Monday, October 19

P.M. Benjamin Netanyahu's UN Speech and "Silence".Third Intifada has begun?

P.M. Netanyahu's Speech in the UN was brilliant in rhetoric as usual. He feels most at ease when delivering speeches from the UN podium. This time he used a 44 second "silence mode" gimmick to illustrate a very relevant point of the UN delegates' silence and inaction when it comes to their indifference to the bloody massacres and genocide in Syria, Iraq, and Yemen. The unnecessary loss of life and cruelties of the murderous Islamist groups such as Daesh (ISIS) and others is treated with total UN delegate apathy. The number of people that lost their lives there over a short period of time is far greater than all Israelis and Palestinians killed in the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict.

The UN is busy bashing Israel rather than passing effective resolutions to end the bloody massacres and human cruelties committed there. The speech was mostly devoted to condemning the Anti-Nuclear Treaty recently signed and supported by the EU and P5. So far, so good! There is sense in what Netanyahu stated. However, is that enough? We have a reality that he purposely overlooked - the increasing Palestinian violence in Jerusalem. Here there is further hate, stone throwing as well as  Molotov cocktails and further violence in the West Bank that has a danger of deterioration into a third intifada with further loss of life on both sides.

His speech presented nothing new. No foresight, no hope and not even a hint of opening new avenues to end the tragic conflict. It was the usual diatribe on emphasis of the evil Iranian regime and its dangers to the world. Despite the valid points he made, more emphasis should have been made on solving the conflict with new ideas.

The violence in Jerusalem seems to be getting out of hand. The "band aid" technique of retaliating against Palestinian violence by the Security Forces is not stopping the violence. President Mahmoud Abbas has no power base and does not represent his Palestinian People. We must remember that Abbas was not elected and his strength lies in the support that he gets from the US and even Israel that uses him. How can there ever be negotiations for peace when the Palestinian Authority has Hamas and Palestinian Jihadis breathing down Abbas's neck and never allowing him to sign a treaty with Israel. If Abbas signs a treaty with Israel, he will be assassinated, so his anti-Israel showmanship in rhetoric will not change. It is a vicious circle.

Abbas can deliver addresses as much as he wishes but we must remember that he is an empty vessel that makes a lot of sound. If he ceases to cooperate with Israel on security matters as he threatens, the West Bank will slip into violence and his shaky position will be weakened even further. He knows that. He also threatens to take Israel to the International Court of Justice for Israel's treatment of the Palestinians. These utterances of his are part of his fantasies and it will not strengthen him or the Palestinian Authority. OK! So the Palestinian flag is flying with the other flags at the UN. This is a boost to their ego but nothing more than that. A flag does not make an independent state.

There are no partners on both sides to end the Palestinian - Israeli Conflict. New solutions must be found. Maybe a Marshall-type plan such as the Bermigo Plan should be given more serious thought as this could be the basis of a solution. Nothing else has worked and this plan should be investigated as a possible solution. It is complicated but not impossible.

A new round of Palestinian violence has begun. Stabbing of innocent people in Jerusalem, increased stabbing attacks against security forces in various towns in Israel, violent demonstrations by Arab citizens of Israel, accompanied by pelting of stones, Molotov cocktails, as well as general unrest has become the order of the day. Added to this is sporadic rocket fire in the south from Gaza, with movement of the Iron Dome defense system to areas vulnerable to rocket attacks.

Jerusalem has become a battleground with flare ups occurring in many parts of Israel close to the Arab villages. There does not seem to be any cessation of violence. No town in Israel is immune from Palestinian savagery, and, it is just that. The talk that the Palestinians are frustrated because of the Israeli Occupation is nothing more than hogwash. These unadulterated claims by Palestinian pundits to justify stabbings of innocent people ought to be treated with the contempt that it deserves. These humanists are conspicuous by their silence when it comes to condemning the atrocities committed by Daesh and the other caliphate toting Islamists against Muslims and non-Muslims alike.

The violence seems to be getting out of hand and the government does not seem to have any strategy to contain the violence or reach a long term solution to the conflict. All doors of negotiation seems to be closing (not that the two sides to the conflict had any desire to end the conflict anyway) and the violence is becoming uncontrollable.

It all started with the imaginary Palestinian claim that Israel is out to destroy the Al Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem. The Palestinians have been stockpiling crude weapons in the Al Aqsa Mosque - rocks, pipe bombs for the purpose of creating and fomenting violence against Israelis. The claim by the Palestinian Leadership that Israel is determined to destroy the Al Aqsa Mosque is a huge lie if not a figment of the imagination with no basis. This is not a new phenomenon on the Palestinian side. They have an ingrained habit of living in a fantasy world of lies and delusions of grandeur that is self-destructive and suicidal. They believe that if you tell a lie often enough, it becomes the truth. These savages stab and kill, claiming that they are carrying out Allah's will. Many of these savages are not even believers, but are brainwashed by Palestinian terrorist groups to kill Israelis at every opportunity. Hardly a day goes by without a stabbing or brutal killing authorized by these evil Palestinian terrorist groups whose aims are in tune with ISIS.

While Israel bashing goes on in the UN and its failure to pass any resolution condemning ISIS will only weaken this body even further as it panders to the terrorist savagery in the name of Islam by its apathy.