Saturday, April 29

Cooperation Between Islamist Terrorist Groups

The Middle East is deteriorating further into anarchy and terror. The Israeli-Palestinian problem is receiving dimensions that are becoming more and more dangerous for the future of world peace. In fact, Hamas is gaining increasing support from rogue regimes such as Syria, Iran, and Hezbollah in Lebanon with its financial support arriving from Iran. The US has left a total mess in Iraq. Iraq has now become a breeding ground for Al Qaeda cells under the leadership of Abu Musab Al Zarqawi, a ruthless and notorious terrorist, who has virtually replaced Saddam Hussein. This is what the US had created unintentionally. The so-called Iraqi Government, elected “democratically” by the Iraqi people, is impotent against the ongoing suicide attacks in Baghdad and instigated by ex officers of the deposed Iraqi president, Saddam Hussein, to whom they are still loyal. Al Zarqawi's role in terror has not yet been fully evaluated although he is also responsible for much of it. He is the “Osama bin Laden” of Iraq. The relationship between his terrorist group and the Palestinians is uncertain but it would be logical to speculate that cooperation between him and Hamas will increase with time.

Now that Hamas “rules” Palestine, we shall be witnessing many unholy alliances between them and the various terrorist, rogue states in the Middle East. This does not only pose a great danger to Israel but also to the non-Moslem free world. Iran under the megalomaniac despot, Mahmoud Ahmadinajad, is a case in point. Cooperation between Iran, Syria, Al Qaeda, Hamas and the terrorist rebels of Iraq could increase in the future as they share a common goal of Islamist domination in the Middle East. The “liberation of the Palestinians from Israeli occupation” will assume alarming proportions as these unholy alliances of terror grow stronger and the “occupation” will be used as an excuse to engage in further terrorist attacks against innocent people all over the world. Al Qaeda and Hamas have more in common than what divides them. Both organizations rely on the “expertise” of the suicide bomber in order to achieve their aims of creating a strong Islamist presence in order to dominate and influence the world. Hamas is doing this in Gaza under the “liberation of Palestinians from the Israeli oppressor” banner, which in practice means the achievement of the destruction of Israel and its people. It is a well-known fact that Hamas is not prepared to negotiate with Israel, as it does not recognize Israel’s right to exist under any circumstances. Al Qaeda’s main targets are the US, Europe and moderate Arab states such as Egypt, which had suffered a triple bomb blast on 24 April 2006 in Dahab, a holiday resort, in the Sinai Peninsula. Their grand plan is to link up with Hamas and extend their terrorist activities against Israelis as well.

It is very unfortunate that more countries are showing signs of softening their attitude towards Hamas. Hamas is part of an Islamist terrorist conspiracy that will be gaining increasing support from Al Qaeda and its unholy allies to dominate the world. The latest country in the “appeasement of Hamas” game is Sweden.

The following countries in line to invite low profile Hamas representatives are Norway, Austria, Germany and France according to reports from the Swedish press. This is not going to change Hamas in her attitude towards Israel. It will also not render these countries immune from Islamist terror on the Al Qaeda scale. Instead of providing a united front against Hamas and its terrorist allies, these countries are showing signs of appeasing terror and, by default, endangering their citizens’ personal safety. It lays the way open for future Al Qaeda attacks against European countries that nobody can predict with certainty when and where it will occur in the future. The purpose of these attacks will be to lay the blame on Israel and the US, thus whipping up hatred for the Jews by blaming them for the violence.

The old axiom of “there are none as blind as those who will not see” could not ring more true than it does today. The attempts of trying to get the two parties in the Middle East Conflict to negotiate a peace settlement are futile while Hamas does not change its attitude towards Israel. Mahmoud Abbas, the Palestinian president says one thing while Hamas says the opposite is no way to start the ball rolling towards peace between Israel and the Palestinians. Mahmoud Abbas represents nobody. How can one engage in negotiations with him when he is so weak and ineffectual?

The future of negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians is very poor indeed, while the additional aspect of cooperation between the Islamist terror groups gains momentum. The situation is becoming more dangerous with the added factor of possible cooperation of Islamist terrorist groups, such as Hamas and Al Qaeda, who do share common goals of world domination as their ultimate aim.

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