Sunday, August 9

The Jewish Terrorists - Result of the Occupation?

A Palestinian man inspects a house after it was torched, in Duma, near the West Bank city of Nablus, July 31, 
The blame for the terrible tragedies that have occurred with the burning of a Palestinian home in Duma and the loss of life of of 2 Palestinians, Sa'ad Dawabsheh and his baby son Ali, must be laid at the doorstep of the extremist, right wing religious settlers and their allies in the Israeli Government coalition. They have been engaging in incitement against Palestinians for many years. Instead of outlawing the Jewish Terrorist organizations, the government had acted apologetically over their existence over the years. They were viewed as a group of “wild weeds”, “handful” and “marginal” fringe group of extremists, whose activities were largely overlooked. They are Price Tag, Hill-Top Youth, and Lehava of Benzi Gopstein, the racist organization that claims justification for burning down churches. These groups are fascist hoodlums. Nothing has been done in Israel to ban and outlaw them. Their evil activities were overlooked.

It is the extreme right wing in Israel that is more disposed to carrying out violence against those who are different. This is the result of many years of occupation and the pampering of the settler movements of all shades and colors in the West Bank. These fanatic, religious extremists are building illegal settlements in the occupied territories and are getting services such as electricity and water from the so-called legal regional councils in the area. The finances go through third parties. Does this not throw some light on the cooperation between these “marginal wild weeds” and the settler movements?

The right wing has created a core of die-hard extremist, religious monsters, whose ideology is harmful and destructive to Israel’s existence. This has occurred under their very noses because of their apathy to outlaw these movements under their watch in government. Lehava and Price Tag instigators responsible for so much damage to Palestinian property and the culmination in murder is inexcusable under any circumstances. The handwriting was on the wall for many years and no arrests were made. The reason - lack of evidence bringing the perpetrators to court.

Behind all these terrible crimes are extremist racist rabbis who call the tune amongst their followers. The hate for gays and the violence against them was given the Kosher stamp by these evil “holy” men as well.

The Bayit Hayehudi Party’s Minister of Justice, Ayelet Shaked, wishes to pass a law legalizing the death penalty for terrorists murdering innocent people. According to a report, it will include Jewish terrorists as well as Palestinians.

There is similarity in the ideology of these Jewish terrorists to ISIS (Daesh) if not Hamas. All these organizations wish to destroy Israel. The Jewish Terrorist movements wish to establish a Jewish Halachic State, while ISIS wishes to establish a Caliphate based on Sharia. The former is a by-product of the occupation that went wild. The latter is the result of hate for non-Muslims as well as Muslims, who do not share their world view.

The Jewish terrorism phenomenon in Israel must be exorcised from our society for ever and all links to these evil Satanic groups and their rabbis that justify killing of innocent people must be brought to justice.

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