Wednesday, October 24

The 12th Anniversary of P.M. Yitzchak Rabin’s Assassination

As the years pass and the anniversary approaches, one is reminded of that tragic evening. As one of many who attended the Peace Gathering that fateful Saturday night 5th November, 1995 and witnessed the tragedy as we left to return home, the scene of what happened can never be dulled in one’s memory. This Peace Gathering had started on such an optimistic note and ended so tragically.

Some weeks before the tragedy, there were rumblings on the right. There were right wing protests against the Oslo Accords. The demonization of PM Rabin had begun. There were hideous anti-Rabin posters displayed by demonstrators at many main road junctions. Posters of Rabin wearing an Arafat-style keffiyeh with drops of blood scattered all over. Montages of Rabin in Nazi style SS uniform were also displayed. Most of the demonstrators were kippa-cladded right wing supporters of the settlers in the occupied territories. The extreme right wing had used every trick in their lexicon to brand Rabin as a traitor who was selling out Israel to the Palestinians. Many right wing rabbis joined the bandwagon of hate for Rabin and gave legitimacy to his removal. These rabbis had followers who believed that all methods to get rid of Rabin must be employed.

Yigal Amir, a fanatic, right wing orthodox Jew, an adherent of this extreme right wing ideology, and a follower of these radical right wing rabbis took it upon himself with the aid of his brother, to pull the trigger thus ending Rabin’s life on the 5th November 1995.

Now 12 years later, the situation has changed. He is still in prison and married. His wife Larisa Trimbobler is expecting his child. How macabre! How could the authorities allow this monster to marry and unite with his wife and have a child? Something is not right here. We are now witnessing a frightening scenario whereby this murderer will gain more sympathy which will result in him being discharged sooner rather than later. He still shows no remorse for the evil deed that he committed. He remains steadfast in his fanaticism. More voices are being heard clamoring for his release! If there was support for his marriage and for him being given the privilege of fathering a child, it follows that once his child is born, he will gain support for his release for the good of his child. After all, a child conceived in prison is not kosher.

While most feel that more emphasis should be place on remembering Rabin on his memorial day rather than giving publicity to that disgusting Amir-Trimbobler union which will continue to haunt us for many years to come. The only reason to bring up this notorious union is to remind the public that Amir should serve his sentence until his dying breath, irrespective of whether his ideologically twisted wife miscarries or not. His life sentence should be his death sentence when his lifespan is over.

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I couldn't have said it better. completely agree.