Wednesday, February 24

Delegitimizing Israel Serves the Wealthy Palestinian Leadership

There is no doubt that the Palestinian pundits, who claim to espouse Palestinian rights and oppose the Israeli occupation, are feathering the nests of Hamas and their ilk. These wealthy savages do not care about the Palestinians. Their mantras of hate for Israel and support of killing Jews wherever they can is what these sanctimonious BDS pundits and communist-fascists support. The occupation is Israel’s existence and not only territories occupied in the June War of 1967. This has been made crystal clear by Hamas and the PA (in its agenda).  
The wealthy Hamas Lifestyle - Private Planes for "liberating Palestine"
Hamas, the Palestinian Authority (PA), and their terrorist allies are masters of deception, lies and fantasies. They know that the lies they spread on every world podium serves their interests financially. The Palestinians do not benefit at all. They live in absolute poverty and the brainwashing propaganda of racist and Islamic hatred for Jews is their lot, instead of money for improving their lives and infrastructure that includes education, health and social services to which they are entitled. The thuggish BDS movement, directed by pseudo-liberal sickos, is wallowing in their self-righteousness, lies and deception that Hamas and its racist allies spew into their pea-brains. They damage the Palestinian cause (whatever that may be) by denying them basic human rights in their support of Hamas. The Palestinian People deserve far better conditions than what their multi-millionaire Hamas buffoons in Qatar decide they deserve, if anything at all apart from hate and bloodshed, governed by their fantasies of destroying the “Zionist Entity”.
Another Hamas leader-turned-tycoon is Khaled Mashaal. “Estimates around the world are that Mashaal is currently worth $2.6 billion, but the numbers ...
Yes! It is the BDS movement that strengthens Hamas and motivates them to torture those, who oppose their cruel rule in Gaza and the enrichment of the PA, whose human rights record in the West Bank is no less dismal. The Hamas-PA Axis will never achieve an independent, democratic Palestinian State alongside Israel. Democracy does not exist in the Palestinian leadership. Human rights are a joke in the Middle East anyway. As far as Islam is concerned, democracy is the way of the infidel and will never be part of their agenda for an improved, humane society. Perhaps the US and EU still believe that under their parochial guidance, an independent,democratic,Palestinian State -  the Two-State Solution, will arise out of the shambles created by tribal disunity and bloodshed, as well as its desire to ethnically cleanse Israel of its Jews. The Palestinian, thuggish, leadership thrives on the poverty of the Palestinian People, claiming that the Israeli occupation is to blame for their misfortunes and tragedies. Every day that these thugs cry crocodile tears in the UN, their private bank balance enlarges.

BDS cries for them and it seems that other organizations like J Street is also falling into the trap of their lies and deception as well, while the Palestinian People suffer even more.

If ending the occupation in the West Bank is considered a moral and justified alternative, with the promise of an improved quality of life for the Palestinian People, including democracy and a human rights package, it deserves support. This unfortunately will not happen. At best, it will be a Palestinian State run by a dictatorial, despotic wealthy Islamic Hamas leadership that is quick to torture and murder opponents in cold blood in the streets after justice is meted out in their kangaroo courts. There is no “at worst”. “Best and worse” are synonymous in this case.  This is what the wackos of double standards - BDS and its allies wish to achieve. Daesh (ISIS) will also be waiting on the sidelines to take over from Hamas when the time is ripe, carrying on beheadings and raping every woman in sight. They will also take a bash at attacking Israel with Hamas support. Is this what these pseudo-liberal, Palestinian supporters wish to achieve? A Caliphate? Maybe this will be the alternative to the “occupation” (Israel’s very existence). We need to see what the Arab Spring has achieved in Syria, Iraq, Lebanon, Libya and other tribal Arab States (except the mono-tribal Gulf States) and this will happen in a “free post-occupation Palestine”. This will be a BDS and its pundits’ dream!     

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