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The Impotent, Futile United Nations

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English: Emblem of the United Nations. Color is #d69d36 from the image at (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
“The name "United Nations", coined by United States President Franklin D. Roosevelt was first used in the Declaration by United Nations of 1 January 1942, during the Second World War, when representatives of 26 nations pledged their Governments to continue fighting together against the Axis Powers. States first established international organizations to cooperate on specific matters. The International Telecommunication Union was founded in 1865 as the International Telegraph Union, and the Universal Postal Union was established in 1874. Both are now United Nations specialized agencies.

In 1899, the International Peace Conference was held in The Hague to elaborate instruments for settling crises peacefully, preventing wars and codifying rules of warfare. It adopted the Convention for the Pacific Settlement of International Disputes and established the Permanent Court of Arbitration, which began work in 1902.
The forerunner of the United Nations was the League of Nations, an organization conceived in similar circumstances during the First World War, and established in 1919 under the Treaty of Versailles "to promote international cooperation and to achieve peace and security." The International Labor Organization was also created under the Treaty of Versailles as an affiliated agency of the League. The League of Nations ceased its activities after failing to prevent the Second World War.
In 1945, representatives of 50 countries met in San Francisco at the United Nations Conference on International Organization to draw up the United Nations Charter. Those delegates deliberated on the basis of proposals worked out by the representatives of China, the Soviet Union, the United Kingdom and the United States at Dumbarton Oaks, United States in August-October 1944. The Charter was signed on 26 June 1945 by the representatives of the 50 countries. Poland, which was not represented at the Conference, signed it later and became one of the original 51 Member States.
The United Nations officially came into existence on 24 October 1945, when the Charter had been ratified by China, France, the Soviet Union, the United Kingdom, the United States and by a majority of other signatories. United Nations Day is celebrated on 24 October each year”. (From
When we study the history of the UN, we observe that the idea behind its establishment was a noble one: "to promote international cooperation and to achieve peace and security." If we examine the UN today, we find that on that score it has failed in the Middle East entirely. It has not promoted peace or security there and with the establishment of the Islamist terror groups Al Qaeda, Jabhat al Nusra, Boko Haram, Hamas (they are not freedom fighters as many of their supporters’ claim), Salafis and Hezbollah (Iran’s proxy terrorist organization) and the most cruel of them all - Daesh (ISIS).
Since the toppling of the regimes of the cruel dictators such as Saddam Hussein of Iraq, Muammar Gaddafi of Libya (to name but a few), civil war and anarchy has replaced these evil dictators, while the cruel Bashar al Assad of Syria is still hanging on propped by Russia and Iran, but in practice has lost all his power. All the above mentioned countries are being overtaken by savage, cruel, Islamist organizations that are the height of evil and the old dictators that were overthrown are “angels” in comparison.
The only nation that is fighting the Daesh savages with bravery is the stateless Kurds that Turkey is trying to destroy. The beheadings, genocide (massacre of Yazidis, Christians and Muslims who oppose them), raping of non-Muslim women and trafficking women that are held up to ransom continues without even a squeak of protest from most members of the UN. There are no emergency UN Security Council meetings to form a strategy to combat this savagery committed by extremist Islamist groups rampaging the Middle East and threatening the Arab States as well as Israel.
The majority of UN member states are not even democratic and they are also very anti-Israel. 56 members of the UN are also members of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation. They call the tune when it comes to voting against Israel and hardly any condemnation of the atrocities committed by Daesh in the Middle East. The result is plain for all to see. The pillage and bloodshed goes on almost unheeded! The resolutions passed against Israel, because of the occupation, are out of all proportion.  Double standards are trademarks of most members of the UN and the energy spent on condemning Israel for “human rights abuses” in the occupied territories is well recorded. The occupation is problematic and needs a solution that is just to all sides. This is an issue that I have written about in the past and I shall not go into that here. What needs to be addressed urgently is the total destruction of Islamist terrorism and Daesh.
DAESH MUST BE ANNIHILATED AND ITS MEMBERS BROUGHT TO TRIAL AND BE HANGED! The UN should be in the forefront of this battle, but it is so impotent and all it does is utter pathetic rhetoric plupperings that nobody heeds because the mainstream members are dictatorships, where human rights are non-existent. “Israel is a danger to world peace, but the Islamist terrorist savages are not” by innuendo and actions according to the Islamist-dominated UN. The western nations, who are members, have no backbone or guts to oppose this domination. They are playing the game of expediency and appeasement of Iran rather than take a stand to safeguard their own interests and culture.
Where are the UN Condemnations of Daesh? Israel bashing instead!

They have created the refugee problem by their spinelessness in not pressuring the UN to form a military force that will oppose Daesh and its ever growing allies. Daesh has never had it so good under UN apathy. The P5+1 will pay the price for their folly. Their energies should have been involved in eradicating Daesh and the Islamist terrorist groups under the UN banner, rather than the pathetic Iran Nuclear Treaty.

It would be prudent at this stage for the US and its allies, including Israel, to leave the UN as it is an impotent, futile organization that gets most of its financial subsidies from the US for doing nothing but carrying out the will of Islamist dictatorships in its passing of resolutions against Israel - a member state, in order to delegitimize it.

Tuesday, September 8

Rosh Hashanah 2015

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English: Symbols of Rosh Hashana, the Jewish New Year: Shofar, apples, honey in glass honey dish, pomegranates, wine, silver kiddush cup (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
This article is not a sermon, but just a few thoughts that should be in the reader’s mind about where we are heading and the type of world we are leaving behind as Rosh Hashanah approaches. This Holy Day - The Jewish New Year, is preceded by Selichot - Penitential Prayers which started this year on 5th September.(the Hebrew month of Elul)

This is the time when the observant should be asking themselves where they have erred in their relationship with their neighbors of all creeds. We can be held accountable to ourselves only. We cannot justify our wrongs because our enemies are involved in committing terrorist acts against us and take revenge on innocent people because they are Arabs, or non-Jews as happened during the cruel murder of an innocent Palestinian family in Duma in the occupied territories. There are home-grown fascists in Israel with a warped and hateful ideology that is closer to the ISIS (Daesh) world view than it is to Judaism. Instead of the Islamic Caliphate, they wish to establish a Jewish Kingdom in the Land of Israel where there is no room for non Jews. They may wear the symbols of “holiness” (kippot, tsitsit, peiyot) but they are an insult and a total aberration of Judaism.

These fascists will be reciting selichot prayers and attending services led by hateful rabbis that identify with their evil worldview and are responsible for teaching these fascists their savagery as observant Jews. They and their rabbis are a disgrace to the Jewish People and it is even difficult to define them as Jews when their warped and cruel ideology is barbaric.

The right wing ideologies that embrace the settler movements in the name of religious Zionism must be held responsible for this racist, fascist development in our midst. These “wild weeds” went out of control, mutating into a macabre group called Price Tag and their allies the wild “Hilltop Youth”. These groups carry out terror attacks and vandalism against Palestinians. They burn churches and mosques as well as attempting to destroy dialogue between Jews and Arabs. The latest incident ended in a terrible tragedy, the burning of a Palestinian family to death in Duma and total destruction of their home. There is also the racist Lehava group that is a perverted and hateful. All these extremist fascist groups in Israel are purveyors of hate in the name of keeping the Jews assimilation-free. The King’s Torah is their world view. It is a book that legitimises murder of “goyim” (non-Jews)

The other issue is the refugee problem that is knocking on the doors of Europe and the attitude of the Netanyahu government towards it. The leader of the Zionist Camp in the Knesset and the Opposition Leader, Yitzhak Herzog, has stated that Israel should take in a limited number of Syrian refugees. Naturally Israel cannot open its doors entirely to grant them all asylum. There are many Sudanese and Eritrean refugees in Israel as well and this problem is also far from solution. Israel does not have the resources that Europe has to deal with refugees. It is also a matter of time before Europe will solve this problem, if ever. Herzog is right in contrast to the official attitude of the Netanyahu Government, which is totally against it. In fact the Tanach lays great emphasis on accepting the stranger that is very much part of Judaism.

These are just a few thoughts that we have to consider in the New Year. There is so much strife and hate in the world today. Islamist terrorism in the Middle East that has created a flood of refugees seeking a better life in Europe. In Israel, we have fascist terrorism committed by those who see themselves as “observant” Jews but have no Jewish soul. The plethora of fascist terrorist organizations in Israel is the cancer that we have to cure and this should be our New Year’s resolution.

!שנה טובה לכל עם ישראל

Saturday, September 5

The Refugees flowing into Europe - the Blame?

A human tragedy of massive proportions is flowing into Europe, Syrian, Iraqi, Kurdish, Afghanistan refugees are arriving en masse. The flood of humanity, the likes of which have never occurred since World War 2, is knocking on the doors of Europe in a desperate attempt to seek a better life. They have lived a life of hell in the countries of their origin that is mind-boggling. Their lives are under threat from the warring factions in their countries. Daesh (ISIS), Jabhat al Nusra and other evil Islamist splinter terror groups threaten them on a daily basis. In Nigeria it is the savage, Boko Al Haram.

These unfortunate people were left with no alternative, but to escape from their countries of origin, where they face certain death. If they flee, their chances of survival may be better. It is comparable to jumping off the inferno of the Twin Towers in the USA on 11th September 2001! Desperate people take desperate actions in order to survive. Many boarded boats that are not seaworthy and dangerous to escape. We cannot imagine what these poor people have experienced. It is impossible to remain indifferent to their tragic plight. Many have lost their lives in escape attempts to achieve better lives for themselves and their families. Many unseaworthy boats have capsized en route resulting in thousands drowning.

Devastating image of Syrian boy washed up on Turkish shore show desperation of refugees
We all witnessed a heartrending picture of a three year old boy, who drowned and his body washed ashore on the Turkish coastline of Bodrum. All who saw this photograph was moved by the tragedy that says everything in a nutshell.

Many refugees landed on the Greek Island of Kos. The scenes on this tourist island are tragic. The conditions for them are sub-human. Refugees landed up in Budapest in enormous numbers awaiting trains in their quest to reach Austria and Germany in the hope of beginning a new life. The refugee problem has reached crisis point and the European countries are unable to find a solution.

No country within the EU expected a refugee problem of such massive proportions with which they must deal. Nero (the superpowers) fiddles while the Middle East burns. They have helped Daesh create a refugee problem that is swamping Europe because of their combined apathy. There is also Iran that these powers are appeasing, waiting in the shadows to dominate the Middle East. Time is on the side of Daesh while very little is done.

Let us be honest with ourselves. The blame for this problem lies in the EU, the US, Turkey, China, Russia and the Gulf States. The total apathy of the European countries towards Al Qaeda, Daesh (ISIS), Jabhat Al Nusra, despite the fact that many of these evil Islamist groups operate within their countries to instill hatred from the mosques by evil, racist Imams preaching against Jews, Christians and even against the West that gave them a haven for their hate. They have brainwashed wayward youth to join their ranks and travel to Syria for training in Daesh camps for the purpose of fighting to establish an Islamist Caliphate. The cruelty towards non-Muslims and Muslims, who oppose them is horrendous. Turkey acted as a transit camp for these potential trainees to enter Syria for Daesh recruitment.

Boat Migrants Risk It All for New Life in Europe
It is inexplicable that the US, EU and the Arab States never formed a united military front to confront Daesh in order to annihilate this evil, cruel terrorist militia that threatens not only the Middle East but the whole world. These Daesh savages are arming at a rapid rate unhindered. A well directed carpet bomb dropped on their many exposed convoys should be relatively easy to achieve. All we are getting is an impotent war of attrition that barely tickles these savages or harms their highly motivated resolve at carrying out horrendous acts of cruelty, bloody beheadings as well as horrifying and cruel acts of torture.

Eventually, hordes of refugees will be knocking on Israel’s doors to be granted asylum. Israel has a problem with refugees coming from Darfur in Sudan as well as Eritrea and has been accused of not handling the problem “humanely”. It is questionable whether Europe, faced with a similar problem will be more “humane” bearing in mind that they are wealthier than Israel and have more resources to deal with this tragic problem. Despite this, Israel pundits say that Israel should not accept any refugees from enemy countries as Israel is at war with Syria. What Syria? The Syrian regime under Assad has collapsed and these refugees are not the enemies of Israel. They are the enemies of the savage terrorist Islamist groups that are on the rampage in their countries of origin.  

Israel should consider taking in some of the refugees, especially those whom they treated in hospitals. This will go a long way in improving Israel’s image in the world. It will result in a cry from the Palestinians who will shout “what about Palestinian  refugees who were expelled from Israel in 1948?” The answer to that is not easy. However, many 1948 refugees are no longer alive and it is their descendants, many of whom are dispersed in various countries in the world, have no connection with Palestine, and are citizens of the countries where they live. 

Another very valid point is the refusal of the Gulf States to lend a helping hand to the refugees and grant them asylum. They always seem to avoid the issue with great success and no country in Europe even mentions or criticizes their attitude towards their fellow Arab refugees. They could learn from Israel when it comes to saving their own people from distress and to cease their hypocritical attitude towards the Palestinian refugees of 1948. This crisis is of far greater proportion and their (the oil rich Gulf States) contribution to solving the crisis of their own Arab brothers is close to zero. Much of the blame for the tragic situation is no less on their shoulders as well.