Saturday, June 27

The Iranian Revolution & the Palestinians

Ahmadinajad has voted for himself many times in many ways.
It seems that the powerful Iranian Revolutionary Guard, Basij (paramilitary, plainclothes vigilantes - is the main force used to quell the anti-government protests) and various security forces have gained the upper hand and quelled the Iranian uprising for the time being. An uneasy calm has been achieved and it can only be a temporary respite from the unrest.

President Mahmoud Ahmadinajad may have proved his mettle for now, but the winds of change in Iran will blow again. It is more than forged election results although this may have been the catalyst. News coming out of Iran is scanty as foreign journalists have been expelled and a news blackout has been declared.

Fortunately news of cruelty and abuse of power is getting through the heavy censorship, thanks to internet software such as You Tube, Flickr and Twitter. Much of the news is authentic and does give a picture of what is going on in strife-ridden Iran. The scene of the killing of a 27 year old lady, Neda Agha Soltan, by a Basij sniper's bullet in front of the camera viewed by the whole world, was horrifying. She became a symbol of the uprising overnight - perhaps even a martyr. Martyrdom is much revered in Shiite Islam.

The evil Ahmadinajad regime can only fall when the Iranian Police and Army desert and join the uprising. While the forces remain loyal to Ahmadinajad, the uprising will fail in its objective. The opposition candidate for president Mir Hussein Moussavi, is a figurehead and his influence will weaken. After all, he is no democrat nor is his ideology very different from Ahmadinajad.

While the uprising of the Iranian people has gained worldwide support, it does not seem that there will be any attempt to counter the violent repression by the Iranian vigilantes loyal to Ahmadinajad.
How does this affect the Palestinians? Ahmadinajad has been calling for Israel's destruction in the hope of getting Palestinian support for his grand scheme of domination of the Middle East. He has given money to terrorist organizations operating in the occupied territories in order to gain influence.

Ahmadinajad does not care for the Palestinians; he only cares for his megalomanic self. He uses them and for now he will probably climb down from his perch and be more involved in internal issues of his country. His power base despite his success in quelling the demonstrations is weakened and the Ayatollahs of Qom are showing signs of internal divisions. This is where his power base lies.

Ahmadinajad's support of Hamas and other terror organizations in the occupied territories will weaken as his hands are full in oppressing the uprising. Perhaps this could be seen as Iran's intifada. It would be in Palestinian interests not to kow-tow to the Ahmadinajad regime.

Ahmadinajad is a dictator and he will tolerate no opposition to his regime. He would force a Shiite style Islam on the Palestinians if given the chance.

It would be prudent for the Palestinians not to support Ahmadinajad for the reasons mentioned. It is not even a case of the enemy of my enemy is my friend. Ahmadinajad is the enemy of Israel, Palestinians and the Arab World! Perhaps the Palestinians do not realize it, but they are due for a rude awakening one day.

In order to weaken Ahmadinajad the free world should apply sanctions on Iran in the same spirit as they did to apartheid South Africa. They should isolate Iran and recall their ambassadors until Ahmadinajad falls.The revenues from oil finance the Ahmadinajad regime. A total embargo on Iran's oil supplies would bring Ahmadinajad to his knees. The sooner this is done, the better for all.


Those who oppress
Millions of Palestinians
For 42 years –
Rave about the freedom fighters
- in Iran.

Those who rejected the results
Of the Palestinian elections –
Are shocked by the thwarting
Of the people’s will
- in Iran.

Those who shoot and kill
Palestinian demonstrators
In Wadi Ara, Bilin and Nialin –
Shudder at the sight of
The police shooting protesters
- in Iran.

Gush Shalom Ad published in Haaretz, June 26, 2009

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