Tuesday, June 21

Right wing Extremist Scumbags threatening Commanding Officer giving Evidence against Subordinate

Something is going very wrong within the Israeli Electorate. We should view it as a wake-up call towards a trend towards fascism as has been voiced by ex-Minister of Defense, Moshe Ya’alon, and even the Deputy-Chief-of-Staff, Yair Golan. The outcry and intimidation of those defending IDF protocol in opening fire on terrorists, who have already been neutralized or prone is wrong.  Many years of the Netanyahu-led Coalition has given rise to extreme right wing ideologies that are doing much harm to Israel.

Right wing extremist scumbags, who unfortunately are being coddled by some members of the right wing Netanyahu-led coalition, are no credit to Israel as a democracy. After the murder of the prone Palestinian terrorist, Netanyahu spoke to the father of the suspect and even considered meeting him. He was advised against it. It was inappropriate for Netanyahu to have any contact with the suspect’s family or show empathy. Prior to his appointment as Defense Minister, Avigdor Lieberman demonstrated support for Sgt. Elor Azaria, the suspect, and so did the Minister of Education, Naftali Bennett. There were strong signs of empathy for the suspect in the Netanyahu Coalition.  When extreme right wing scumbags started threatening the Company Commander, Tom Na’aman on the social media, they changed their tune as it became clear that Na’aman made the right decision to testify against his subordinate, the suspect, who had broken the law by shooting the prone terrorist.

Not doing so would render the Company Commander of being guilty no less. The senior IDF commanders are correct in not supporting law breakers, who disregard IDF opening fire protocol. The suspect’s defense attorney and extreme right wing activist, Itamar Ben Gvir, has got it wrong. I wonder if Ben Gvir would have held the same view if a soldier would shoot a prone right wing Jewish extremist, who had killed an innocent Arab. Praising and defending the suspect and threatening a key witness are the result of extreme right wing elements in the government, who demonstrate empathy towards the suspect.
Sergeant Elor Azaria (Photo: Shaul Golan)

The lunatic fringe – right wing extremist scumbags, followers of the Late Rabbi Meir Kahane of the outlawed Kach Movement, Price Tag hooligans and Lehava - the racist movement led by Ben Zion Gopstein, are being tolerated. These movements exploit Israel’s democracy in the same way as the Nazi Party in Germany exploited Germany’s democracy prior to 1933. This ilk is threatening Israel’s democracy and there is no sign of them being outlawed by the present Netanyahu Government. Israel’s Electorate is moving towards the right and in doing so there is the danger of right wing extremists gaining legitimacy. The words of the moderates, not necessarily the left, see the handwriting on the wall of a definite move towards fascism. Some examples are ex-Ministers of Defense, Moshe Ha’yalon, Ehud Barak, Deputy Chief of Staff, Yair Golan and many others - ex generals of the IDF. Their warnings should be taken seriously.  

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