Saturday, May 14

The Justification of Disengagement from Gaza

The right wing in Israel, beyond the Likud Pale, is outraged. They are demonstrating and crying out against what they feel is an injustice to the cause of their settlements in Gaza, which encroaches on Palestinian lands. Right wing demonstrations against the disengagement is gaining momentum as organization in sympathy of their cause is becoming more vociferous and aggressive. There are threats against Arik Sharon and the Israeli Army, which will vacate the settlers by force if necessary.

The settlers have had it good during the time that they inhabited the Gush Katif area. They have had tax exemptions, generous treatment, and cheap Palestinian labor working their fields and cultivating the exotic flowers in their hot houses.

Who had carried the burden of these zealous settlers in their palatial homes and generous state contributions? None other than the average Israeli citizen, already overburdened by heavy taxes, has to pay the bill for this rather warped occupation style Zionism. These settlers are a severe liability on Israel, as they are vulnerable to Palestinian terror attacks. The Israeli Army has to protect them. Many soldiers have lost their lives in fighting terrorism against these settlers who have placed themselves in this situation. Successive Israeli governments are responsible for encouraging settlers to live amongst the Palestinians and usurping their lands. These settlers have received generous benefits to entice them to settle in the Gaza Strip.

The disgusting comparison of transfer of Jews out of Gaza with the holocaust is a disgrace and makes cynical use of those who perished in concentration camps in Nazi Germany for their own ends. The settlers who encourage these kinds of comparisons are no less ignorant than the rabid anti-Semitic holocaust deniers are. The settlers will be getting very generous financial help from the State in order to relocate which new immigrants to Israel had never received.

Why is there no outcry about the soldiers who had lost their lives protecting these settlers in Gaza? There has been no voice amongst the settlers about that. The number of families added to the mourning list because of settlement activity is criminal. They do not seem to view the fact that soldiers' lives as well as their own are vulnerable to the dangers of terrorism in the Gaza Strip. They wish to remain there at all costs without any thought for those who sacrifice their lives in looking after their security.

The settler movements are a fanatic bunch of right wing religious zealots who have their own interests at heart and do not really care about peace. They believe that they have historical biblical justification to colonize the West Bank, Gaza and the Golan Heights at all cost. The fact that their aggressive and self-righteous activities aggravate the very tense situation between Israelis and Palestinians does not move them at all.

The disengagement is a necessity for the future of peace in the Middle East. The only problem is that it does not go far enough. Naturally, much depends on the ability of the Palestinian Camp under Abu Mazen to rein in the terror. He must disarm the militant groups in his midst. If he fails to achieve that then further disengagement and the establishment of a Palestinian state alongside Israel will remain a Palestinian dream. There must be parallel recognition of Israel's right to exist in secure boundaries and Hamas and allies must cease terrorism permanently.


yoni said...

What do you think will happen if Israel does manage to evacuate the settlers of Gush Katif? Will Ashkelon become the next target of missiles from Gaza since Gush Katif will no longer serve as the front line?

zac said...


The possibility of Ashkelon becoming a target for terrorist missiles cannot be ruled out. The reason for this is not because the Gush Katif settlers have left, but rather because the border between Gaza and Israel is closer. The Gush Katif settlers are not a deterrent against terror.

Despite this,it is essential for the well being of Israel that disengagement between Gaza and Israel begins. Deploying the Israeli Army to protect the settlers in Gush Katif carries a greater risk than if these settlers were not there. So many soldiers have been killed protecting settlers living amongst a hostile population.

If missiles and mortars are fired into Ashkelon, the retaliation that will occur will be very severe indeed. The army will have greater liberty in acting against the terrorists than was the case when Gaza was under occupation.

yoni said...

I agree with you on that matter. I also feel that Ashkelon will suffer more attacks because Gush Katif currently serves as the "front line." One other thing, the disengagement of Gush Katif will cause a major outburst between Jews which I feel will have a very violent outcome.

Seems that it narrows down to the ultimate question of: Is it worth the sacrifice?

zac said...


There will be unrest from the settlers who are due to evacuate. The extent of which depends much on the financial compensation that the settlers receive from the government. The unrest will be a passing face and then the situation will stablize as most settlers are law abiding citizens. A similar situation occurred when Yamit was evacuated about 25 years ago. Today it is a forgotten incident.

What may be more serious is the closer proximity of the terrorists to Ashkelon which will become a border settlement.The possibilty that Ashkelon will be in the firing line for terrorist mortars cannot be ruled out. However, when all is taken into consideration and our soldiers do not have to risk their lives providing security for settlers in Gush Katif, the chance is worthwhile taking.

The settlers themselves were on the front fire of terrorism.For anybody to be on the front line carries a risk.

Despite many misgivings, the disengagement ought to be supported. Ruling over a hostile Palestinian people carries far greater risk to Israel in the long run.There is no love lost between the settlers and the Palestinians and separating them could only improve the situation.