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The Trump Election and its Manifestations

Donald Trump enters the Oscar De LA Renta Fash...
Donald Trump enters the Oscar De LA Renta Fashion Show, New York. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Election of Donald Trump has sent shock waves throughout the US and the world. The Democrats are still licking their wounds of defeat and will have to do a lot of rethinking in order to regain power in the future elections. Their choice of Hillary Clinton as a candidate was flawed from the start. She had made many mistakes in the past and Donald Trump fought an aggressive campaign against her that was cruel and it worked. During the campaign he even appealed to Russia to search for Hillary Clinton’s missing emails. Many US voters had enough of the way President Obama had handled the international Islamist terror issues as well as the the Islamist terror attacks in the US.

Trump is a well respected ally of Putin. Both are well respected allies of Netanyahu. Putin is an ally of Iran as well as Bashar al Assad of Syria that Putin is propping up. Both are responsible for the massive Holocaust in Aleppo, where over 400 000 men, women and children have been slaughtered in cold blood and their city destroyed thanks to Putin and Assad. Iran wishes to destroy Israel with Putin's armaments. There is also a strong possibility that Trump will ease or even remove US sanctions against Russia.

Another rather interesting phenomenon, post election-wise, is the bizarre unity between neo-Nazi groups and the alt-right that have supported Trump’s election for president. Even Israel’s Netanyahu Government Coalition has joined this strange group of bedfellows in supporting Trump. It is an unwanted paradox that the Israeli Government in its support of the US Ambassador-elect for Israel, David Friedman, who is very supportive of the Israeli settlement enterprise, and accuses J Street of being worse than “kapos”. The euphoria of the Trump election has surpassed all logic. Those who do not feel well disposed towards supporting Trump are ostracized and viewed as traitors against Israel. What about the American neo-Nazis, who also supported Trump?  

No matter which way one looks at it, the Two State Solution to the Palestinian-Israeli Conflict is not going to occur. It never occurred under previous American presidents and it will certainly not occur under the Trump presidency. Trump has been blunt about his opposition to the Two-State Solution and has made no bones about it. The incoming US Ambassador to Israel, David Friedman, has a record of supporting the settlement policies of the Netanyahu Government and he and Trump have pledged support for moving the US Embassy to Jerusalem. It remains to be seen if this pledge will become a reality, despite the threats of the eternal Palestinian negotiator with Israel, Saeb Erakat. The Jerusalem Embassy Act of 1995 is not against this move. After all it was the US Congress that passed this law.

President-Elect Donald Trump is definitely going to raise many eyebrows in his attitude towards Israel.  He will be a very different kind of president to any president that the US has ever had. We have to wait and see what team of advisors he will appoint and whether they will adopt a policy of pragmatism towards the conflict. The Palestinian leaders will not succumb to any form of peace negotiations as in the past so nothing will really change in their hate rhetoric towards Israel whether the American Embassy moves to Jerusalem or not.

President-elect Donald Trump is very unpredictable. We have no idea as to how he will handle the presidency and if he will override his advisers. One thing for sure, we will remain in the dark for a while as far as US foreign policy towards the Middle East and Israel is concerned and whether he will keep his pledges to his voters. It seems that Israel will have almost free reign in establishing new settlements in the occupied West Bank if we take Donald Trump's election campaign pledges at face value. 

Speaking to the New York Times in New York, Trump said he "would love to be the one who made peace with Israel and the Palestinians," adding that it would be a "great achievement," according to a reporter's tweets.

Trump requested top secret security clearance for Kushner, according to an NBC News report. The request for clearance was unprecedented and would allow Kushner to sit in on Trump's presidential daily brief, despite not being an official member of the White House staff. What criteria does Jared Kushner have for helping to get the peace process between Israel and the Palestinians back on track apart from being Trump’s son-in-law?

It is very difficult to jump to conclusions as to what kind of president Trump will be. If we view his presidential campaign and his pledges, we have much to be concerned. 

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