Tuesday, October 24

An Unholy Alliance with US Neo-Nazi White Supremacists and Israel's Right Wing

This week Richard Spencer 1, the US White Nationalist neo-Nazi Leader uttered a statement that we should all find very disturbing. According to a report in Haaretz 19th Oct 2017, Spencer stated, amidst cries of protest during a controversial speech at the University of Florida on Thursday, that Israel is an example of an “ethno state” he aspires to create in the United States at the University of Florida on Thursday. Hundreds protested Spencer's presence outside the auditorium.

Spencer is associated with the Alt-Right 2 movement that is allied with Donald Trump. He stated proudly stated that under his (Trump’s) watch, Spencer’s white supremacist movement has gained strength. The Charlottesville riots in August resulted in the exposure of the macabre mix of Alt-Right Trump supporters, neo-Nazi, White Supremacists going on the rampage against anti-fascist groups resulting in the death of a demonstrator by car-ramming. Trump’s response was a lukewarm condemnation of all sides when in reality his Alt-Right supporters and neo-Nazis were to blame. He acted with an unhealthy expediency in order not to upset his apple cart of Alt-Right Neo-Nazi supporters.

At least, on the surface, there seems to be an uncanny similarity between the Spencer ideology and the Netanyahu Coalition ideology when it comes to the occupation settler movement (They have never had it so good under the present Israeli Government) as well as the attitude of the present government towards “legitimate Jews” (Orthodox and Ultra-Orthodox) and “illegitimate Jews” (Reform and Conservative). This is bound to backfire on Israel.

The apparent macabre alliance between the extreme right wing in the US and Israel’s right-wing extremists seems to be a phenomenon that is beyond logic. This US extreme right-wing or Alt-Right composed of Neo-Nazis, White Supremacists and racists of all kinds despite their anti-Semitism have shown increased support for Israel's right-wing policies. Apparently, this support is not only from the US Alt-Right but also from similar right-wing Neo-Nazi groups in Europe. Let’s face it, the Bayit Hayehudi Party in the Netanyahu Coalition with extreme right-wingers, such as MK  Bezalel Smotrich, have a very similar ideology to the Alt-Right in the US.

Heinz-Christian Strache, the head of Austria’s far-right Freedom Party, and who is widely tipped to become deputy chancellor following last Sunday’s legislative election, was affiliated with neo-Nazi and anti-Semitic groups in his youth, and once compared the criticism he and fellow members of his racist, anti-immigrant party faced to Kristallnacht. Yet he is also a staunch supporter of Israeli settlements in the West Bank and even visited Israel last year at the invitation of Likud MKs. The waltzing of the Netanyahu Government with neo-Fascist Parties in Europe strengthens the hand of the Neo-Nazis of Europe and we in Israel should hang our heads in shame that the present Israeli Government remains silent about these developments including their anti-refugee and Islamophobic attitudes that are gaining support in Israel today.

It is quite possible to be pro-Israel as well as being anti-Semitic. The present government of Israel seems to be honeymooning with the extreme right-wing parties in Europe and view it is quite legitimate. They overlook the anti-Semitic nature of these parties because of their “pro-Israeliness”. The reason - these parties are anti-Islam and anti-immigration. So is Israel - even towards their own kind. An example of this is the Jews of Uganda that seem to show an interest in coming to Israel. They will not be made welcome. There are other South African and Zimbabwean groups that consider themselves as being Jewish. The Lemba, Rusape Jews and the Anusim whose origins are from the Iberian Peninsula. This country categorizes Jews that it wants and those it does not recognize. Can the readers imagine the rumpus that would occur if these two African tribes were to decide to come and settle in Israel? It would cause the Great Rift Valley to slide resulting in an earthquake of unimaginable dimensions in the Establishment Orthodox Rabbinate that is the watchdog of Jewish purity and these people would never be recognized as Jews. Jews pass through rabbinical selection when it comes to getting married in Israel. There is no civil marriage in Israel.

The Israeli Government intends to pass a controversial law in the coming Knesset session that is not in the interests of democracy. This law, if passed, will be another stepping stone on the road to a neo-fascist dictatorship which is on the horizon. MKs David Amsalem 3 and David Bitan 4 inject fresh impetus into legislation designed to make an incumbent premier immune from the criminal investigation; 'The public that is the sovereign chooses the prime minister,' says Amsalem; legal officials contend the bill unnecessary. The proposed legislation to shield the prime minister from police investigations for corruption, fraud or breach of trust would constitute an amendment to Israel’s Basic Law 5: The new bill stipulates that criminal investigations against a sitting prime minister cannot be conducted The aim of this proposed legislation is clear. It is an attempt to quash investigations against Netanyahu. Even Israel's state prosecutor attorney and attorney general have united in their unreserved opposition to a Likud-sponsored bill designed to shield a sitting prime minister from being investigated, with the former warning that the rationale behind its drafting is “a total mistake.”

At the same time, Netanyahu is carrying out his own personal vendetta against the police, the law courts, the press and his pet hate - the leftists.  He has his cronies surrounding him, who will push heaven and earth to shield him from police investigations. It would be really bad if the PM of Israel (who is undergoing police investigation for corruption) cannot be investigated while in office. Even President Ruby Rivlin gave a speech at the opening of the Knesset for the winter session attacking the right-wing government in its attempts to weaken the courts. Netanyahu’s reaction was a speech justifying his government approach and of course himself. It was another speech that was divisive and threatening democracy. As Israel slides down a dangerous path towards totalitarianism, it is not surprising that it will accumulate friendships from the right wing that have recently had electoral successes in Austria, and cut into Angela Merkel’s power base in Germany as well as Donald Trump’s rule in the US.  

The apparent alliance of the right wing to extreme right wing in Israel, (which happens to be the present government coalition) making overtures to the various right-wing government coalitions in Europe that share a common dislike of immigrants and refugees of the Muslim faith will be bad for Israel. Apart from that, there is hidden anti-Semitism in these governments. This potential unholy alliance must be opposed by all who value human rights and democracy.

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