Monday, November 7

The Palestinian Donation out of Sorrow

The fatal shooting of Ahmed Al-Khatib (12) by the IDF in error is a terrible tragedy beyond description. The fact that the parents had agreed to donate his organs to six Israelis, irrespective of their religion, is a noble deed that can only illustrate the greatness of the Al-Khatib family of Jenin in their moment of grief in their sad loss.

The conflict between Israelis and Palestinians has played its part in demonizing both peoples in the eyes of each other. Yet, despite that, in the hour of their grief, the Al-Khatib family made an incredible decision in the name of peace which goes to prove that within Palestinian society there are those who still hold supreme - ideals of saving lives - despite all the hardships and adversity that this tragic conflict has created.

There is no doubt that Israel owes this Palestinian family an enormous amount of gratitude for their noble deed. The circumstances under which Ahmed Al-Khatib was killed makes their donation even more significant and praiseworthy than otherwise would be the case. The question that remains is whether, despite all the tragedy and loss of life, this could be a small start towards a lasting peace which both sides need so much?

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