Thursday, July 30

The New Left Alliance in Israel is Essential for Survival

The left in Israel is fragmenting. In order for it to survive, it must seek a new alliance that can give it a chance to regain power in Israel. The right wing coalition in Israel is moving away from democracy and human values. Even the Netanyahu Coalition is subordinate to the illegal right wing settler movements, who have been raising their ugly heads and establishing wild card settlements on lands that belong to the Palestinians. The latest settler activities go against the law and decisions of the Israeli Courts. They have never had it so good with coalition support.

Meretz Leader, Zahava Gal-on
If the left in Israel is not united it will remain a weak opposition and will strengthen the ruling right wing. Support for Meretz has remained static and is even diminishing. The Israeli electorate has shifted to the right and are cutting off their noses to spite their faces, especially when it comes to socio-economic issues. The Israeli Electorate has many sectors that are becoming more religious. Pension schemes (Kupot Gemel) are in the hands of tycoons of the likes of Yitzhak Tshuva and their greedy capitalistic cartels. These tycoons borrow money from public investments. Whether one likes it or not, if one has solid investments, it is not so solid. Those who invest their savings for retirement must be aware of this. The International Stock Exchange is on the verge of cyclical collapse and this will affect us all whether we like it or not.

Housing prices for young married couples are exorbitant and buying a home is impossible for many. This will not change while piggish capitalism rules the roost and the government runs after tycoons. It is a vicious circle!

All the social services that the citizen is entitled will be less efficient and more expensive. Education under the present Education Minister, Naphtali Bennett, of the extremist Bayit Hayehudi Party, is no paragon of educational values when his party flouts the Israeli Law Courts on decisions that go against the ultra-nationalist settler movements that attempt to build on lands not belonging to them.

The rule of law is wavered when it comes to the right wing settler movements with government coalition support that is unanimous. The heart of the right wing coalition is with the settlers and this means that the taxpayer also has to foot the bill for their folly.

These are just a few examples of the price we pay for a tycoon-friendly government.
Joint List Leader MK, Aymen Oudeh

The Zionist Union is also showing a movement to the center and Meretz is on the verge of collapse. The Meretz Leader, Zahava Gal-On, does smell the coffee and is seeking a new alliance. Peace Now had a convention recently in which many personalities from the center-left, and left attended, including members of the Joint List Party. She realizes that Meretz is doomed to the dustbin of history if there is no true soul searching and strategy to gain support.

A common platform that all parties on the left in Israel could support, despite their wide ideological differences on many issues could be initiated. This new left alliance should downplay the Zionist ideology part and place more emphasis on a common citizenship that both Jewish and non-Jewish Israelis share. A common patriotism shared by all Israel’s citizens for the good of Israel should be an essential plank in this new common platform. It could embrace Meretz, Joint Arab List and even the Zionist Camp. Balad that is part of the Joint List must also comply with a platform for the common good of all Israel’s citizens. It also means an improvement of quality of life and more confidence in Israel’s economy. It will also render the BDS Movement obsolete. This would go a long way in solving the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict and ending the occupation for the good of all Israelis. The static, non-movement towards a solution is bad for both Israel and the Palestinians. Serious negotiations with authority and vision is essential to put an end to this tragic conflict. A new left alliance will have the tools to solve this conflict.

This will facilitate restoring Israel’s image and would also improve Israel’s relations with the moderate neighboring Arab states. It will also form a strong, united bulwark against Daesh and Islamist terrorist movements that threatens all the people of the Middle East. The new Israel can play a pivotal role in achieving this. The economic opportunities for a Middle Eastern Union with an open border policy similar to the EU would be a wonderful goal for which to strive. At this stage it seems altruistic and unachievable. All new solutions are born from dreams.    

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