Saturday, February 23

The Left's Dilemma in Israel's Upcoming Elections

It would be a natural choice for those on the left in Israel’s upcoming elections to vote for Meretz.1 In fact, there really is a dilemma, especially now with the suspected felon, PM Benjamin Netanyahu, granting legitimacy to Otzma Yehudit 2, a Otzma Yehudit a Kahanist party (Jewish Fascist and a racist party consisting of ghastly thugs) to be part of the new Likud Coalition if they win.
There are other considerations that one has to take into account before one decides to vote for Meretz. The main consideration is to replace Netanyahu and his right to extreme right-wing extremists that are presently ruling the country. Meretz, unfortunately, is on the borderline of having any seats in the new Knesset. According to the latest Israel polls of 21st Feb, Meretz will win 4 Knesset seats, which is the minimum. In future polls, Meretz may even drop below 3.25% and not have any representation at all.

This means that those, who support Meretz (including myself) will have wasted their vote if Meretz does not make it. Wasting a crucial vote against Netanyahu and his Kahanist allies to form the next government would be unfortunate and opens the entry of Otzma Yehudit and its rehabilitation of that fascist Kahanist ideology to become part of the law-making processes in Israel. The alliance between Yair Lapid (Yesh Atid) and Bennie Gantz (Hosen Yisrael) into a single party called Kahol-Lavan (Blue and White) has caused the small parties such as Meretz to fall into the twilight zone with 4 seats each, which may drop even further in future polls of which there will be many before Election Day on April 9th.

If Meretz disappears from the map in future polls then we have no choice but to choose a party that will oppose Netanyahu and his future coalition partners from forming the next government. Voting for a party that has plummeted below 3.25% will only aid Netanyahu and his revolting coalition partners. All that is left for us on the left is to follow the polls very closely before we decide to ditch Meretz, assuming that we wish to support them. I hope that we will not be faced with this dilemma as Meretz is really an important party, whose voice must be heard in the new Knesset.

PM Netanyahu has played it really dirty 3 as he is desperate to win. He has moved towards the fear tactic of rabble-rousing by deceiving the voters with his racist dislike of Israel’s Arab Parties in the Knesset, whom he views as the enemies of Israel and that their main desire is to destroy Israel. He accuses the opposition of wishing to form a coalition with them for that purpose. He may even succeed in this tactic.  The “Generals” who are part of the new party alliance, were IDF chiefs-of-staff that Netanyahu accuses of being leftists that wish to give up Israel’s settlements in the territories to the Palestinians. This is a blatant lie that Netanyahu has stated, but then if King Bibi says it, it becomes truth and the thronging, ignorant masses may, as in March 2015, rally to support him at the last moment.

NETANYAHU SPEAKS AGAINST LAPID-GANTZ PARTY 'THEY WILL RELY ON ARAB PARTIES' This is the gist of his reaction  for those who do not understand Hebrew

Another part of the left’s dilemma is the possibility of the new government being unable to form a ruling coalition. This could happen to the Blue and White Party as well as the Likud and their allies. The result could very well be a grand coalition of both opposing groups at the end of the day. After the elections, there is a clean slate and history does have a habit of repeating itself. It has happened before in Israel’s political history.

Let us examine what Otzmat Yehudit, the Kahanist rehabilitated party, stands for, and seem to be Netanyahu’s sure guarantors:

Otzmat Yehudit hates Arabs and is against mixed marriages of Jews and non-Jews to the extreme. When a mixed marriage does happen the Lehava 4 movement, whose head is Benzie Gopstein, organizes demonstrations that turn violent against the newlyweds. They are composed of thugs that are no credit to any country.

There is Itamar Ben-Gvir, attorney for a long list of Jews suspected of anti-Palestinian terrorism and anti-Arab hate crimes 5, and who prior to the Rabin assassination held up an emblem from the then-prime minister's car, declaring "we got to his car and we'll get to him too."

Baruch Marzel 6, another despicable Kahanist is also a member of this Otzma Yehudit.

In 1994, Kahane disciple Dr Baruch Goldstein, a Brooklyn native who moved to the settlement of Kiryat Arba, murdered 29 Muslim's in Hebron's sacred Cave of the Patriarchs, before he was beaten to death by survivors of the shooting.

They use Israel’s failing democracy in order to destroy what is left of it. They regard it as their democratic right to destroy Israel’s democracy. If they become part of the Israel Government it will be a gift to BDS and will prove to BDS that they (BDS) are correct in their assumption that Israel is on the road to becoming a fascist, apartheid state of the Jews. Elor Azaria, who was given a light sentence for killing a prone Palestinian terrorist, neutralised by the IDF about three years ago appears to have become their hero.

Even AIPAC condemns Netanyahu’s alliance with this thuggish party 7.

Thanks to Netanyahu, who must be held responsible for the rehabilitation of Kahanism and granted it legitimacy so that he can retain power at all costs.

Netanyahu is desperate to retain power because of the indictment waiting in Attorney-General Avichai Mandelblit’s office prior to a hearing. So he is using every dirty trick in the Netanyahu Manuel of Deception so as not to lose.

If he wins then one of the first laws that the new coalition will pass is the Israeli version of the French Law that will grant Netanyahu immunity from being prosecuted for his suspected fraud, corruption and defeating the ends of justice crimes. This will give him breathing space for a while and may, Heaven Help Us, result in the Attorney-General closing the cases against him. So the wily Netanyahu has it all planned if he wins the elections with the best defence team in Israel.

There is no question that the Kahane ideology of Otzma Yehudit is fascism (Check this link and notice how relevant it is even today with the latest Bibi tricks) and if this gains legitimacy in Israel because of Netanyahu’s attempt to win and wriggle out of his legal problems then we have cause to be very concerned about Israel”s future.


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Saturday, February 9

The Upcoming Israeli Election Winds

The upcoming elections 1 in Israel are a boring, predictable phenomenon. The majority of Israel’s Jewish Electorate are moving towards the right. The Benny Gantz 2 phenomenon is a distraction that PM “Bibi” Netanyahu does not like. He is determined to label him as “left” and a danger to Israel. Miri Regev, Commissar of Culture, is Bibi’s echo. This boorish, loud-mouthed, woman reiterates all Bibi’s prejudices and lies with gusto. She is also a racist that received a high place on the Likud list for the Knesset. She follows the Stalinist belief that if you tell a lie often enough it becomes the truth. Any cultural project that does not meet her approval does not get subsidized by the state.

The Ministry of Culture and Sport appears to be Miri Regev’s private property. She travels around campaigning in her mobile caravan expressing her pet hates for the “leftists” and those, who she views as haters of Israel, which includes in her view, Benny Gantz and others. This, of course, brings her lots of votes from the ignorant racists that are the grassroots of the Likud Party. After the “silent” Benny Gantz gave his speech, the polls 3 in favour of his new party, Hosen L’ Yisrael, soared but still remains 8 seats below the Likud Party. There is no chance of this party winning the elections as the situation remains at present.

Netanyahu is great at rabble-rousing the crowd with inaccuracies and punch lines that bring his party great numbers of votes. He labels his opponents as left to the extreme left even if this is not true. He is doing this with newbie Benny Gantz, who seems to pose a threat. If King Bibi says that Gantz is going to sell out Israel and has President Mahmoud Abbas of the Palestinian Authority’s apparent approval. This will be Bibi’s tactic aimed at the ignorant masses to believe him and will come to the polls “in droves” to vote for the Likud and its shenanigans. “If King Bibi says then King Bibi knows and we must not question his credibility”. Those who do are viewed as potential traitors to Israel and must be treated with contempt.  The result is that the ignorant, apathetic voters will rally round to support the Likud and Company at the end of the day despite what the polls say. Bibi’s magic is his talent at misleading the voter with untruthful slogans that are racist and appeal to the Islamophobic mindset of the ignorant of which there is no shortage. We saw this after the 2015 General Elections when King Bibi stated that ”the Arabs are coming in droves to vote”. The effect was like magic and the sheep came out of the fold to vote en masse after flooding the parks with barbecue grills of shishlik, kebabs and steaks on Election Day (which is a public holiday). “God Forbid! The Arabs are a threat” was their winning slogan.

There is no reason to believe that the upcoming elections will be any different. The Likud just had their primaries for their Knesset list. Many of the same poor quality of Homo sapiens, whose fear tactics are so obvious, was re-elected and received much support. It is enough to view the Likud members in their masses voting for these rabble-rousing racists, who were responsible for the passing of the racist Nation-State Law in the Knesset.

Netanyahu has a legal headache waiting for him - depending of course on the indictment prior to a hearing of Bibi’s suspected illegal corruption follies in Case 1000, 2000 and 4000 that Attorney-General Mandelblit intends to issue before the elections.  He, of course, is innocent as newly driven snow. He is sweating and floundering around like a paranoic, cornered rat subject to a witch-hunt. He is on the path of destroying Israel’s democracy, making friends with strange, right-wing despotic leaders in Brazil, Hungary, Chad, Poland, Italy and Philippines - maybe I have left out other friendly despots in the world - no shortage of those these days. Of course, President Trump is also on that list of devoted friends. Netanyahu blames the left, the police, the courts, the media and the attorney-general for his legal problems.

The upcoming elections, with all the blurb going around and polls on an almost daily basis all pointing to another victory for the Likud with the scum-like behaviour of its cabinet ministers and its MKs, many of whom have been re-elected on the Likud list after the recent primaries. This is far from Israel of its founding fathers and the Declaration of Independence being eroded by the racist Nation-State Law 4 to ensure Israel’s apartheid-like character with the non-Jewish Israeli citizen as second class.

If the Likud forms the next Coalition Government after the elections, and Netanyahu, despite his indictment becomes prime minister once again, new bills will be discussed resembling the French Parliamentary Immunity Law that will make it impossible to summon Netanyahu to court on the grounds of suspicion of him breaking the law and allowing him to mark time without him being accountable for his suspected illegal activities while he remains in office.

If this scenario does occur after the elections it will erode Israel’s battered democracy even further. The chances of a right-wing Likud Coalition after the elections is very high.

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