at the end of the day. After the elections, there is a clean slate and history does have a habit of repeating itself. It has happened before in Israel’s political history.

Let us examine what Otzmat Yehudit, the Kahanist rehabilitated party, stands for, and seem to be Netanyahu’s sure guarantors:

Otzmat Yehudit hates Arabs and is against mixed marriages of Jews and non-Jews to the extreme. When a mixed marriage does happen the Lehava 4 movement, whose head is Benzie Gopstein, organizes demonstrations that turn violent against the newlyweds. They are composed of thugs that are no credit to any country.

There is Itamar Ben-Gvir, attorney for a long list of Jews suspected of anti-Palestinian terrorism and anti-Arab hate crimes 5, and who prior to the Rabin assassination held up an emblem from the then-prime minister's car, declaring "we got to his car and we'll get to him too."

Baruch Marzel 6, another despicable Kahanist is also a member of this Otzma Yehudit.

In 1994, Kahane disciple Dr Baruch Goldstein, a Brooklyn native who moved to the settlement of Kiryat Arba, murdered 29 Muslim's in Hebron's sacred Cave of the Patriarchs, before he was beaten to death by survivors of the shooting.

They use Israel’s failing democracy in order to destroy what is left of it. They regard it as their democratic right to destroy Israel’s democracy. If they become part of the Israel Government it will be a gift to BDS and will prove to BDS that they (BDS) are correct in their assumption that Israel is on the road to becoming a fascist, apartheid state of the Jews. Elor Azaria, who was given a light sentence for killing a prone Palestinian terrorist, neutralised by the IDF about three years ago appears to have become their hero.

Even AIPAC condemns Netanyahu’s alliance with this thuggish party 7.

Thanks to Netanyahu, who must be held responsible for the rehabilitation of Kahanism and granted it legitimacy so that he can retain power at all costs.

Netanyahu is desperate to retain power because of the indictment waiting in Attorney-General Avichai Mandelblit’s office prior to a hearing. So he is using every dirty trick in the Netanyahu Manuel of Deception so as not to lose.

If he wins then one of the first laws that the new coalition will pass is the Israeli version of the French Law that will grant Netanyahu immunity from being prosecuted for his suspected fraud, corruption and defeating the ends of justice crimes. This will give him breathing space for a while and may, Heaven Help Us, result in the Attorney-General closing the cases against him. So the wily Netanyahu has it all planned if he wins the elections with the best defence team in Israel.

There is no question that the Kahane ideology of Otzma Yehudit is fascism (Check this link and notice how relevant it is even today with the latest Bibi tricks) and if this gains legitimacy in Israel because of Netanyahu’s attempt to win and wriggle out of his legal problems then we have cause to be very concerned about Israel”s future.


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