Saturday, January 24

The Aftermath of the Gaza War

All reasonable people agree that Israel has a right to defend its people from Hamas rocket attacks in the south of Israel which ignited the Israeli response. Now those Israeli troops have withdrawn from Gaza, including the reservists, there still does not seem to be any desire on the part of Hamas to maintain the cease-fire. There have been violations which met with an Israeli response. We witnessed rather macabre scenes of the masked Hamas terrorists coming out of their holes, shielded by the Palestinian population in Gaza, many of whom lost their lives, or were severely injured. They declared a victory against Israel. Weird! The fact that they survived while many Palestinians were killed does not seem to make any indents into their false sense of pride and honour. It makes one wonder whether these “brave” soldiers of terror and fantasy are victims of a psychosis based on delusions of grandeur which is the disease of many megalomaniac power hungry dictators such as Hitler of Nazi Germany and their brutal followers of the last century.

The Palestinian victims of this war, many of whom were dug out from under the rubble of buildings destroyed by the IDF give them a sense of victory. Suddenly the cowering in bunkers ceases and the Hamas leaders come up for air spewing their hatred and fantasies against Israel! While the shelling and bombing was going on they were sheltering behind defenseless women and children sending them to their deaths while their tough skins were saved. The behaviour of Hamas towards their own people proves how indifferent they are to their peoples’ suffering.

Now that Israel has withdrawn most of its troops, the true scale of the damage and loss of life on the Palestinian side can be assessed. Many questions will be asked and the blame for much of the loss of Palestinian lives and their untold suffering must be at the door of Hamas and their terrorist allies. The architect of it all – the chief catalyst if you will is without a doubt – Iran! The smuggling of arms through tunnels on the Egyptian-Gaza border is proof of Iran’s involvement.

The Hamas reaction after the war – the arrogance and hate for Israel, as well as the total lack of desire for negotiating a political settlement with Israel does not give any room for any form of peace in the future. These Islamist fanatics are still determined to destroy Israel and it seems that they will soon find ways of re-arming and having another at chance at Israel in the not too distant future.

Hamas is a master of deception and lies. They expose defenseless innocent Palestinians to the wrath of the IDF. By doing this, they successfully mobilize world opinion against Israel by filming the most horrible scenes of blood and suffering of women and children. This is the result of them forcing innocent men, women and children to face a certain death, while they themselves hide in bunkers. Arsenals of weaponry had been discovered in cellars under Palestinian homes including explosives. The use of these people as human shields is very much part of Hamas tactics.

Both sides, Israel and Hamas have been involved in war crimes against each other. Both sides have exploited innocent people in order to achieve their aims. Hamas had been involved in unjustifiable rocket launchings into Israeli towns in the south in the hope of killing as many Israeli citizens as possible. Israel had retaliated very severely and this had resulted in Palestinian homes being destroyed as well as many innocent Palestinian casualties. The destruction and pillage of Gaza is evidence that apart from hitting strategic Hamas targets, many unfortunate innocent people were also killed. So much had been reduced to rubble and many Palestinian bodies were dug up from underneath. An independent enquiry ought to be made in order to investigate the possibility of war crimes committed by both sides.

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