Monday, June 16

The Kidnapping

The kidnapping of Eyal Yifrah, 19 years, from Elad, Gil-Ad Shaer,16, from Talmon and Naftali Frenkel, 16 from Nof Ayalon in the Hebron Area by an extremist Islamist terrorist group is cruel, disgusting and tragic. Nothing on earth can justify such barbarity. It does not serve any cause at all - certainly not the Palestinian cause of freedom from occupation! We are waiting to hear sane voices of condemnation of this barbaric act from the Palestinian Authority. It serves the interests, if any, of the Netanyahu Coalition Government that blames the PA and Abu Mazen for this and justifies their (the Coalition)  hardline attitude towards a peaceful solution. These Islamist Jihadi terrorists do not care because they hate any form of peace with Israel, irrespective of who rules Israel. It has nothing to do with the occupation, as many opponents of Israel claim. There were wars and terror even before the Six Day War of June 1967 and even before the capture of the West Bank, Golan Heights and Gaza that resulted from that war.

The PA does recognize Israel as a sovereign state, while Hamas and its various extremist allies do not.  These barbaric Islamist terrorists continue to kill and kidnap Israelis, resulting in peace being evasive between Israel and the Palestinians. They want to destroy Israel and the Jewish People, thus serving the right wing Jewish religious extremists more than anything else. Any remains of sanity, moderation and pragmatism will recede into the mist.

One must remember that Hamas is an Islamist, racist organization whose agenda does not cater for democracy, transparency, justice or human rights not even for their own Palestinian people.

Netanyahu's Press Conference on Saturday evening of 14th June 2014  was a predictable knee-jerk reaction. Terror and kidnappings of Israelis have been occurring even before the so-called unity agreement between Hamas and Fatah. It is not new and has nothing to do with Hamas-Abbas.

The whole unity bit is a technocratic agreement with not much meat on it. It is excellent fodder for the Netanyahu cronies. The barbarism of terror by the various Islamist groups has been going on for many years and to make political capital out of it is pathetic and shallow. It is just as logical as saying that Israel is responsible for Price Tag terror against the Palestinians, because the IDF and police are not doing enough to halt it. As it so happens, the PA Security Forces are cooperating with the Israeli Security Forces to find the Islamist Terror Groups responsible for this. They make political capital out of this terrible tragedy. Netanyahu's blame game on Abbas because of the technocratic agreement he signed with Hamas is a political tactic far from reality. There are moderate voices in the Palestinian camp and using the Netanyahu-Bennett tactic of the shallow blame-game is cheap and not helpful at all - not even in finding the barbaric terrorists who committed this foul deed.

The news in Israel these days are full of the kidnapping. Much of what is reported is speculation and to date the whereabouts or the fate of these three teenagers are unknown. Many experts - usually retired generals, who were connected with Israeli Intelligence, are commenting on the situation and theorizing. One does not have to be an intelligence expert to realize that each kidnapping case is different and the outcome can indeed end tragically.

As mentioned earlier in this article, the Palestinian Security Forces are cooperating with the Israeli Security Forces to find the kidnapped youngsters as well the perpetrators of the ghastly deed. It would be in Israel's interest if Netanyahu's tactless rhetoric against Abu Mazen ceases, as the cooperation with the Palestinians to find the kidnapped victims is more important than reaping political points from this despicable tragedy.

According to latest reports, Hamas is responsible for the kidnapping and have been sworn to secrecy not to cooperate in finding those responsible. This is very sinister and does indicate beyond reasonable doubt that they have connections to those responsible for this heinous crime. The demonstrations in the territories by Hamas supporters praising the kidnappings does give some hint as to the ideologies of those responsible.

Mahmoud Abbas has issued a statement condemning the kidnappings and pleading for an end to the violence. It is obvious that he has no control over the Hamas terrorist wing and he would be advised to annul the agreement with Hamas in a technocratic unity government. It remains to be seen if he will do so.

There is strong speculation that Hamas has many cells that are not answerable to any central Hamas command if it exists. This means that these cells operate independently and do what they wish without the knowledge of the political arm or even the so-called military wing of Hamas. If this is the case, the fate of the kidnapped teenagers is even more uncertain. No group within Hamas has claimed responsibility.

The most important thing now is to bring the kids back home safe and sound. All the accounts and blame-games must be placed on hold until we all know what their fate is - good or bad!

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