Friday, September 5

Four Thousand Dunams as Revenge

The cease-fire is holding after a week. What happens in Cairo, when Hamas states its demands, remains to be seen. It is certain that they will make their usual demands - sea port, air port, lifting of blockade, releasing prisoners and who knows what else may meet their fancy.Israel will insist on disarming Hamas before any of Hamas demands are met.

PM Netanyahu promised a "new diplomatic horizon" and "new opportunities" because of the changes in the Middle East. Sorry to inform readers, we are in for a big disappointment. We had a hint of that some days ago. The same old, visionless horizon has been his wont over all these years. He wants to prove to his right wing flank - the Naphtali Bennett and Avigdor Lieberman right wing members of his coalition that it is business as usual.

The Israeli Government decided to appropriate 5 Palestinian villages to incorporate into the settler-occupation enterprise. The name of the project is Gva'ot. It comprises about 4 000 (988.421526 acres) dunams of Palestinian land. The reason - revenge for the kidnapping and murder of 3 Israeli teenagers. The legality of this move is doubtful according to international law. It is the last thing that Israel needs fresh after a justified war waged against the Hamas terrorist movement. This move has no moral grounds. Israel does not need further erosion to its image, further loss of credibility, and the opening of a new Pandora Box of settlements.
ISIS beheading Iraqi Soldier

Revenge is more suited to Hamas and its ilk but not Israel. We should not be vengeful and lower our standards to that of the vengeful terrorist movements by unilaterally annexing further pockets of land designated for the establishment of a future Palestinian state even though it is not going to occur in the near or distant future. This move will give the UN another reason to condemn Israel and weaken its stance even further.

The timing of land appropriation could not be worse. Does Israel need to upset the US by this move? It serves no useful purpose. After all, without US help with the Iron Dome system, the Israeli casualty figures would have been catastrophic. Israel needs the US, which is Israel's sole reliable friend. The US displays severe naivety when it comes to the Middle East in the same way as the EU. Wherever the US is involved in trouble shooting, the terror movements get stronger. This is true of ISIS who has beheaded two US journalists, James Foley and Steven Sotloff and the list will increase as well as the kidnapping of UNDOF soldiers by the Nusra Front. We see the impotence of these powers. The only thing they do is to condemn  ISIS, Nusra Front and their allies verbally so far. How many more be-headings and torture must occur before a united front takes military action to destroy these savages?

According to latest Palestinian polls, Hamas popularity has increased and if there are Palestinian elections, Hamas will win easily. Mahmoud Abbas is weak and is propped up artificially by Israel and the US. He has no power base as he has no ground root support from the Palestinians. The wide support that Hamas receives, despite their severe defeat by Israel in Gaza, is incomprehensible.

On the other hand, despite the moral questionability of Israel's appropriation of Palestinian land for settlement in the West Bank, perhaps it is preferable to having Hamas take over from the PA if elections are held in the West Bank. The reasons are obvious. It would create another Gaza-type scenario on our doorstep with all its ramifications similar to what we have witnessed. The Israeli occupation is preferable to a Hamas-dominated Palestinian state, even for the Palestinian People. This would also open the doors for the entrance of Al Qaeda affiliated terrorist groups such as ISIS and its allied barbarians.

This can quite conceivably be the scenario after Palestinian elections in the West Bank. A Hamas ruled Palestinian state is a potential reality with ISIS and their ilk increasing in strength, while the Quartet remains powerless. If there is a justification for maintaining the occupation, it is to prevent this nightmarish scenario occurring. The UN, EU and the US have no strategy against the cruel Islamist extremists which are hidden within the Muslim Communities in their respective countries.

The racist sermons coming from Islamist imams in mosques all over Europe and US against Jews are frightening. It is grist to the mill of ISIS. There has been no wide condemnation by the Muslim religious leadership for these violent Islamist terrorist trends. It goes hand in hand with support for Hamas and other Islamist radicals. It is fertilizer for ISIS growth in Europe. The latter have been successful in drawing youngsters into their ranks for training and beheading non-Muslims in their quest to establish an Islamist Caliphate wherever they can. Europe is not immune as some of its sons and daughters are joining the ranks of ISIS for training and brain-washing.

As abhorrent as the occupation is, the alternative is far worse. The Palestinians are becoming more radical  A future Palestinian State under Hamas leadership is far worse than the occupation.

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