Saturday, February 25

Hamas - The Palestinian Nazi Movement

It is now just over a month since Hamas won the Palestinian democratic elections. There is still no sign that Hamas is going to change its attitude towards Israel. Perhaps this would be a good time to examine what Hamas intends to do in the future.” Pragmatism” is not one of the pillars of Hamas policy. If it were, it would have changed its manifesto and recognized Israel’s right to exist and at the same time lay down its arms. Negotiations with Israel would be a natural desire if peace with Israel were on the Hamas agenda. This would be a positive sign that Hamas is preparing to lead the Palestinian people towards responsible statehood and away from terror attacks against Israeli citizens of all creeds. Unfortunately, what has happened is far from “Hamas pragmatism”. The idea of giving Hamas a chance to show its pragmatism is dreaming with no basis at all. Hamas is steeped in extremist Islamic doctrine which will not compromise in having a non-Muslim neighbor in their midst.

Hamas has embarked on a road that is non-compromising towards Israel’s right to exist. It has colored its statements with wild accusations using the terms “occupation and liberation of Palestinian lands” with great fervor. The end of the occupation in Hamas terms is the end of Israel – a sort of Armageddon. There is no hint of any compromising stance in Hamas language. In practical terms, the desire for peace is lacking. Many of us were euphoric with the signing of the Oslo Accords in 1993. We hoped that the end of the Palestinian-Israeli Conflict was close. Today, many of us are disillusioned. The zigzagging of Arafat and the Hamas gaining in strength during the later Intifada years including the cruel terrorist suicide bombers that they sent into Israel had left no illusions as to their aims. This led many of us to believe that achievement of peace between Israel and the Palestinians would remain unattainable.

The Hamas reality and its ideas of genocide is becoming more of a fear in the heart of Israel’s citizens. The Hamas Covenant has made it clear that it is the duty of Muslims to kill Jews at every opportunity. Nothing has come from Hamas to deny this. On the contrary, they are showing signs of developing relations with the notorious Israel-and- Jew-hater, President Mahmoud Ahmadinajad of Iran, in his desire to threaten Israel with her destruction. The relationship between these two evil entities – Hamastan Palestine and Ahmadinajad’s Iran - will grow stronger in the future.

History has a habit of repeating itself using different players under different circumstances and of course in a different era. This is true of Hamas when we compare Hamastan with Nazi Germany of the 1930s. Both regimes gained power through democratic elections. In a way, one could compare Mahmoud Abbas with Germany’s
President Paul von Hindenburg before the Nazis won the general elections. Hitler’s ideas of making Germany free of Jews as outlined in his book Mein Kampf makes this very clear. Substitute the garbage that Hitler wrote; superimpose it on the Hamas Covenant when it talks about the destruction of the Jews and you have the Hamas answer to the “Jewish Problem”. We have evidence of Hamas adopting a policy of genocide when it describes what they intend to do with the Jews if given the chance, or alternatively, when they have had enough of the long term “peace treaty” or hudna that they intend to sign with Israel. Hamas when viewed in this light is the reincarnation of Nazism. This reincarnation of Nazism is disturbing in the Middle East.

It is also popular to compare Israel with Apartheid South Africa of old. If anything, Hamas has more similarities to the old Apartheid pseudo-Nazi regime of white South Africa where blacks were discriminated mercilessly. Under Hamas, Jews would be discriminated against mercilessly, if not murdered!

It looks as if there is the materialization of this with the evil axis – Syria the shelter for Hamas exiled leaders such as Khaled Mashal in Damascus, Iran who is showing support for Hamas and Al Qaeda, the latter will become more significant in Gaza and the Sinai Peninsula. This will be a threat to many of Israel’s moderate Arab neighbours such as Jordan and Egypt no less than Israel itself. Recognition of Hamas is the same as recognizing Nazi Germany because both countries elected their respective regimes democratically. Does this give both regimes the right to carry out genocide because their electorate voted for them?

The conflict between Israel and the Palestinians will become more an existentialist problem with the
Muslim Brotherhood that has its origins in Egypt and Hamas as its modern offshoot as elected player. Pressure to return territory, occupied in the Six Day War of June 1967, will pale into insignificance. The conflict will become more religiously oriented seeking legitimization in the Quran for the destruction of Israel that Hamas regards as anathema because it is non-Moslem and thus has no right to exist under any conditions. The axiom that Israel is occupied Palestinian lands will gain further strength. A two state solution – Israel and Palestine is not on the agenda. A one state solution replacing Israel is on the Hamas agenda!

What can the world do? Appeasement of Hamas and invitations of Hamas to visit various countries such as Turkey, Russia and various Arab States will only strengthen Hamas and give her more legitimacy. If the world does not view Hamas as an extension of Hezbollah and Al Qaeda and will adopt a policy of appeasement, this will cause Islamist terror to increase. The former glory of Islamism when many countries were conquered under its guise and non-Moslems were forced to convert to Islam or be killed by the sword could show signs of repeating itself.

Israel has no alternative but to apply sanctions on the Palestinian Hamas leadership. After all, Hamas does not recognize Israel and has vowed to carry on the armed struggle until Israel ceases to exist. If the world by passes the sanctions they will be on the Islamist firing line as well. We witnessed many incidents of
Islamist Al Qaeda terror over the past decade. These countries opened the doors to Islamist extremists from all over the world and they paid a very heavy price in blood. Let this not happen again!

Hamas is a Palestinian Nazi Movement who is far from being pragmatic and is on the verge of embarking on a policy of attempted genocide.

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