Thursday, October 13

Palestinian Aspirations and PM Netanyahu’s 2016 UN Speech

We all heard the waffle of President Mahmoud Abbas’s address to the UN General Assembly could hardly be called a speech but rather a diatribe of fantasy, lies and frustration. Many years have passed and the UN members still do not wish to come to terms with the fact that Mahmoud Abbas does not represent the Palestinian People. He has no power base  and is a weak leader, who has been misleading rather than leading his people. There have been no Palestinian Elections since 2006. Like his counterparts in Hamas, he has amassed a great personal fortune under the occupation.

The Palestinian People have no leaders representing their aspirations apart from those expressing the eternal mantra of seeking Israel’s destruction. Both Hamas and the PA have done nothing to improve Palestinian infrastructures. Both parties are so involved in enriching themselves at their people’s expense as well as at the expense of many EU and other countries, who donate large sums of money to improve Palestinian quality of life, educational and health projects.  Instead of these goals, the money is used in hate for Israel propaganda, terrorist activity, including building of infiltrating, terrorist tunnels from Gaza into the south of Israel, and in filling the pockets of Hamas and PA leaders.

Yes, we all want a Two-State Solution and an end to the occupation. However with the various scenarios on the ground and the mindset of the Hamas-PA leadership, this is just not going to happen. Hamas will never recognize Israel’s right to exist as they have stated this ad nauseam. The occupation in their world view is Israel’s establishment since 1948. The most they are prepared to accept is a thadiya or temporary truce with Israel.  This means that once Hamas is able to gain enough strength it will break the truce and destroy Israel. We must remember that PA agreements (and Hamas agreements if that does occur by some miracle) are modeled after Muhammad's Treaty of Hudaybiyyah . It is very significant to bear this in mind in order to gain a greater understanding of the mindset of the present Palestinian Leadership towards peace with Israel and why peace with the Palestinians is unattainable, apart from their ulterior, corrupt motives of self-enrichment at their people’s expense. A “partner” dead set on Israel’s total destruction as a condition for a permanent peace can never be a partner.

The memory of many UN Palestinian pundit members is short or at best very selective. Prior to the 1967 June War, there was no Israeli occupied West Bank, East Jerusalem, Gaza and Golan Heights; it was Palestine that was occupied by Israel in 1948, including Tel Aviv, Jaffa, Haifa and Acre. This is the true occupation in their world view. The 1967 occupation is just the cherry on top of the “occupation cake” that has become a mantra.

PM Benjamin Netanyahu delivered an excellent speech at the September  22 2016 UN General Assembly Circus. I am not a supporter of PM Netanyahu and his coalition partners, but he said what had to be said very well. It is not the “illegal settlements” that is an obstacle to peace. Israel’s very existence and history has proved that since Israel’s establishment.

The hatred for Israel and Jews is so engraved in the minds of young Palestinians by the education system as Netanyahu had expressed so vividly in his speech whether it is social media, culture, Islam (according to their view) and the school system.

There is no Palestinian Leadership that is democratic, human rights- oriented as well as being transparent. A leadership that is corrupt and wealthy at the expensive of their people can never be a liberation movement when lining their pockets is top priority. Does the UN fail to see that?

Palestinian pundits claim that so much is being said that is destructive from the Israeli side discouraging solutions to this tragic conflict by not ending the occupation.

The question is whether anything is coming from the Palestinian side that is constructive?  The suicide bombings, lone stabbing attacks on innocent people, ramming cars into pedestrians, as well as shooting of innocent people from passing cars, education aimed at brainwashing young Palestinians in the social media as well as educational projects encouraging shuhada  (martyrs or martyrdom)) by killing Jews, are what  we witness on an almost daily basis for many years now.

The solution, apart from Israel’s destruction and a replacement by Hamas or a Caliphate ISIS-Style is all what we hear from Palestinian street. Surely with a Palestinian mindset like this there is no hope of achieving peace for many years to come.

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