Saturday, March 2

The Indictment of PM Benjamin Netanyahu

All of us knew that eventually Netanyahu would be indicted. Netanyahu has a brilliant mind and he knew how to make the most of his status as prime minister (He is the longest-serving prime minister in Israel as well as the wealthiest) for his own creature comforts and that of his wife, Sarah, and his sons. He also tried to manipulate Noni Mozes, editor of Yediot Ahranot for positive press coverage and making the reader pay for Sheldon Adelson’s pro-Netanyahu freebie daily Yisrael HaYom resulting in its readership to drop.

Bibi had the knack for cultivating friendships with tycoons, not so much for friendships but for his own personal gain, whether financial or political.

A recent poll by the Israeli website The Times of Israel predicted that Mr Netanyahu's Likud would lose four parliamentary seats if the prime minister was indicted, while Mr Gantz's coalition, known as the Blue and White Party, could gain enough seats to take the premiership 2.

Israel's attorney general has announced his intention to indict the country's prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, in three corruption cases 3.

According to the various case indictments (Case 1000, 2000 and 4000), it appears that he was involved in gaining control of the press so that he would be portrayed in a very positive light thus ensuring that his rule would remain indefinite with the support of the masses. As for case 1000, this could be referred to as his creature comfort case with expensive cigars and loads of pink champaign, which the attorney-general viewed as a breach of trust and fraud case. Case 4000 is the most serious of the lot where he was indicted for corruption 1.

His methods of achieving this were based on fear-mongering. He delegitimized the Arab Parties by saying that they wish to destroy Israel and that the left relies on their support to prevent a right-wing coalition from being formed after the election by forming a left-wing bloc.

A leader of a country who has been elected by the voters of that country and lies to the public has no respect for the citizens of the country that voted him/her into power. He only has respect for himself. This is the impression we get from PM Netanyahu. He has been prime minister for close on 13 years if we take his first term into consideration. He uses Israel as one of his possessions and that of his immediate family.
He is behaving like a cornered rat. Cornered rats are known to be vicious and bite in all directions. He tried a gamble that did not pay-off. He knew that the Sword of Damocles was hanging over his head about an upcoming indictment against him so he brought the General Elections forward in order to stymy the receiving of the indictment against him.
By Netanyahu's behaviour, he has crossed the Rubicon so much so that he has been served an indictment by the AG and his status has changed from being an innocent, law-abiding leader to a criminal suspect. Now that he has this new status, he blames everybody but himself for his created predicament. He views himself as a victim of a national witch-hunt orchestrated by the left, the media, the courts and the police, even the AG, who he had appointed, the ex-Police Commissioner, Ronnie Alsheich (also one of his appointees). So where does the left come into the picture? All is a figment of his paranoiac imagination. He is behaving like a cornered rat. He knew that the Sword of Damocles was hanging over his head about an upcoming indictment against him so he brought the General Elections forward in order to stymy the receiving of the indictment against him. This would allow him time to win the elections and hopefully receive a majority in the Knesset to pass a law – an Israeli version of the French Law to grant immunity from receiving an indictment and that charges against him would be dropped. He also used this harangue of his to rabble rouse his supporters in voting for him. General Elections were due to be held sometime in November 2019. If he would have waited until then, the indictment would have been served months before the scheduled election date.
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Saturday, February 23

The Left's Dilemma in Israel's Upcoming Elections

It would be a natural choice for those on the left in Israel’s upcoming elections to vote for Meretz.1 In fact, there really is a dilemma, especially now with the suspected felon, PM Benjamin Netanyahu, granting legitimacy to Otzma Yehudit 2, a Otzma Yehudit a Kahanist party (Jewish Fascist and a racist party consisting of ghastly thugs) to be part of the new Likud Coalition if they win.
There are other considerations that one has to take into account before one decides to vote for Meretz. The main consideration is to replace Netanyahu and his right to extreme right-wing extremists that are presently ruling the country. Meretz, unfortunately, is on the borderline of having any seats in the new Knesset. According to the latest Israel polls of 21st Feb, Meretz will win 4 Knesset seats, which is the minimum. In future polls, Meretz may even drop below 3.25% and not have any representation at all.

This means that those, who support Meretz (including myself) will have wasted their vote if Meretz does not make it. Wasting a crucial vote against Netanyahu and his Kahanist allies to form the next government would be unfortunate and opens the entry of Otzma Yehudit and its rehabilitation of that fascist Kahanist ideology to become part of the law-making processes in Israel. The alliance between Yair Lapid (Yesh Atid) and Bennie Gantz (Hosen Yisrael) into a single party called Kahol-Lavan (Blue and White) has caused the small parties such as Meretz to fall into the twilight zone with 4 seats each, which may drop even further in future polls of which there will be many before Election Day on April 9th.

If Meretz disappears from the map in future polls then we have no choice but to choose a party that will oppose Netanyahu and his future coalition partners from forming the next government. Voting for a party that has plummeted below 3.25% will only aid Netanyahu and his revolting coalition partners. All that is left for us on the left is to follow the polls very closely before we decide to ditch Meretz, assuming that we wish to support them. I hope that we will not be faced with this dilemma as Meretz is really an important party, whose voice must be heard in the new Knesset.

PM Netanyahu has played it really dirty 3 as he is desperate to win. He has moved towards the fear tactic of rabble-rousing by deceiving the voters with his racist dislike of Israel’s Arab Parties in the Knesset, whom he views as the enemies of Israel and that their main desire is to destroy Israel. He accuses the opposition of wishing to form a coalition with them for that purpose. He may even succeed in this tactic.  The “Generals” who are part of the new party alliance, were IDF chiefs-of-staff that Netanyahu accuses of being leftists that wish to give up Israel’s settlements in the territories to the Palestinians. This is a blatant lie that Netanyahu has stated, but then if King Bibi says it, it becomes truth and the thronging, ignorant masses may, as in March 2015, rally to support him at the last moment.

NETANYAHU SPEAKS AGAINST LAPID-GANTZ PARTY 'THEY WILL RELY ON ARAB PARTIES' This is the gist of his reaction  for those who do not understand Hebrew

Another part of the left’s dilemma is the possibility of the new government being unable to form a ruling coalition. This could happen to the Blue and White Party as well as the Likud and their allies. The result could very well be a grand coalition of both opposing groups at the end of the day. After the elections, there is a clean slate and history does have a habit of repeating itself. It has happened before in Israel’s political history.

Let us examine what Otzmat Yehudit, the Kahanist rehabilitated party, stands for, and seem to be Netanyahu’s sure guarantors:

Otzmat Yehudit hates Arabs and is against mixed marriages of Jews and non-Jews to the extreme. When a mixed marriage does happen the Lehava 4 movement, whose head is Benzie Gopstein, organizes demonstrations that turn violent against the newlyweds. They are composed of thugs that are no credit to any country.

There is Itamar Ben-Gvir, attorney for a long list of Jews suspected of anti-Palestinian terrorism and anti-Arab hate crimes 5, and who prior to the Rabin assassination held up an emblem from the then-prime minister's car, declaring "we got to his car and we'll get to him too."

Baruch Marzel 6, another despicable Kahanist is also a member of this Otzma Yehudit.

In 1994, Kahane disciple Dr Baruch Goldstein, a Brooklyn native who moved to the settlement of Kiryat Arba, murdered 29 Muslim's in Hebron's sacred Cave of the Patriarchs, before he was beaten to death by survivors of the shooting.

They use Israel’s failing democracy in order to destroy what is left of it. They regard it as their democratic right to destroy Israel’s democracy. If they become part of the Israel Government it will be a gift to BDS and will prove to BDS that they (BDS) are correct in their assumption that Israel is on the road to becoming a fascist, apartheid state of the Jews. Elor Azaria, who was given a light sentence for killing a prone Palestinian terrorist, neutralised by the IDF about three years ago appears to have become their hero.

Even AIPAC condemns Netanyahu’s alliance with this thuggish party 7.

Thanks to Netanyahu, who must be held responsible for the rehabilitation of Kahanism and granted it legitimacy so that he can retain power at all costs.

Netanyahu is desperate to retain power because of the indictment waiting in Attorney-General Avichai Mandelblit’s office prior to a hearing. So he is using every dirty trick in the Netanyahu Manuel of Deception so as not to lose.

If he wins then one of the first laws that the new coalition will pass is the Israeli version of the French Law that will grant Netanyahu immunity from being prosecuted for his suspected fraud, corruption and defeating the ends of justice crimes. This will give him breathing space for a while and may, Heaven Help Us, result in the Attorney-General closing the cases against him. So the wily Netanyahu has it all planned if he wins the elections with the best defence team in Israel.

There is no question that the Kahane ideology of Otzma Yehudit is fascism (Check this link and notice how relevant it is even today with the latest Bibi tricks) and if this gains legitimacy in Israel because of Netanyahu’s attempt to win and wriggle out of his legal problems then we have cause to be very concerned about Israel”s future.


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Saturday, February 9

The Upcoming Israeli Election Winds

The upcoming elections 1 in Israel are a boring, predictable phenomenon. The majority of Israel’s Jewish Electorate are moving towards the right. The Benny Gantz 2 phenomenon is a distraction that PM “Bibi” Netanyahu does not like. He is determined to label him as “left” and a danger to Israel. Miri Regev, Commissar of Culture, is Bibi’s echo. This boorish, loud-mouthed, woman reiterates all Bibi’s prejudices and lies with gusto. She is also a racist that received a high place on the Likud list for the Knesset. She follows the Stalinist belief that if you tell a lie often enough it becomes the truth. Any cultural project that does not meet her approval does not get subsidized by the state.

The Ministry of Culture and Sport appears to be Miri Regev’s private property. She travels around campaigning in her mobile caravan expressing her pet hates for the “leftists” and those, who she views as haters of Israel, which includes in her view, Benny Gantz and others. This, of course, brings her lots of votes from the ignorant racists that are the grassroots of the Likud Party. After the “silent” Benny Gantz gave his speech, the polls 3 in favour of his new party, Hosen L’ Yisrael, soared but still remains 8 seats below the Likud Party. There is no chance of this party winning the elections as the situation remains at present.

Netanyahu is great at rabble-rousing the crowd with inaccuracies and punch lines that bring his party great numbers of votes. He labels his opponents as left to the extreme left even if this is not true. He is doing this with newbie Benny Gantz, who seems to pose a threat. If King Bibi says that Gantz is going to sell out Israel and has President Mahmoud Abbas of the Palestinian Authority’s apparent approval. This will be Bibi’s tactic aimed at the ignorant masses to believe him and will come to the polls “in droves” to vote for the Likud and its shenanigans. “If King Bibi says then King Bibi knows and we must not question his credibility”. Those who do are viewed as potential traitors to Israel and must be treated with contempt.  The result is that the ignorant, apathetic voters will rally round to support the Likud and Company at the end of the day despite what the polls say. Bibi’s magic is his talent at misleading the voter with untruthful slogans that are racist and appeal to the Islamophobic mindset of the ignorant of which there is no shortage. We saw this after the 2015 General Elections when King Bibi stated that ”the Arabs are coming in droves to vote”. The effect was like magic and the sheep came out of the fold to vote en masse after flooding the parks with barbecue grills of shishlik, kebabs and steaks on Election Day (which is a public holiday). “God Forbid! The Arabs are a threat” was their winning slogan.

There is no reason to believe that the upcoming elections will be any different. The Likud just had their primaries for their Knesset list. Many of the same poor quality of Homo sapiens, whose fear tactics are so obvious, was re-elected and received much support. It is enough to view the Likud members in their masses voting for these rabble-rousing racists, who were responsible for the passing of the racist Nation-State Law in the Knesset.

Netanyahu has a legal headache waiting for him - depending of course on the indictment prior to a hearing of Bibi’s suspected illegal corruption follies in Case 1000, 2000 and 4000 that Attorney-General Mandelblit intends to issue before the elections.  He, of course, is innocent as newly driven snow. He is sweating and floundering around like a paranoic, cornered rat subject to a witch-hunt. He is on the path of destroying Israel’s democracy, making friends with strange, right-wing despotic leaders in Brazil, Hungary, Chad, Poland, Italy and Philippines - maybe I have left out other friendly despots in the world - no shortage of those these days. Of course, President Trump is also on that list of devoted friends. Netanyahu blames the left, the police, the courts, the media and the attorney-general for his legal problems.

The upcoming elections, with all the blurb going around and polls on an almost daily basis all pointing to another victory for the Likud with the scum-like behaviour of its cabinet ministers and its MKs, many of whom have been re-elected on the Likud list after the recent primaries. This is far from Israel of its founding fathers and the Declaration of Independence being eroded by the racist Nation-State Law 4 to ensure Israel’s apartheid-like character with the non-Jewish Israeli citizen as second class.

If the Likud forms the next Coalition Government after the elections, and Netanyahu, despite his indictment becomes prime minister once again, new bills will be discussed resembling the French Parliamentary Immunity Law that will make it impossible to summon Netanyahu to court on the grounds of suspicion of him breaking the law and allowing him to mark time without him being accountable for his suspected illegal activities while he remains in office.

If this scenario does occur after the elections it will erode Israel’s battered democracy even further. The chances of a right-wing Likud Coalition after the elections is very high.

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Saturday, January 26

Right-Wing Racist Rabbis who Promote Jewish Terrorism against Palestinians

It is rather upsetting and tragic, we, Citizens of Israel, should hang our heads in shame that many Orthodox establishment rabbis, including those who brainwash their students in yeshivot in the occupied territories of the righteousness of murdering innocent Palestinians as in the case of the tragic murder of Aisha Rabi, a Palestinian mother of 8 children by stoning as she and her family were travelling in their family car not far from Pri Haaretz Yeshiva in Rehalim on 13th Oct 2018. The King's Torah is a book that is studied in many of these yeshivot and very often revered by religious extremists. It justifies the killing of non-Jews in certain circumstances with a very wide definition. Prohibition 'Thou Shalt Not Murder' applies only 'to a Jew who kills a Jew,' write Rabbis Yitzhak Shapira and Yosef Elitzur who wrote The King's Torah.

The Shin Bet had done their job and found the suspect as the fatal 2 kg stone thrown had evidence of his DNA on it. Today with the identification of murder suspects through their DNA on murder objects that serves as evidence of guilt is well developed and leaves very little doubt as to who was responsible for the murder. Throwing a stone at somebody with the purpose of killing is not manslaughter, but murder 3.
A car belonging to a Palestinian couple is seen after it was involved in a deadly crash reportedly due to stone-throwing by Israeli settlers at the Tapuah Junction in the northern West Bank on October 12, 2018. (Zachariah Sadeh/Rabbis for Human Rights); Aisha Muhammad Talal Rabi (Courtesy)

It is amazing although not surprising that this 16-year-old Jewish terrorist from the Pri Haaretz Yeshiva in Rehalim in the “hallowed, occupied Land of the Holy Settlers” threw a 2 kg stone at a Palestinian car and killed an innocent Palestinian mother of 8 children. It is a disgrace that he will be charged with manslaughter and not with murder. The support of senior right-wing rabbis for this terrorist, claiming that there is no such thing as Jewish terror is in itself appalling. The Sixth Commandment “Thou Shalt not Kill” does not apply to them only to killing Jews as mentioned earlier. This despicable rabbinical scum, by their acts and teachings in these awful, hate-filled racist yeshivot, has brainwashed their students to carry out murderous acts against Arabs. They do not teach Judaism in these yeshivot but a macabre, evil mutant form of twisted dogmas that they have no problem in justifying. These self-styled rabbis - the purveyors of racial hatred and strife are no less responsible for this crime and should be viewed as accessories.

It is sad that this racist, hate-filled yeshivot are allowed to exist and the law authorities have no legal power to close them down.  These yeshivot are blossoming and the rabbinical mentors responsible for teaching these students are left to their own devices and creating a young generation of Jewish terrorists spurred on by hatred of Arabs. The Price Tag terrorist organization also spawn from these evil institutions. It is no credit to Israel’s reputation that rabbis of this nature hold senior positions and some are even funded by the State as in the case of the Chief Rabbi of Safed (Tzfat) Rabbi Shmuel Eliyahu 1, who has a history of making racist statements and in this tragic murder even stated that these Jewish terrorists are not terrorists and are “fighters for justice”2

. How low can you go in the name of Judaism and Halacha? If this is the trend in Orthodox Judaism of today, we should not be surprised that many Jews will leave the fold. The list of racist rabbis in Israel is well known. Another mentor of the Bayit Hayehudi and its breakaway Right-Wing Party is leading Rabbi Haim Meir Drukman, who denies the existence of Jewish terrorists, He said "I call from the bottom of my heart on the prime minister to order the release of these three boys held by the Shin Bet,"

By the acts of these two rabbinical examples, they are encouraging and justifying Jewish terror against Palestinians as revenge. Killing an innocent Palestinian mother does not worry them and they are quick to justify it. The government appears indifferent to their statements and no words of condemnation have been heard from that source.

There is no doubt, that racism in Israel is on the increase today and we can expect more of it while the government remains indifferent.

According to IRAC, “Racism and extremist language have entered the Israeli mainstream, fueled by racist incitement that is spread by extremist rabbis and the activities of hate groups. IRAC sees racism as one of the greatest threats to Israeli society today and stands at the front-line of the battle. IRAC fights racist incitement by monitoring hate speech and hate crimes and demanding that investigations be launched, and public legitimacy and government funds denied to religious extremists that incite to racism. At the same time, IRAC engages in actions that affirm the reality and highlight best practices of a shared and equal society between Jews and Arabs in Israel”.


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Friday, December 28

Predictions for the April 9th 2019 Israeli Elections

Many of us are addicted to polls, which are fairly accurate. By calling early elections, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is racing his own indictment.1 There is no doubt that the Likud, even with a limping Netanyahu, weighed down by future indictments in three criminal cases ( Case 1000, 2000 and 4000) is destined to receive the most votes. “The voters, I think, understand exactly what we have done for Israel,” Netanyahu told lawmakers from his Likud party on Monday.2

The big question is whether he will be indicted before the elections or not. We should bear in mind that a prime minister suspected of felonies and about to receive an indictment should resign and not put himself up as a candidate for reelection let alone becoming prime minister for a fourth term. Apart from that, Netanyahu is doing all in his power to weaken the law courts, police, attacks the press and of course, the left for his predicament. He views it all as a witchhunt against him by his political opponents. Netanyahu is putting pressure on Attorney General Avichai Mendelblit so that he doesn’t dare to think of deciding to indict him, even subject to a hearing, before the election takes place. There are reports in the press that if Netanyahu is indicted before the elections, he will not resign. The Jerusalem Post has reported that the matter was not even discussed. So who must one believe? The election result will still be the same. The Likud will get the most votes even if Netanyahu is indicted before the elections. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's Likud party is expected to receive the most votes in Israel's upcoming election, according to polls published by three main television stations on Tuesday. 3

Thugs even went into the Yarkon Cemetery, Petah Tiqva and vandalized the tombstone of Baruch Mandelblit, the father of the Attorney General Avichai Mandelblit. The thugs were not found. Likud election campaigns are not the most gentlemanly on earth. If their "king" is a suspected felon there are thuggish members, who are capable of carrying out acts against opponents.

Israel’s Electorate is swinging to the right and extreme right. Left-wing is a swear word. Netanyahu and his shenanigans have succeeded in ostracising and demonising the left. They will be viewed as enemies by many Israelis. It is a mindset that is becoming more popular in Israel. This will be his legacy even if he does resign because of his legal problems. The present government is the most divisive, hateful and racist government since Israel’s establishment. If only there was some hope of a change for the better but this will not happen.  Netanyahu is viewed by many Israelis as the best prime minister that Israel has ever had. The cases against Netanyahu 4 will probably not affect the mindset of most Israelis, who have no problem in voting for a corrupt prime minister “who has done a lot for Israel and there is nobody worthy of replacing him” in their view.

Those of us who are left of centre in our ideology have nothing to look forward to after the elections. There will be no change. There is no true left-wing in Israel anymore. They are disunited, fragmented and weak generally. They have no common programme that can attract voters. These splintered left-wing groupings, who view themselves as an alternative to the present coalition have a mammoth task ahead of them in order to remain relevant in Israeli politics. The Zionist Camp views itself as mildly left of centre - God Forbid that they should be viewed as “left” which is close to heresy against the establishment and “favours Israel’s enemies”. The left-wing are walking around with their tails between their legs and have lost pride in their beliefs.

The upcoming general elections are a foregone conclusion. What is not is whether Netanyahu will or will not be indicted before the elections - that is the question. Netanyahu cannot be beaten easily. He will not give up. He changed his battery of defence lawyers as he knows that there is an indictment against him. He has taken on the best criminal lawyers that money can buy.

A recent development is the decision of former Chief-of-Staff of the IDF, Benny Gantz to enter politics and establish a new party called ‘Israel Resilience Party,’ amid reports he will team up with ex-defence minister Moshe Ya’alon. His party manifesto is unclear. However, he is a very popular figure and stands to get a lot of support. It is highly unlikely that he will have much influence on the outcome of the elections

The recent weeks have seen a flurry of developments in a number of criminal investigations involving Israel’s Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu. These developments fueled debates as to whether Netanyahu should continue serving as prime minister while facing criminal charges. Netanyahu has signalled that he has no intention of resigning. He attacked Israeli media and law enforcement for persecuting him and his family and peddling baseless allegations. His critics have argued that it would be unethical and irresponsible for the prime minister to continue running the government and making consequential decisions while juggling multiple criminal proceedings that could lead to a trial, and potentially a jail sentence.5

The government that will be elected will pass a law that prevents the prosecution of a prime minister in office.6 This may be the first weird law that will be passed by the future right-wing government that will be elected.7


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Thursday, December 20

Israel's Growing Friendship with Neo-Fascist Leaders

Never in many of our wildest dreams or perhaps nightmares, could we imagine Israel’s leadership ever making friendly overtures to Europe’s far-right national leaders and Africa’s cruel dictators. The history of the Jewish People has been a history of persecution, racism and expulsion from the countries of their origin over thousands of years. The worst of all was the Holocaust.

The reason for Netanyahu’s overtures to these far-right nationalist leaders appears to be his reaction against the European Union’s criticism of Israel. Despite their (the far-right nationalist leaders) differing views on the Holocaust, including in some cases, minimalizing the amount of Jews annihilated and the praising of some Nazi and fascist supporters. These leaders appear to be pro-Israel in Netanyahu’s eyes. What amazes many of us is “How can far-right-wing nationalists with records of anti-Semitic statements be pro-Israel?” This seems to be so surrealistic if not a paradox. In the land of Bibi, anything is possible if it serves his right-wing ideology of ”Herrenvolk” (master race, chosen people).

Last week, Israel welcomed the leader of Italy's far right, Interior Minister and Deputy PM Matteo Salvini. Called a neo-fascist by his left-wing critics, Salvini was accused of embracing World War II-era dictator and Hitler ally Benito Mussolini when he echoed Mussolini's words in a tweet marking the anniversary of his birth. Netanyahu last Wednesday called Salvini "a great friend of Israel."

PM Benjamin Netanyahu has adopted a policy of waltzing with neo-fascists ruling Austria, Hungary, Italy and Poland. Hungary and Poland have played down their role in the annihilation of Jews in their respective countries. This goes against the evidence that proves the contrary by scholars who have researched records with Yad Vashem.

The desire of PM Victor Orban of Hungary is to whitewash Hungary’s part in the murder of half a million Hungarian Jews during World War II by the establishment of a new revisionist Holocaust museum to be opened in Budapest. Orban also used anti-Semitic tropes to demonize George Soros and to praise Miklós Horthy 1—the regent who presided over the murder of Jews during World War II—to seek to honour the notorious World War II–era anti-Semite Bálint Hóman 2, Orbán, the self-styled defender of Christian Europe, has shown himself willing to tap into this hatred to score political points. The Figyelő cover, an attack on a prominent figure in the Hungarian Jewish community, appears to be a bold escalation by the leader whose Fidesz Party 3 won a landslide victory earlier this year. Far from paying a political price for exploiting anti-Semitism, Orbán is thriving.  He is also adopting racist migrant policies that Netanyahu is on the road to adopting. Far-right populist Mr Orbán, re-elected in April, also put Jewish-Hungarian philanthropist George Soros 4 on an anti-immigration billboard campaign and appeared to evoke antisemitic language in denouncing the Budapest-born billionaire 5.

Austria should also be held with suspension in Netanyahu's cultivating of relations. The Jewish community in Austria and the State of Israel are not ready to give the Freedom Party (FPÖ) a kosher certification. The reason for the boycott of the ministers of the FPÖ is not the Nazi past of the German nationalist camp. The party has never distanced itself from it. What the FPÖ is today and what the party really stands for - that is the problem. This cannot be camouflaged by Freedom Party leaders' symbolic visits to Israel

Despite all that, the Austrian Chancellor, Sebastian Kurz, who has many members of this Freedom Party in his government, appears to be bending over backwards to dispel Israel's fears of anti-Semitism in his government and giving a very pro-Israel impression. 

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán shakes hands with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in July during a joint press conference in Jerusalem.
Credit: Debbie Hill/AP

Italian Interior Minister Matteo Salvini attends a memorial ceremony at Yad Vashem in Jerusalem last week.
Oded Balilty/AP

Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki 6 has supported legislation to crack down on claims that Poland was complicit in the Holocaust. "Those who say that Poland may be responsible for the crimes of World War II deserve jail terms," Morawiecki told Polish lawmakers in June. It appears that the Polish prime minister is in denial and wishes to hide certain truths. There does not appear to be any difference between Hungary and Poland in their attitude towards the Holocaust. Even Yad Vashem’s committee was not happy about the visit of these leaders to Yad Vashem.

The courting of right-wing nationalist leaders by Netanyahu is a strategy that we should view with strong doubts as to its morality as well as realpolitik.

An attempt to alter the history of the Holocaust by these very countries, with Netanyahu's consent is most disturbing. Ideologically these right-wing nationalists and Netanyahu's government coalition share much in common in their right-wing ideology when it comes to hatred of migrants to their respective countries as well as not opposing the occupation or at least make an issue over it.

The strong criticism of Israel by the EU has also made Netanyahu seek friendships amongst potential despotic leaders to show the EU and other countries that Israel is not dependent on their support.

Recommended Reading:

  1. Israel's Netanyahu Embraces European Leaders With Controversial Views On Holocaust
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