Sunday, May 21

Mr Ronald Kasrils is Wrong

Mr. Ronald Kasrils, the South African Minister of Intelligence, has put his foot in it again as he has done in the past. He is now advocating sanctions against Israel for its "inhumane treatment" of the Palestinians. According to him, Israel ought to be punished for not recognizing the Palestinian right of democratic choice in electing Hamas in the Palestinian Elections. He equates Israel blindly with the South African Apartheid policies of the past. He is resorting to the anti-Israel tactics once again that characterized the notorious Conference on Racism held in Durban in September 2001 that turned out to be an Israel-bashing charade.
 Normally, the world would recognize the Palestinian choice of government in free and democratic elections. However, the world does recognize Hamas in the same way as it recognized Germany’s democratic choice of government in 1933 when the majority of the German People elected Hitler to power. This may seem an oversimplification. The problem began when Hitler, with the support of the German people, adopted a policy of rabid anti-Semitism and murdered six million Jews. Logically, must the world accept that because the German Electorate voted for Hitler and the Nazi Party in democratic elections, this gave him the right to murder innocent people because of their creed?
 Hamas was also the democratic elected choice of the Palestinian People. Nobody is arguing about that. However, when Hamas, does not wish to recognize Israel’s right to exist and embarks on a policy to destroy the Jewish People - surely, this is intent of genocide! This is unacceptable! Hamas has no desire at all to come to terms with Israel’s right to exist. If Hamas would change its attitude to Israel, Israel would be more than accommodating in future peace negotiations. According to Comrade Ronnie, Hamas, (like the Hitler Nazi Party of old) deserves legitimacy because it is the democratic choice of the Palestinian People. Clearly not a deep thinking man is our Ronnie.
Ronnie Kasrils, has proved once again, that he is self-servingly insensitive to the Jewish People. Some Jews, during the Hitler terror (the Kapos), had betrayed their own people to save their own skin. It did not work! Comrade Ronnie should heed his history that he forgets so conveniently! He shows no knowledge or sensitivity to the suicide bombings and indiscriminate murder of Jews by Palestinian terrorists. He overlooks the reason why Israel built the Security Fence in order to save lives from the indiscriminate terror that Hamas, Islamic Jihad and Al Aqsa Brigades carry out against innocent Israelis of all creeds. The Security Wall has saved many lives from Palestinian terror.
 Apartheid in South Africa is now confined to the dustbin of history and we are pleased about that. As an ex-South African Jew who had lived in South Africa during the apartheid era and loathed the injustices committed against the black majority only because of their skin colour, I welcomed the democratic change in South Africa. Today, living in Israel, seeing and experiencing what happens in this country, with all due respect to Comrade Ronnie Kasrils, I think that I am in a better position to pass judgment on his odious comparison of Israel to apartheid South Africa.
Comrade Ronnie attempts to deligitimize Israel. By his attitude, he has made a strange alliance with Mahmoud Ahmadinajad, the anti-Israel president of Iran who advocates the destruction of Israel. Ahmadinajad has expressed the desire to pass a law to differentiate between Moslems, Jews, Christians and other non-Moslem communities by coloured badges on their clothing, reminiscent of the Nazi Era in Germany. South Africa is silent on this matter and does not criticize Iran at all. Comrade Ronnie is so involved in Israel bashing that he overlooks the injustices and human rights abuses in many Moslem countries of the Middle East, including Palestinian violence on Palestinians. When it suits him or his agenda, Kasrils is silent!
Comrade Ronnie does not criticize the human rights abuses of his ally Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe who has carried out horrendous acts against those who oppose him 
South Africa today has the highest crime and AIDS rate in the world. The ANC have become prosperous and undemocratic fat cats, insensitive to the suffering of their electorate! Buying sprees to Qatar by croneys of the ANC are common practices these days. Comrade Ronnie has managed to ingratiate himself very well into this system. People who live in glass houses should not throw stones and this applies to you, Comrade Ronnie!
President Thabo Mbeki views himself as an honest broker who wishes to see the achievement of peace between Israelis and the Palestinians. It is doubtful if you do, Comrade Ronnie. Your actions and regular publishing of your opinions guarantee that South Africa is not an honest broker and has no part to play or contribution to make in attempting to find peace in the Middle East!

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Alicialouise said...

Dear Fellow Capetonian,

Please go to the Cape Argus front page of today. I live in Gordons Bay. We had the most terrible murder her yesterday, and as you know every day, virtually 100s. How are we going to get the message through to the world. We are being killed one by one. What are we to do. God save us.