Saturday, October 18

Hamas and IS - Two Sides of the Same Coin

A cease-fire between Israel and the terrorist group, Hamas is tenuous. The chance that it will be a long-term cease-fire depends entirely on Hamas. While Hamas will not agree to disarmament, they will re-arm and continue their home industry of lethal weapon manufacture. They will continue to get financial support from their allies, Turkey, Qatar and Iran. Gaza cannot be blockaded hermetically from Hamas allies. There are ways of smuggling goods and weaponry into Gaza. Hamas has received a large setback because of Operation Protective Edge but they have not been brought to their knees. If we listen to the hateful rhetoric coming from their leaders, who wasted no time in coming out of their bunkers after the cease-fire was declared, making "victory” speeches as if they are on the verge of annihilating Israel.

In my last article, the Cairo Conference on Reconstruction of Gaza of 12th October 2014 was discussed. Pledges of aid for reconstruction and rehabilitation of Gaza were made. Mechanisms of preventing the money landing in Hamas hands was not discussed at the conference nor was disarming Hamas. If these two essential conditions are not met, there will be a repeat of hostilities and war against Israel and no reconstruction of Gaza will occur. 

While Israel's Defense Minister has made statements that Hamas will not break the cease-fire soon, many Israelis, especially those living bear the border of Gaza, remain unconvinced.

The solution to the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict remains in negotiations, which also requires both sides of the conflict to recognize each others right to exist and security. While Hamas remains adamant in not recognizing Israel "the Zionist Entity" and is unwilling to lay down its arms, we have a serious problem and it will not take long before hostilities will begin in the not so distant future. This time, the players will become more complicated. There will be unimaginable alliances between Shiite and Sunni Islamist extremists uniting in order to commit terrorist acts against Israel. It will be a matter of "the enemy of my enemy is my friend".

We are seeing a sporadic flare up of hostilities in Israel's northern borders with Syria and Lebanon, where Hezbollah - an extremist Shiite terrorist organization, cooperates with the Sunni Hamas organization to commit terrorist acts against Israel. There are also Al Qaeda branches of Wahabi extremists, Jabhat al Nusra, including the Islamic State (IS) branch. The Middle East is as volatile as it is unpredictable. New alliances of former enemies occur in order to achieve a common goal which is the destruction of Israel. So it is not beyond one's imagination that IS, Hamas and even Hezbollah will form some form of alliance to achieve this.

Hamas and IS have similar ideologies. Both are ruthless, Sunni Islamist terrorist organizations. They will not tolerate any opposition in their ranks and are quick to mete out kangaroo court justice to those that
Huffington Post (Aug 20) by Arsen Ostrovsky, an international human rights lawyer — Hamas and ISIS are two sides of the same Islamic terror coin, 
oppose them. Hamas shoots those, who they consider as traitors, in the public square in front of children.Both terrorist groups are barbarians with similar agendas. One has to listen to their religious leaders' sermons from their pulpits of mosques in their Diaspora as well as in the Middle East. If one has doubts as to their motives, those sermons are proof of their violent hatred of Jews. Europe must be held responsible for importing this Islamist garbage into their countries, where their Imams are given free reign to make racist and hateful sermons in the mosques they establish. They also brainwash non-Muslim youths to join the ranks of Jihadis in IS against their own countries.
 They mask their victims as well as their gunmen shooting them in the head then dancing in their blood in the street screaming "Allah Akbar!" IS beheads their victims after forcing them to declare statements against their countries of origin before their beheadings.

Hamas wishes to replace Israel by establishing an Islamic Palestinian state in its place. IS plans to establish a caliphate based on Sharia in the countries it conquers. Israel is able to contain Hamas today but IS is an unknown entity in Israel. There are cells of IS that are operating clandestinely in Israel. If these cells become stronger, it is possible that they will cooperate with Hamas because of their common goal of forced conversions under threats of terror.

The two-state solution to the conflict is becoming unattainable because of Israel's settlement policies. There are various think tanks comprised of academics, searching for other options as a solution such as a federal or confederal solution. The Palestinian Authority cannot be viewed as a negotiating partner for a settlement with Israel as they lack Palestinian support according to the latest Palestinian polls. Hamas with all its fantasies of victory against Israel has the majority of Palestinian support.

As much as we all seek peace and a solution to the Palestinian-Israeli Conflict, both sides do not have the leadership qualities to make the essential bold decisions necessary to negotiate peace and an end to the occupation.

Even if Israel withdraws from the occupied West Bank, a vacuum will be created that Hamas will fill. As I mentioned earlier, according to polls, the majority of Palestinians support Hamas. Can Israel afford to have a Gaza-like situation on its doorstep? These questions must be addressed. Hamas and IS have very similar goals. Hamas wishes to destroy Israel and establish a Caliphate in its place. It is not Israeli propaganda against Hamas but this is Hamas's own admission.

In my previous article, Hamas tycoons were discussed as well as their motivation in destroying Israel. While Israel is not directly affected by IS at this stage, the situation can change.

This weekend John Kerry had quoted what he heard from various Arab leadersWe need “to find a way to create two states that can live together side by side, two peoples, with both of their aspirations being respected,” Kerry added.
“I still believe that’s possible, and I still believe we need to work towards it.”
He said the unresolved Israel-Palestinian conflict was fueling recruitment for the Islamic State jihadist group.
“There wasn’t a leader I met with in the region who didn’t raise with me spontaneously the need to try to get peace between Israel and the Palestinians, because it was a cause of recruitment and of street anger and agitation,” Kerry said.
“People need to understand the connection of that. And it has something to do with humiliation and denial and absence of dignity,” he added.
Kerry was the architect of the resumption of the Israeli-Palestinian peace process between July 2013 and April. THIS WAS NOT HIS PERSONAL OPINION as Naftali Bennett claimed. Bennett is a right wing rabble-rouser and a thorn in the flesh of those striving for peace. His ideas on Jewish claims are based on Biblical history with no relevance to the realities of today. He is deeply conservative with a high tech, start up facade of "modernity". Every time he makes statements justifying the occupation and encouraging illegal settlement building in disputed lands based on Biblical claims is exacerbating a highly tense situation between Israel and the EU as well as Israel's best friend, the US leadership.
 If there will be a mutually agreed security mechanism in place that prevents Hamas from taking over the occupied West Bank when a stage is reached on agreed Israeli withdrawal then there is grounds for the establishment of a Palestinian State. Naturally this would involve disarmament of Hamas as an essential requirement if a Palestinian state is established and suitable arrangements made for the settlers who have been living there since the June 1967 War. Pragmatism is essential in finding a solution. Declaring areas "Judenrein" as part of a solution is unacceptable no less than declaring areas "Arabrein".

The world response to IS is weak and is really an impotent token response not that different from its response to Hamas with its tycoon states supporting it.

IS and Hamas alliances cannot be ruled out in the future while lip-service with impotent sporadic airstrikes by the so-called anti-IS coalition are carried out. Time is on the side of Hamas and IS. At this time and place, there is no connection between the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict and IS. In the unlikely event of the conflict being solved, IS will not disappear. It would view the Palestinian Authority as traitors and their resolve to spread Jihadi terror and bloodshed would increase and include Israel and Palestine. So all this nonsense about suffering of Arab Muslims creating fertile ground for IS is a load of hogwash.

Thursday, October 16

Rehabilitation of Gaza and Solution of Conflict

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas and Egyptian President Abdel-Fattah al-Sissi at the Gaza reconstruction conference in Cairo, October 12, 2014. Photo by Reuters
The meeting in Cairo between delegates from the Arab states, Europe,US and other states round the world under the auspices of President Abdel-Fattah al-Sissi of Egypt is an important step in rehabilitating Gaza. What is significant is that the most important players, Israel and Hamas were not invited. Hamas, being a terrorist organization, whose goal is to use the pledged funds for rearming and building new tunnels to send terrorists in their fight to destroy Israel. This has to be avoided at all costs. Rehabilitation of Gaza, including infra-structure and economy cannot be achieved if funds are used by Hamas for perpetuating violence and enriching their own leadership. Israel was not invited to participate because of the presence of Arab States at the meeting, who are technically at war with Israel. This is unfortunate and makes one realize how important it is that Israel should accept the Saudi Initiative of 2002. This would lead us closer to a solution to the Palestinian-Israeli Conflict. Naturally that would mean jump-starting the moribund Palestinian-Israeli negotiations.
A general view shows delegates attending the Gaza reconstruction conference in Cairo October 12, 2014. Egypt, 

Sissi's message “the road to Riyadh goes through Ramallah” rings true. Netanyahu will never be able to forge normal relations with the moderate Arab states without negotiating a peace settlement with the Palestinians. Somehow, Netanyahu is evading this issue as he has always done. His answer was the normal automatic reaction in order to pacify his right wing coalition partner by increasing settlement activity as in the case of Givat Hamatos recently.

The big fear for the Netanyahu Government is its ending the occupation of the West Bank, which means an end to the settler enterprise there. Netanyahu has often paid lip-service to the two-state solution but without any hint of solving the Israeli settlement problem that is an obstacle to a two-state solution. In fact, it is business as usual there with settlements continuing to be built and weakening Israel's stance even further.

President Al-Sissi is correct in his assessment that Israel cannot expect to improve relationships with the Arab World without solving the problem of occupation. Israel can only play an integral part with those countries who pledge financial for Gaza when the door to a solution to the Israeli-Palestinian is opened. Negotiating an end to the occupation of Palestinian lands, as well as ensuring Israel's security from extremist Islamist terrorist groups, including Hamas and Islamic Jihad, is essential in solving the conflict.  While Hamas remains a terrorist organization with a will to destroy Israel as an integral part of its ideology as outlined in the Hamas Charter, it will never be a partner to peace negotiations.

Since the cease-fire between Israel and Hamas, the latter has continued with its hateIsrael as they emerged from their bunkers underground. Hamas has proved itself unable to come to terms with Israel's right to exist. Both Israel and Egypt have a shared interest in a weakened Muslim Brotherhood and its offshoot, Hamas. Israel has to end the occupation and work towards a two-state solution, federation or confederation solution. The latter two options may seem more viable in view of the complicated, logistic problems involved in withdrawing over half a million West Bank settlers.
rhetoric towards

One thing is certain that whatever the direction will be in negotiations, Hamas must be disarmed and Israel's security must be assured. Hamas has no place in a peace agreement between Israel and the Palestinians. The recent Operation Protective Shield has proved this beyond any doubt. Hamas has proved that it is a terrorist organization and must be made accountable for the heavy losses inflicted on the Gazan Palestinians because of Palestinian human shield use and non-investment in bomb shelters for Palestinian civilians apart from the Hamas leadership, whose silence during the war was deafening, apart from the diamond-studded Hamas leader, Khaled Mashal, in Qatar, who made the bloody decisions to have as many Palestinians killed as possible as this served his agenda of propaganda against the "Zionist Entity". This evil, enriched worm is now in the background and we do not hear much about him these days. Most of the leaders of Hamas are tycoons and criminals.

Ban Ki Moon, the UN Secretary General, visited Gaza on 13th October and expressed great concern over the destruction in Gaza. At the same time, the continuing settler policies of the Israeli Government are not constructive in reaching a settlement with the Palestinians. Naturally, the Israeli right wingers accuse Ban Ki Moon of being biased and anti-Israel when he expressed what he had seen. It seems as if many right wing Israelis are in denial about the destruction in Gaza and anybody who is upset about it is viewed as an anti-Semite and anti-Israel. This is really quite pathetic! Ban Ki Moon is a very high ranking UN clerk and has no power at all, nor can he really influence decisions. He came on a fact-finding mission and he did not deny Israel's right to defend itself against Hamas. 

The situation in Gaza cannot remain as it is now. It is imperative that a massive rehabilitation programme commences immediately and Israel as well as the participants of the Cairo meeting on Gaza ensure that finances pledged for that purpose reach the parties responsible for undertaking the rehabilitation of Gaza. Security controls must be in place to prevent the donations from reaching Hamas. If this is not done then Hamas will use the money for personal enrichment as well as building tunnels and re-arming. Total disarmament of Hamas is essential before any money reaches Gaza! By the way, the Hamas tycoons can also donate their illegal financial gains for rehabilitation of Gaza. After all, they should be held accountable for Palestinian suffering and mortality there. This suggestion was not brought up in the recent Cairo Meeting.

Lifting of the siege on Gaza is essential no less than the prevention of weapons and building materials for renewing hostilities against Israel by Hamas. A prosperous Gaza with a sound economy is the best weapon against Hamas terror. It is also to the benefit of both Israelis and Palestinians. 

Saturday, September 27

Speech of President Mahmoud Abbas to UNGA 24th September 2014

Mahmoud Abbas addresses the 69th session of the United Nations General Assembly on 24th Sept 2014 

One of the news items, over Rosh Hashanah - Jewish New Year 2014, was the speech of President Mahmoud Abbas at the UN General Assembly.  Israelis did not find the speech pleasant to their ears. There were demands for an immediate end to the occupation and emphasis on so-called genocide committed by Israel against innocent Palestinians in Gaza. He blamed Israel for the intense suffering in Gaza as well as the destruction of homes of Gazans. Naturally the comparison of the Israeli occupation with the old apartheid regime of South Africa was also mentioned a number of times. He attacked Israel for its aggressive occupation policies, which he viewed as creating intense suffering of the Palestinian people. He also stated that the Gaza War - Operation Protective Edge was the most devastating, and caused the most suffering to innocent Palestinians.

When one listens to this speech in its entirety and not selected rhetoric as the Israeli Press, supportive of the Netanyahu Coalition publishes; we are able to judge the context of this speech more objectively.

We must also bear in mind to whom this speech was directed and the reasons.
Musa Abu Marzouk, the Hamas leader in Cairo, (it is interesting to note that he was not expelled from Cairo by President Fattah  el-Sisi of Egypt, whose hate for the Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas is well known) has stated that Hamas is prepared to cede the control of Gaza to the Palestinian Authority under President Mahmoud Abbas.

According to Palestinian polls as mentioned in my previous articles, Abbas has very little Palestinian support. Most Palestinians still support Hamas in Gaza and the occupied West Bank. Undoubtedly, Mahmoud Abbas feels that he must show his audience that he is in full control and he condemns the Israeli Occupation. He also stressed the urgency to end Israel's unjust domination of the Palestinians immediately. This, in his view, would strengthen his flagging support in Palestinian street. Ok, so the speech was not the kind of music Israel wanted to hear but we must understand why his speech sounded so aggressive.

Many omissions in his speech were so conspicuous by its absence. There was no mention of Hamas aggression against Israel by its firing of missiles indiscriminately into Israel for killing as many Israeli citizens as possible. We are all aware of the Iron Dome system that intercepted most of the missiles, preventing high casualty figures as well as saving many Israeli lives. There was no mention of Hamas-built tunnels in Gaza for terrorists to infiltrate Israel in order to carry out mega suicide attacks against innocent people nor was there any mention of Hamas human shield tactics to create the genocide picture of bloodshed and killing that served Hamas propaganda against Israel. It is no secret that Hamas had purposefully endangered Palestinian lives by firing from schools, hospitals, UNRWA sites and areas where there are high concentrations of Palestinian homes. This explained the tragically high Palestinian death rate.

The Hamas "heroic" leadership was hidden underground in bunkers safe from all the Israeli air, land and sea attacks. Khaled Mashal, the Hamas political leader in Qatar, gave instructions to carry on the war against Israel. This was done from his luxurious abode far away from the suffering of the Palestinians, whom he claims to represent.  No money was spent for bomb shelters for Palestinians in order to save their lives. They had the money spent on the lavish underground shelters for the Hamas leadership in Gaza. The shedding of innocent blood of Palestinians served Hamas propaganda against Israel as well as increasing anti-Semitic attacks against Jews all over the world by the incredible union of fascists and left wing "bleeding heart" wacko "humanists", sympathetic to the “freedom fighting” Hamas, with the same double-standard hypocrisy peculiar to pseudo-religious monotheists of the three Abrahamic religions.

Perhaps it was not prudent for Mahmoud Abbas to raise these facts during his speech. He continued his tirades against Israeli "genocide" in order to gain the support that he does not have.

However, it is significant to note that he made no mention of accusing Israel of "War Crimes" against the Palestinians at the International Criminal Court.

The latter part of the speech left the door open to negotiations on solving the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict by peaceful means and the urgency of getting the process started immediately. He did mention the murder and burning of a Palestinian teenager but he never mentioned the kidnapping and murder of three Israeli teenagers, nor did he mention the condolence visits by many Israelis to the home of the parents of the Palestinian teenager before Operation Protective Edge.

There were parts of the speech that one could not deny. Israelis have forgotten the vandalism committed by Jewish right wing extremists Price Tag against Palestinian property, including churches, mosques, and olive trees. I have written many articles condemning these barbaric acts by Price Tag and the abuse of Palestinians under occupation by settlers and the Israeli Authorities.

Nevertheless, as much as the occupation is an evil that is bad for Israel, the Palestinians and the stability of the region, we must also be cognoscent of the fact that, if this tragic problem is not addressed in a fair and just manner satisfying all the parties, this festering sore will eat into the well-being of both Israelis and Palestinians, creating more violence, unnecessary bloodshed, instability and devastation.

No solution and a continuation of the status quo will strengthen Hamas and the possibility of ISIS forming a union with Hamas to form a Caliphate by infiltrating into the occupied territories the consequences of which will be a disastrous nightmare. We must remember that ISIS or IS or ISIL and Hamas have a similar ideology of killing opponents, the former does it by beheadings, the latter by public shootings in the head. An intolerant Islamist dictatorship is the goal of both these groups in the Middle East. Hamas has a stronger emphasis on Israel's destruction at this stage, replacing Israel with an Islamist, Palestinian state. We must also bear in mind that the strength of the present ceasefire is dependent on Hamas desire to keep it.

Friday, September 5

Four Thousand Dunams as Revenge

The cease-fire is holding after a week. What happens in Cairo, when Hamas states its demands, remains to be seen. It is certain that they will make their usual demands - sea port, air port, lifting of blockade, releasing prisoners and who knows what else may meet their fancy.Israel will insist on disarming Hamas before any of Hamas demands are met.

PM Netanyahu promised a "new diplomatic horizon" and "new opportunities" because of the changes in the Middle East. Sorry to inform readers, we are in for a big disappointment. We had a hint of that some days ago. The same old, visionless horizon has been his wont over all these years. He wants to prove to his right wing flank - the Naphtali Bennett and Avigdor Lieberman right wing members of his coalition that it is business as usual.

The Israeli Government decided to appropriate 5 Palestinian villages to incorporate into the settler-occupation enterprise. The name of the project is Gva'ot. It comprises about 4 000 (988.421526 acres) dunams of Palestinian land. The reason - revenge for the kidnapping and murder of 3 Israeli teenagers. The legality of this move is doubtful according to international law. It is the last thing that Israel needs fresh after a justified war waged against the Hamas terrorist movement. This move has no moral grounds. Israel does not need further erosion to its image, further loss of credibility, and the opening of a new Pandora Box of settlements.
ISIS beheading Iraqi Soldier

Revenge is more suited to Hamas and its ilk but not Israel. We should not be vengeful and lower our standards to that of the vengeful terrorist movements by unilaterally annexing further pockets of land designated for the establishment of a future Palestinian state even though it is not going to occur in the near or distant future. This move will give the UN another reason to condemn Israel and weaken its stance even further.

The timing of land appropriation could not be worse. Does Israel need to upset the US by this move? It serves no useful purpose. After all, without US help with the Iron Dome system, the Israeli casualty figures would have been catastrophic. Israel needs the US, which is Israel's sole reliable friend. The US displays severe naivety when it comes to the Middle East in the same way as the EU. Wherever the US is involved in trouble shooting, the terror movements get stronger. This is true of ISIS who has beheaded two US journalists, James Foley and Steven Sotloff and the list will increase as well as the kidnapping of UNDOF soldiers by the Nusra Front. We see the impotence of these powers. The only thing they do is to condemn  ISIS, Nusra Front and their allies verbally so far. How many more be-headings and torture must occur before a united front takes military action to destroy these savages?

According to latest Palestinian polls, Hamas popularity has increased and if there are Palestinian elections, Hamas will win easily. Mahmoud Abbas is weak and is propped up artificially by Israel and the US. He has no power base as he has no ground root support from the Palestinians. The wide support that Hamas receives, despite their severe defeat by Israel in Gaza, is incomprehensible.

On the other hand, despite the moral questionability of Israel's appropriation of Palestinian land for settlement in the West Bank, perhaps it is preferable to having Hamas take over from the PA if elections are held in the West Bank. The reasons are obvious. It would create another Gaza-type scenario on our doorstep with all its ramifications similar to what we have witnessed. The Israeli occupation is preferable to a Hamas-dominated Palestinian state, even for the Palestinian People. This would also open the doors for the entrance of Al Qaeda affiliated terrorist groups such as ISIS and its allied barbarians.

This can quite conceivably be the scenario after Palestinian elections in the West Bank. A Hamas ruled Palestinian state is a potential reality with ISIS and their ilk increasing in strength, while the Quartet remains powerless. If there is a justification for maintaining the occupation, it is to prevent this nightmarish scenario occurring. The UN, EU and the US have no strategy against the cruel Islamist extremists which are hidden within the Muslim Communities in their respective countries.

The racist sermons coming from Islamist imams in mosques all over Europe and US against Jews are frightening. It is grist to the mill of ISIS. There has been no wide condemnation by the Muslim religious leadership for these violent Islamist terrorist trends. It goes hand in hand with support for Hamas and other Islamist radicals. It is fertilizer for ISIS growth in Europe. The latter have been successful in drawing youngsters into their ranks for training and beheading non-Muslims in their quest to establish an Islamist Caliphate wherever they can. Europe is not immune as some of its sons and daughters are joining the ranks of ISIS for training and brain-washing.

As abhorrent as the occupation is, the alternative is far worse. The Palestinians are becoming more radical  A future Palestinian State under Hamas leadership is far worse than the occupation.

Saturday, August 30

Cease-fire and Stock-taking

The cease-fire was declared on 26th Aug 2014, fifty days after the commencement of Operation Protective Edge resulting in death of about 2200 Gazans and 72 Israelis. The 72nd Israeli succumbed to his wounds on 29th August. According to reports, Hamas requested an unconditional cease-fire. Hamas never got their airport, seaport, release of prisoners and open borders. They also never achieved lifting of the blockade on Gaza. Their bombastic fantasies of victory were played out in Gaza City, when the "brave, victorious", Hamas’s Gazan leadership came out of its underground bunkers, sheltered by human shields, and gave the usual victory speeches so typical of the fantasy world in which they live.

Hamas had achieved nothing; the only victory they achieved was an enhancement of their dreams in their fantasy world, typical of psychopaths and schizophrenics. This war was justified as Israel has a right to defend itself from missiles being launched by Hamas with the intention of killing as many Israelis as possible.

After a month of quiet, the parties will meet in Cairo where the psychopathic, barbaric Hamas will put its original demands on the table, which will be opposed by Israel and Egypt. Will this cause a breakdown of the cease-fire? We will have to wait and see.

Israel will investigate the errors that were made in this campaign. There were tactical errors as there always is in an operation as complex as this one was and conclusions will be drawn. Operation Protective Edge lasted a long time and, despite the heavy losses suffered by Hamas. According to Hamas rhetoric, their motivation to continue the war with Israel remains. Hamas still has the capability of firing missiles and mortars into Israel as we saw hours before a cease-fire was declared with tragic loss of Israeli lives.

As evil as Hamas and their ilk are, there is no doubt that Israel must bear part of the blame for the creation of this terrorist movement that is responsible for so much horrendous terrorist acts against Israelis in the past and present. When Hamas was formed in 1987, it received support from Ariel Sharon because it opposed the PLO. He thought that by supporting Hamas, he would weaken the resolve of the PLO to commit terror against Israel. He adopted a "divide and rule" policy. This was proved a fatal error of judgment on his part.

While the mantra of Hamas is unrelenting in not recognizing Israel's right to exist and its commitment to Israel's total destruction. This was the mantra of the PLO as well prior to the Oslo Accords of 1993.

We are all familiar with the inability of the Arab world to come to terms with Israel's establishment in 1948 and the wars that were declared against Israel over the years with the culmination of the Six Day War of June 1967, when Israel occupied the West Bank, Gaza and the Golan Heights. Israel became an occupying power and encouraged settlements in these territories.

Israel was viewed then by its supporters as invincible and had the right to encourage settlement in Judea and Samaria (called so by the settler movements who view the West Bank as theirs according to biblical legacy). In previous articles, I have always maintained that settling these occupied lands with religious Jewish Zealots was a grave error and Israel is still paying the price for this folly to this day. The occupied territories should have been used as a bargaining chip to be returned to the Palestinians in exchange for a peace agreement and recognition of Israel's right to exist. It could have been the basis for a future Palestinian state alongside Israel. 

Meanwhile, until the achievement of peace, Israel should have encouraged financial investment in the occupied territories, improved services to the Palestinian people, improving infra-structure, health services and economic viability. This would have been far more constructive as well as serving Israel's interests. It could have achieved a bulwark against hate and terrorism. One must always remember that an occupying power is responsible for the well being of the people that it occupies. Israel missed an opportunity for the eventual establishment of a Palestinian state - all because of lack of foresight and its encouraging of settlement policies in the occupied territories. Israel had neglected the Palestinians under occupation.

The Palestinians were subjected to settler vandalism, including the destruction of their olive tree plantations, agricultural crops and misappropriation of their lands for Jewish settlement. Apologists for the settler movement and occupation have their mantras as well. "We have given the Palestinians employment and they are ungrateful, in return they commit terrorist acts against Israelis!" Wages paid to Palestinians were poor. Many would get up at 3.00 am to catch buses that took them into Israel to get opportunistic work or contract labor under appalling conditions. They had no trade unions, security and exploitation was widespread. The Palestinians remained poverty-stricken and their environment became so bad becoming a target for the establishment of terrorist movements such as Hamas that thrive on the dissatisfaction of poverty-stricken Palestinians with no future or any hope.

Israel, over the years of occupation, had shirked its responsibility towards the indigenous Palestinians, sowing the seeds for the establishment of Hamas and its allies. These terrorist movements could never thrive in an economically strong Palestinian population. Israel had the chance to achieve this with the help of foreign countries, including the US. It would have been cheaper than building a strong army to quell terrorist movements that thrive in hopeless, poverty-stricken situations. A satisfied Palestinian population is the best defense against terror. The encouragement of a Palestinian-destructive Israeli settler movement is a prescription for Palestinian terror.

Another negative phenomenon that occurred during the war was the increase of hate against Arabs in general. This disgraceful development aggravates the relationship between Israel's Arab citizens and Jewish Israelis, which has been exacerbated by Operation Protective Edge. Both peoples, Israelis and Palestinians will have to come to terms with each others right to exist on a shared peace of land. Both peoples are not going to disappear from the Middle East and will remain an integral part.

This war has also proved that Hamas has no place in Gaza and is destroying the Palestinians. There has to be a viable, pragmatic Palestinian leadership that could be given the opportunity to cooperate with Israel, moderate Arab States and the rest of the world in rehabilitating Gaza, which has been severely damaged. It is doubtful if the Palestinian Authority under President Mahmoud Abbas is able to take over this responsibility without world support, including that of Israel and Egypt. Rehabilitation of Gaza on a massive scale can only really begin when there is total disarmament of Gaza. 

Saturday, August 23

Hamas Cruelty and Attrition

It is shocking what is happening in Gaza and Israel with this situation. It is intolerable! My heart goes out to all the innocent people on both sides that are experiencing terrible traumas and tragedy - unbearable loss of life and hatred. It achieves nothing. Here we are faced with horrific, radical Islamist groups with a common bestial ideology - Hamas, ISIS, Islamic Jihad, and who knows what else.

Hamas terrorists getting ready for carrying out executions
It is difficult, if not impossible; to live one's life being threatened by these barbarians, for this is exactly  

what they are! I think of the beheading of the US journalist, James Foley, in Iraq. I think of the Hamas kangaroo courts, executing 22 Palestinians suspected of being informers without having a chance to defend themselves. Any opposition to Hamas coming from Palestinians, who oppose Hamas, are served the death sentence on the spot Unfortunate Palestinians, accused of co-operating with Israel, are shot. Hamas are going into a paranoiac frenzy. Hamas does not care about Palestinians. They are expendable and because of Hamas hate for Israel they have created a hell for Palestinians as well. Israel has a right to defend itself and thank goodness for the Iron Dome and bomb shelters.

Why does Hamas not worry about the safety of the Palestinian People, but only about the safety of their own evil leaders hiding in underground bunkers, or in Qatar (Khaled Mashal, who is conducting a war from his luxury abode in Qatar) leading the good life, commanding the war? I hate the term "disproportionate force". It suits the Hamas agenda. Launching missiles into Israel in order to kill innocent people is also "disproportionate force". It threatens Israeli citizens, who are Palestinian, no less. The similarities of Hamas and ISIS savagery in their common ideology of hate and death serve nobody's interest apart from their own common agenda of hate and cruel murders.

If one thought that Operation Protective Edge had ended after the cease-fire, it just did not occur. The destructive and cruel ideology of Hamas and its leaders is not beaten yet.  We are told by IDF sources that Hamas has been defeated. While there is no denial that they took a severe hammering and their missile launching power severely curtailed, but it has not ceased. We are surprised that missiles are still being fired into the south and a four year old boy, Daniel Tregerman, was killed by an exploding mortar in Kibbutz Nahal Oz near the Gaza border. We remain surprised when volleys of missiles are still being fired into the center of the country. It is with great pride that Hamas took responsibility as if these Hamas Islamist barbarians, who are the other side of the same coin as ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and Syria), had scored a great victory.

These Hamas Islamist savages have the cheek to demand a seaport, airport, release of terrorists held in Israeli prisons, and uplifting the blockade before agreeing to cease hostilities in order to get arms from their supporters for destroying Israel. If there was no Hamas, but a moderate Palestinian Government that agrees to total disarmament, then Israel would lift the blockade and Gaza could become part of an independent Palestinian state living side by side with Israel. Israel, EU and US as well as the Arab States could then embark on a serious rehabilitation programme to restore Gaza and give hope to Gazans, whose situation is hopeless at present. While Hamas exists with its cruel ideology and terrorist acts directed by its proxies in Qatar, Mousa Abu Marzouk in Cairo, and the bunkers in Gaza, this is just not going to happen.

While not being a supporter of Avigdor Lieberman, the Foreign Minister and member of the Israeli Cabinet, he is correct in saying that the war against Hamas must not stop until the latter surrenders by raising the white flag. Any other alternative would result in a war of attrition with no end in sight. The terms of the Hamas barbarian terrorists are not negotiable under any circumstances. Returning to Cairo to negotiate with them under Egypt's mediation, directly or indirectly, is no option as we have seen in the very recent past.  It is a waste of time and strengthens Hamas as it calls the tune for ceasefires in order to regroup. HAMAS AND THEIR EVIL BARBARIC ILK MUST BE DESTROYED UNTIL THE LAST HAMAS BARBARIAN CEASES TO EXIST!

To all those double-standard, hypocritical, humanist whackos, who are still adopting the Hamas mantra of ridding Gaza of the Israeli occupation, accusing Israel of using the mantra that Hamas does not recognize Israel's right to exist and wishes to destroy Israel, are just as evil as Hamas and its ally ISIS.

A Hamas public execution of suspected Israeli callaborator
Foreign journalists in Gaza work under difficult conditions. They are not allowed to report the truth if it is not in Hamas interests. UNRWA schools are used as launching pads for missiles against Israel. Media false reports are coming from Gaza. The truth leaks out when these journalists have completed their various assignments and are in safety out of Hamas-dominated Gaza. I mentioned in a previous post the corruption of UNRWA as UN officials are forced by Hamas to allow the latter to use their facilities as launching sites for missiles into Israel.
Hamas savages dragging live Palestinian opponents by motorcycle until they die.
                     This is what the "humanist" whackos support.

The UN is to blame for the rise of the radical Islamist barbarians. The constant appeasement of these groups by the EU, UN and to a certain extent even the US has given a certain amount of strength to this evil disease of violence, hate and murder. Only Israel is involved in fighting this metastatic Islamist cancer - Hamas! In the background is the UN  pleading with Israel to end the hostilities and declare a unilateral ceasefire, thus strengthening Hamas. This is such sanctimonious hypocrisy!