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Hamas and Company become Wealthy under Occupation

 Hamas' leaders - who are either hiding in Qatar or in a bunker under Gaza City's Shifa Hospital have gotten rich from their activities in Hamas. Far richer than you or I could possibly ever hope to be. 
Contrary to what pundits for Palestinians believe, the occupation enriches Hamas and the Palestinian Authority financially. The more these corrupt leaders bash Israel, the more prestige they get and the richer they become. They have an efficient propaganda machine; based on fantasies, lies and a macabre mix of Islamic radicalism (some say that there is no such religion as radical Islam. There is only one Islam) and land. Hamas and the PA have differences and there is no true unity between them. If there is a semblance of unity it is the desire to destroy Israel and establish a Palestinian state in its place.
Palestinian authority President Mahmoud Abbas, left,
 shakes hands with Hamas leader Khaled Mashaal, right, as the Emir of Qatar,
Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani, center, looks on, after signing an agreement in Doha, Qatar, Monday, February 6, 2012 (photo credit: AP/Osama Faisal)
Over the years, especially since the signing of the Oslo Accords, hardly any progress has been made in negotiations toward a Two-State solution. Today the peace negotiations are frozen and there doesn't seem to be any change in attitude on both sides towards any form of movement towards a solution to the conflict. As mentioned many times in previous posts, The PA leader, Mahmoud Abbas, has no support from his people at all.
The well-oiled Palestinian propaganda machine in the UN has succeeded in fomenting hatred against Israel and the occupation. The EU, US and many other countries in the world, are donating large sums of money to the Palestinian course. There is no accountability or transparency as to where the money is going. The UN passes anti-Israel resolutions while Islamic terrorist organizations are infiltrating Europe and even the US, blowing up innocent people, murdering and raping where they can. Not even a whisper comes from the UN. Daesh plunders kills and rapes in the name of their faith. The war against these savages is carried on half-heartedly. Daesh has sleeping cells in Belgium, France and in almost all Europe. Sweden is patronizing the Muslim hordes that are making their way to a better life - freedom to rape and create a Caliphate at the end of the day, inspired by hateful, xenophobic sermons by shrieking, charismatic Imams.
It is no different in Palestinian society in the occupied territories. The hateful, xenophobic Imams are there, poisoning the educational system, glorifying murder of Jews and creating a generation of Palestinians that hate Jews. How can Israel negotiate a peace treaty with a Palestinian leadership that is becoming increasingly radical and more intent on Israel’s total destruction? Hamas holds the key to peace or war and not the PA that represents nobody.
Another by-product of the Israeli Occupation is the phenomenon of wealthy Hamas
and PA leaders. The money donated by many countries sympathetic to Palestinian suffering does not reach the Palestinians at all. It does not reach any health, educational and infrastructure projects. It lands in the pockets of the likes of the leaders of Hamas, Khaled Mashaal, Musa Abu Marzook, Ismail Haniyeh, who are multi millionaires in dollars. Their lies and fantasies about Palestinian suffering rings a sympathetic bell to the left wing, hypocritical NGOs, whose true dedication to Palestinian rights is questionable. The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict is enriching Hamas and also Mahmoud Abbas, who is no less corrupt.
The Palestinian negotiating clowns are lining their pockets as well. If there is, by some miracle, a peace agreement, the professional, eternal negotiator, Dr. Saeb Erekat, would be without a job.  
Haniyeh, who is known to own numerous homes in Gaza, has registered them under the names of his children in order to avoid any backlash. In 2010, Egyptian magazine Rose al-Yusef reported that Haniyeh paid a whopping $4 million for a 2,500 square meter plot of land in the beachfront city of Rimal.

The Hamas terrorist tycoons have never had it so good. The moment there is a war; they disappear to Qatar, where their luxurious life-styles, and stuffing their faces with the best food continues. They only come out of their luxurious "rat holes" when hostilities end as in the case of Operation Protective Shield in July/August 2014. This is how they raise the moral of the Palestinian victims of the last war that they had created. After the war , Haniyeh returns, a well fed, fat pig and continues his hateful rhetoric against Israel as if Hamas won the war.
We in Israel witnessed a lone terrorist attack in Dizengoff St, Tel Aviv at a popular pub resulting in the shooting of two innocent Israelis and the shooting of an Israeli Arab taxi driver in Ramat Aviv on 2nd January 2016. After a week of intense searches, the terrorist was found in Wadi Ara in an abandoned house and was killed in a shoot out between him and an Israeli SWAT team. The reaction in Palestinian Street can be described as barbaric as this heinous act had the support of the terrorist Hamas and its allies and he was declared a shaheed (a martyr). This was contrary to mainstream Wadi Ara residents who condemned this cruel act of murder.
Those countries that have opened their pockets and donated funds for alleviating Palestinian suffering are actually prolonging it as their donations land in the pockets of the Hamas and PA leadership.
The Palestinian leaders are not democrats, humanitarians or supporters of human dignity. They are criminals and megalomaniac despots, who exploit the occupation for their own ends. They shoot those who oppose them and show no mercy. Why are human rights abuses of Hamas and the PA never investigated or condemned? The methods of cruelty that they use against those Palestinians in opposition to their rule are similar to Daesh. The influence of Daesh is on the increase in Palestinian Street as well. This is all part of the radicalization of Islam in the Middle East with its hate that has nothing to do with the occupation but plenty to do with the eventual establishment of a caliphate ruled by Sharia law. Israel is the thorn in the flesh of Radical Islam that includes ISIS and Hamas. The occupation to them is the whole of Israel - nothing more and nothing less! Blaming Israel in international forums for human rights abuses including the UN strengthens Daesh and Hamas, enriches them further as well as ensuring that terrorism will not be curtailed from which no country has immunity today.

Supporting the Palestinian cause today also means lining the pockets of Hamas as the Palestinians will never be the beneficiaries. This has never happened in the past and will not happen in the future while these evil Hamas tycoons are in power in Gaza and soon to be in power in the West Bank when Mahmoud Abbas goes.

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