Sunday, November 6

Sonic Booms as a Deterrent to Palestinian Terrorism

While the use of sonic booms to scare the Palestinians in Gaza may seem to be a rather extreme tactic, one must see its use in the proper perspective. It is the duty of the Israeli Security Forces to protect Israelis. Gaza has been returned to the Palestinians, the settlers have left and yet the firing of Qassam rockets into the green line continues almost unabated. The fact that there have been fewer successes and much of the terrorist rockets have backfired on the Palestinians themselves in many cases does not mean that this terrorist activity has ceased.

Would it be better if the Security Forces went into Gaza and made house to house searches for terrorists responsible for Qassam rocket fire? This would result in increased suffering for innocent Palestinians who may be coerced by Palestinian terror groups to hide them in their homes. Collateral damage to the Palestinian people would be far worse. Islamic Jihad has proved to be non-conciliatory towards Israel and have not accepted the cease-fire. Mahmoud Abbas still does not intend to curb the terrorist acts against Israelis within the green line, whether it is suicide bombings or firing of Qassam rockets.

So the sonic booms are not pleasant to innocent Palestinians neither are suicide bombings and Qassam rockets pleasant to Israelis. The former causes psychological stress to innocent people while the latter causes death to innocent people. Which is worse? If the Palestinian terror ceases, so will the sonic booms. The ball is in the Palestinian court.

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Michael L. S. said...

Well said. Can't find anything to argue about; are you going soft on me? :-))