Thursday, June 8

Islamist Terrorism and its Allies

Over the last two weeks, London and Manchester have been subjected to Islamist terrorism, which appears to be escalating. The terrorist tactics involved are similar to Hamas and their Islamist allies’ tactics against Israel. Vehicle ramming of innocent people, stabbings and the use of fake explosive belts, followed by cries of “Allahu Akhbar!” (!الله أكبر) as their evil deeds are committed. There seem to be more similarities between Hezbollah, Hamas and ISIS than so-called Palestinian terrorist organizations wish to admit. While Daesh has suffered a humiliating defeat in Mosul and other parts of Syria and Iraq, they still have active cells operating in Europe and Great Britain waiting for an opportunity to strike.

What is it that makes mostly second generation sons and daughters of immigrant parents of Middle Eastern origin so susceptible to the propaganda of Daesh (ISIS)? What is it that even attracts non-Moslem European youth into the ranks of Islamist terror?

There are so many theories causing this attraction for many wayward youths, who somehow are failures within their societies and environment in which they grew up. They somehow, never “fitted into” what is considered acceptable norms of behaviour. They seek another way to prove themselves and are very susceptible to social media propaganda, the sources of which come from Daesh and affiliated hatred spewing Islamist terrorist organizations.

Another brainwashing source of hatred and glorification of destroying “the infidel”  which they refer to us non-Muslims is the racist, hate- spewing, charismatic Imams that deliver hateful sermons in mosques in their adopted countries in Europe and the US as well as in education. They issue calls to use any means to kill the non-believer. This definition of “infidel” also, includes many Muslims who do not hold radical Islamist views and this happens to include most Muslims, who are law-abiding citizens in their adopted countries.

The Manchester and London Bridge terrorist attacks provide further proof that Daesh terrorist cells are alive and kicking in London and Manchester as well as in various cities throughout Europe. The tactics that they have adopted are very similar to the tactics used by Hamas lone terrorists infiltrating into Israel. These tactics are the result of the brainwashing in the social media as well as appeals from radical imams as mentioned earlier.

When the UK PM claims that, Islamic terrorism “is a perversion of Islam”, that's cowardice after an attack in which the Islamic killers made a point of proclaiming, “This is for Islam” and “This is for Allah”.1.

No matter where you look, you will find that the strongest association between Muslims and terrorism is one in which Muslims are victims of it. 2.

Christians must, therefore, recognise that while some Islamist terrorists use Qur'anic verses calling for violence as a theological justification for terrorism, many orthodox Muslims and Islamists totally reject this way of interpreting the Qur'an. 3.

The attitude in the EU countries, including Great Britain, over the years, is to show sympathy and understanding towards those immigrants embracing Islam, by being “politically correct and tolerant” and taking this attitude towards extremes. Sweden even went to so far as to forbid journalists reporting the religious background of criminals involved in rapes and theft in order not to insult the sensitivities of Muslims in their country.

It appears that this tolerant attitude towards Islam has not achieved the integration of Muslim immigrant communities. Non-Muslim countries are paying a heavy price in blood from lone Islamist terrorist cells scattered all over Europe.

Ways of fighting this form of terrorism are:
1.   Arresting those in the social media responsible for creating and glorifying potential terrorists as well as encouraging it.
2.   Expelling those imams, who preach racial hatred, to their countries of origin.
3.   Demolishing places of worship where racist sermons and propaganda encouraging terror is preached.

We must not lose our sense of proportion even during these times of Islamist terror and remember that most Muslims are law-abiding citizens and loyal to their countries of adoption. European governments should heed the advice of British Imam, Abdul Arif, who travels in Britain speaking out against terrorism, said there were “no words” to express how he felt when he learned the attackers screamed “this is for Allah” as they hit on Saturday night.

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