Saturday, August 23

Hamas Cruelty and Attrition

It is shocking what is happening in Gaza and Israel with this situation. It is intolerable! My heart goes out to all the innocent people on both sides that are experiencing terrible traumas and tragedy - unbearable loss of life and hatred. It achieves nothing. Here we are faced with horrific, radical Islamist groups with a common bestial ideology - Hamas, ISIS, Islamic Jihad, and who knows what else.

Hamas terrorists getting ready for carrying out executions
It is difficult, if not impossible; to live one's life being threatened by these barbarians, for this is exactly  

what they are! I think of the beheading of the US journalist, James Foley, in Iraq. I think of the Hamas kangaroo courts, executing 22 Palestinians suspected of being informers without having a chance to defend themselves. Any opposition to Hamas coming from Palestinians, who oppose Hamas, are served the death sentence on the spot Unfortunate Palestinians, accused of co-operating with Israel, are shot. Hamas are going into a paranoiac frenzy. Hamas does not care about Palestinians. They are expendable and because of Hamas hate for Israel they have created a hell for Palestinians as well. Israel has a right to defend itself and thank goodness for the Iron Dome and bomb shelters.

Why does Hamas not worry about the safety of the Palestinian People, but only about the safety of their own evil leaders hiding in underground bunkers, or in Qatar (Khaled Mashal, who is conducting a war from his luxury abode in Qatar) leading the good life, commanding the war? I hate the term "disproportionate force". It suits the Hamas agenda. Launching missiles into Israel in order to kill innocent people is also "disproportionate force". It threatens Israeli citizens, who are Palestinian, no less. The similarities of Hamas and ISIS savagery in their common ideology of hate and death serve nobody's interest apart from their own common agenda of hate and cruel murders.

If one thought that Operation Protective Edge had ended after the cease-fire, it just did not occur. The destructive and cruel ideology of Hamas and its leaders is not beaten yet.  We are told by IDF sources that Hamas has been defeated. While there is no denial that they took a severe hammering and their missile launching power severely curtailed, but it has not ceased. We are surprised that missiles are still being fired into the south and a four year old boy, Daniel Tregerman, was killed by an exploding mortar in Kibbutz Nahal Oz near the Gaza border. We remain surprised when volleys of missiles are still being fired into the center of the country. It is with great pride that Hamas took responsibility as if these Hamas Islamist barbarians, who are the other side of the same coin as ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and Syria), had scored a great victory.

These Hamas Islamist savages have the cheek to demand a seaport, airport, release of terrorists held in Israeli prisons, and uplifting the blockade before agreeing to cease hostilities in order to get arms from their supporters for destroying Israel. If there was no Hamas, but a moderate Palestinian Government that agrees to total disarmament, then Israel would lift the blockade and Gaza could become part of an independent Palestinian state living side by side with Israel. Israel, EU and US as well as the Arab States could then embark on a serious rehabilitation programme to restore Gaza and give hope to Gazans, whose situation is hopeless at present. While Hamas exists with its cruel ideology and terrorist acts directed by its proxies in Qatar, Mousa Abu Marzouk in Cairo, and the bunkers in Gaza, this is just not going to happen.

While not being a supporter of Avigdor Lieberman, the Foreign Minister and member of the Israeli Cabinet, he is correct in saying that the war against Hamas must not stop until the latter surrenders by raising the white flag. Any other alternative would result in a war of attrition with no end in sight. The terms of the Hamas barbarian terrorists are not negotiable under any circumstances. Returning to Cairo to negotiate with them under Egypt's mediation, directly or indirectly, is no option as we have seen in the very recent past.  It is a waste of time and strengthens Hamas as it calls the tune for ceasefires in order to regroup. HAMAS AND THEIR EVIL BARBARIC ILK MUST BE DESTROYED UNTIL THE LAST HAMAS BARBARIAN CEASES TO EXIST!

To all those double-standard, hypocritical, humanist whackos, who are still adopting the Hamas mantra of ridding Gaza of the Israeli occupation, accusing Israel of using the mantra that Hamas does not recognize Israel's right to exist and wishes to destroy Israel, are just as evil as Hamas and its ally ISIS.

A Hamas public execution of suspected Israeli callaborator
Foreign journalists in Gaza work under difficult conditions. They are not allowed to report the truth if it is not in Hamas interests. UNRWA schools are used as launching pads for missiles against Israel. Media false reports are coming from Gaza. The truth leaks out when these journalists have completed their various assignments and are in safety out of Hamas-dominated Gaza. I mentioned in a previous post the corruption of UNRWA as UN officials are forced by Hamas to allow the latter to use their facilities as launching sites for missiles into Israel.
Hamas savages dragging live Palestinian opponents by motorcycle until they die.
                     This is what the "humanist" whackos support.

The UN is to blame for the rise of the radical Islamist barbarians. The constant appeasement of these groups by the EU, UN and to a certain extent even the US has given a certain amount of strength to this evil disease of violence, hate and murder. Only Israel is involved in fighting this metastatic Islamist cancer - Hamas! In the background is the UN  pleading with Israel to end the hostilities and declare a unilateral ceasefire, thus strengthening Hamas. This is such sanctimonious hypocrisy! 

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