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The Kurds Deserve a State of their Own

English: The state flag of the Islamic Caliphate.
English: The state flag of the Islamic Caliphate. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Flag of Islamic State of Iraq .
Flag of Islamic State of Iraq . (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
The scenario of IS (Islamic State - note that this savage and cruel organization was called ISIS - Islamic State of Iraq and Syria,  whose aims were to establish an Islamist Caliphate in these two countries. Their ambitions have gone beyond that to include the whole Middle East, including Israel) plundering and killing non-Muslims as well as Muslims (who do not share their world view) in Northern Iraq and Syria is horrendous! Be-headings, raping of women and ruthless murder, in the name of their despicable and cruel Islamist world view, leaves the civilized world with a sense of horror, but nothing more than that.

These IS savages seem to be above International Law. The stuttering and hesitant EU (European Union), including the US and their allies, are not doing very much to halt the spread of this cancer, not only in the Middle East, but also in their own countries. These savages have mosques in the main capitals of Europe, with hate-filled charismatic Imams preaching their propaganda against Jews and non-Muslims. They attract many non-Muslim youth to their hateful, cruel causes, recruiting these wayward youth to undergo Islamist brainwashing in their mosques and eventually sending them to Turkey, where they continue their journey to join the ranks of IS savagery in Syria and Iraq after further brainwashing and military training. The hateful racist rhetoric coming from mosques in Gaza has a great similarity to the IS-affiliated rhetoric against Jews and Christians in European countries. Imams, who indulge in Nazi-like diatribes, ought to be expelled to the countries of their origin instead of the appeasing Neville Chamberlain-like Scandinavian policies towards militant Islam.

After receiving training, these European Islamist converts return to their countries of origin for carrying out terrorist attacks against innocent people in their quest to create a Caliphate-ruled Europe. The cry of "Allahu Aqbar!" is their credo as they go on a killing spree, usually as rabid savages with sick minds.

The borders of Syria and Iraq have almost ceased to exist. IS plunders and leaves a bloody trail of human headless bodies in their ruthless quest of establishing an Islamic State Caliphate. The EU, US, Canada and as far afield as Australia, are not immune to this savagery and barbaric cruelty. The statements of condemnation coming from the leaders of these respective countries are so impotent and naive. There does not seem to be much effort on their part to get rid of this cruel terrorist organization as it affects the security of their own citizens as well.

The US has made some impotent attempt at bombing these savages, but without much success. The attempts at some unity to rid the world of this cancer is half-hearted, ineffective and pathetic! Is it apathy or maybe a policy of appeasement of terror in the hope that their countries will be immune from IS savagery and terror? Or - are they all so preoccupied with condemning Israel in the UN for so-called human rights abuses against Hamas and allies to be bothered with IS savagery? We have witnessed terror attacks by IS associated psychopath individuals in Sydney, Australia as well as in France, Belgium and of course Hamas terror in Israel. This is just the beginning of Islamist terror committed by individual psychopathic murderers.

The only nation that is motivated in fighting these IS savages are the Kurds. They are more effective than the US and its allies with a fraction of the resources to do so. The Kurds are the largest, stateless nation on earth! The Kurdish women fighters are brave and resilient, deserve much credit in their fight against the IS savages. They need all our support in their amazing motivation against incredible odds to rid this blight against their people, the Middle East and the world that has occupied large sections of Iraq and Syria. Hopefully the territory under IS control will be re-conquered by the Kurdish guerrilla fighters and become the basis of the establishment of a Kurdish State, even if it includes  IS conquered Iraq, Syria, Turkey (who is also playing a dubious role by acting as a transit point for the transferring of IS trainees to Iraq and Syria), and Iran.

If there is a nation that deserves a state, it is the Kurds. Kurdistan can once more be the nation that it once was. The world must wake up and help the Kurds to achieve this. We all have a historic opportunity to facilitate Kurdish independence - more than anytime in history with IS on our doorstep in areas that overlap historic Kurdistan.

There will be those who maintain that Palestinians are also stateless and deserve a state. Most Israelis agree that they do, including myself. However a Hamas-controlled Palestinian State alongside Israel threatening Israel's security, oppressing their own people and becoming no less barbaric than IS is no option, not for Israel or the Palestinian People. The Kurds are different and are not into terror for achieving a state.

The world owes the anarchy in Iraq and Syria nothing! They are responsible for the IS gaining strength in these countries by the US failure in Iraq. Saddam Hussein was defeated and a vacuum for IS domination began its roots there and in Syria. Oh, I almost forgot there is also Jabhat al-Nusra - offshoots of Al Qaeda.

Even Hamas Palestinian terrorists are adopting IS tactics against innocent people. Individual terrorist acts are part of the same tactic used by "Allahu Aqbar!" screaming, murderers both in IS and Hamas. Their ruthless and cruel behavior makes Al Qaeda almost angelic in comparison!

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