Friday, November 22

Netanyahu May Be Israel's Enemy Today

Netanyahu in his latest unstatesmanlike statement reacting to the AG accusations against him proves how arrogant and self-righteous he (Netanyahu) is. He is destroying the courts, the police, the left, the media which he failed to control in his attempts to bribe them to print what he desires. He calls it the free press that has been stifled by the opposition. Democracy to Netanyahu is he and his cronies' control of the press to give favourable coverage for his policies at the taxpayers' expense. In his own defence statement live on TV proves that not only is he his own enemy but also Israel's enemy even worse than Hamas, Hizbollah and Islamic Jihad in his attempts to disrupt the law courts, law enforcement authorities, the media and those, who oppose him politically as well as the Arab citizens of Israel who support the Joint List. He has declared war by demanding that those police investigators who questioned him ought to be investigated. He has also played a part in polarizing Israel's people by his disgraceful behaviour over the years during his reign. His reign is coming to a bitter end and he will scream and kick to prevent that from happening. After his hateful, remorse filled speech his defence lawyers should resign from representing him. He attacks the law enforcement authorities and his status has now changed from suspect to being the accused. He should resign and the sooner the better for Israel.

The die is cast and PM Netanyahu’s status from suspected criminal to an accused criminal awaiting trial. His statement after AG Mandelblit was a disgrace and far from being stately. It echoes Bibi’s narcism and his similarity to his favourite president - Donald Trump. Netanyahu’s attack on those who interrogated him saying that the “investigators ought to be investigated” as he, Netanyahu, has been framed and unjustly accused. The biggest problem is the increased ground support that he appears to be getting from his Likud Party and their massive support that the Likud still receives. Netanyahu ought to do the right thing and resign so that he can prove his innocence he claims. How can he represent Israel’s interests being under the accusation of fraud, bribery and breach of trust in three criminal cases? Netanyahu has chosen the path of war against those professional civil servants who carried out their jobs efficiently after perusing thousands of written statements, recordings and reports of state witnesses over a long time. Basically, Netanyahu has declared war on the courts, police, the press, the left opposition and even the Arab citizens of Israel, whose representatives in the Knesset he views as supporters of terror against Israel and failing to recognize Israel’s right to exist. He lies to the public to whitewash his accusations and viewing himself as the victim of a witch hunt orchestrated by Israel’s law enforcement authorities. The reality of the criminal accusations against him has made him declare war against the legal bodies that he is supposed to defend as prime minister. He is, in reality, the enemy of Israel by his unstatesmanlike behaviour against the state bodies that he should be supporting. He is unfit to be prime minister. He must go even if it means dragging him away by being handcuffed and placed under arrest for promoting sedition against the state. After all the accusations are basically the State of Israel vs PM Benjamin Netanyahu.

The accused, PM Netanyahu, is on the warpath in his fight against the law enforcement authorities of Israel. He had given a hint of that concerning the suspicions of his criminal involvement in the various cases mentioned ad nauseam over the last 3-4 years if not more. We now view a threatened accused criminal who proclaims his innocence at all costs, smearing everyone in his path that is carrying out their civic duty to society to combat crime in high places. Bibi, of course, with his wife Sara, and good-for-nothing son, Yair, the author of loutish tweets wreaking with racism are being witch-hunted by the courts, police, the left, the evil media that does not publish nice things about him and his family. Bibi views himself as pure as driven snow and above the law. He is now fighting for his political future using every lie that he can to convince his supporters of his innocence. Bibi must resign - the sooner, the better for all of us!

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