Saturday, March 4

South Africa Invites Hamas

It is a very sad day for those who are against terrorism in all its forms. Many of us, former South African Jews, who have fought and condemned apartheid, are shocked at the invitation that the South African Government has extended to Hamas – the Islamist, racist, terrorist organization . The new South Africa, built on noble principles such as condemnation of racism in all its forms and the promise of equality for all, is not living up to its principles by this gesture. However, this invitation is tarnishing the anti-racist image of South Africa.

During the period of the Palestinian uprising (intifada) that started in September 2000, innocent Israelis had been subjected to the most ruthless forms of Hamas and Islamic Jihad terrorism that Israel had ever witnessed. Countless lives on both sides, Israeli and Palestinian, were lost because of indiscriminate suicide bombings in busses, public shopping malls and in the streets.

Hamas had won the Palestinian Elections as they portrayed themselves as an incorruptible political organization untainted by the corruption of the Palestinian Authority ruled by Fatah under Mahmoud Abbas. This seems to give them the legitimacy that they sought in the world. This legitimacy is snowballing and South Africa has now joined other countries such as Turkey, Russia, Iran, Saudi Arabia and Syria in honoring them with a state invitation. The message to Hamas by this invitation is a message that genocidal terrorism pays.

The invitation to Hamas to South Africa is a slap in the face of the Jewish Community living there. It is also a slap in the face for democracy. Time will prove that Hamas is not a democratic organization. Its main purpose is to turn Palestine into a radical Islamic State with zero tolerance for non-Moslems who will become dhimmis or second class citizens at best. It used the tools of democracy to gain power in Palestine in the same way that the Nazi Party of Germany in the 1930s gained power.

Hamas is a neo-Nazi movement who deserves to be isolated by all democratic freedom-loving countries in the world. The Hamas Covenant has made it clear that its intention is to destroy the Jewish People and the destruction of Israel.

If South Africa had made the invitation conditional by stating that they would invite Hamas if they recognized Israel’s right to exist and cease their terror against Israel’s citizens then there would be no objection to this invitation. Perhaps the South African Government is pandering to the whims of some members of the South African Moslem Community who are showing signs of increasing hate for the Jewish People in South Africa.

Allowing Hamas the legitimacy that it does not deserve in the world is only going to grant them increasing credence in their hate for Israel and the Jewish People.

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