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Corruption on the Periphery of the Netanyahu Government

The present Government Coalition is a disgrace to Israel. The whole government is composed of various political parties and each party has its own agenda. None of them represents the majority of the Israeli electorate. They represent various “pockets” of voters and are far from representing the majority. Hence the party that receives the most votes cobbles up a coalition with partners that together have right wing to extreme right wing views close to the majority party (Likud) that in this case received 30 mandates a mere 23% of total votes cast in the General Elections of 2015.

If elections were held today there will be no change. Benjamin Netanyahu is the longest serving prime minister in Israel’s history and is still going strong despite the suspicions of various involvements in misdemeanours and possible activities that are against the law. It is as if the noose of justice is very wide and is slowly tightening around Netanyahu’s neck as more evidence is being uncovered as to whether he will be indicted or not. There are four cases under police investigation that may or may not incriminate PM Netanyahu:

1.   Case 1000: Hollywood film producer Arnon Milchan provided what was described as “important” testimony late last week during a second round of questioning about expensive cigars and champagne that he allegedly gifted to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his wife, Sara.
2.   Case 2000 is focused on an alleged clandestine quid pro quo deal made between Netanyahu and Yedioth Ahronoth publisher and owner Arnon “Noni” Mozes, in which the prime minister is said to have promised Mozes he would advance legislation to reduce the circulation of Yedioth’s main commercial rival, the freebie Israel Hayom, in exchange for friendlier coverage from Yedioth. No such deal was ever implemented. Netanyahu denies any wrongdoing.
3.     Case 3000 - The Submarine Purchase Case:  Netanyahu not implicated  The justice ministry on Monday stressed that Netanyahu himself was not a suspect in the case but confirmed that in light of evidence collected by police, a full-fledged investigation was underway.
Some evidence raises suspicions that some of the people involved have committed "crimes pertaining to public corruption," a ministry statement said.
Both Netanyahu and Shimron have denied any impropriety, while the Kiel-based ThyssenKrupp Marine Systems said it has no contractual connection with the lawyer.
     4.  Case 4000: In a fourth corruption case, sometimes called “Case 4000”, police were investigating Shlomo Filber, the director-general of the Communications Ministry, over suspected securities offences related to a merger involving the national telephone company Bezeq.
Israel’s state comptroller released a report earlier this month that accused Netanyahu of failing to originally disclose his close ties with Bezeq head Shaul Elovitz, and raised suspicions that the prime minister — who at the time held the post of communications minister — and Filber made decisions at the ministry in favour of Bezeq.
When we examine these various cases, one cannot help but question: How come PM Netanyahu was oblivious of case 3000, where many of his close associates, advisers, senior IDF personnel past and present are under suspicion of committing  various crimes of corruption in the hope of enriching themselves on massive kickbacks involving state funds in mega-submarine purchasing deals?
This is totally outrageous and it is the kind of behaviour one would expect from a third world banana republic, certainly not from senior PM advisers, past and present IDF personnel, whose main object is to make millions of shekels on submarine deals. Is this the new face of modern day Zionism - GREED? To date more and more senior government officials are being arrested and brought in for investigation of bribery and corruption. Case 3000 is becoming more complicated and well-known officials in government are under suspicion of committing one of the greatest economic crimes in Israel’s history.
Perhaps there is some light at the end of the dark tunnel. Israel’s law enforcement authorities and justice system are our leading lights. Nobody is immune - from the highest government official to the lowliest criminal to prosecution and trial in a Court of Law if they break the law. This is Israel’s strength.
PM Netanyahu’s behaviour is like that of a cornered rat. His wife Sarah is expected to be indicted shortly. He holds rallies of support, attacking the media, the left wing, accusing them all of trying to unseat him by making up “fake news” reports. He views himself as the people’s choice and that he is beyond criticism as well as being a victim.
While PM Netanyahu, despite the police interrogations, has not been accused or indicted to date and can remain in office legally. However, is it acceptable from the public point of view that he should remain in office rather than resign? This seems to be a very politically toned question rather than a legal one and the answer is not clear cut, but rather dependent solely on the majority political view.

Sara's looming indictment, German subs affair, bribery suspicions and trusted Netanyahu associates have you confused? Here's a breakdown of each of the investigations
Judy Maltz Sep 05, 2017 2:28 AM  Haaretz

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