Thursday, July 24

Entry of Ground Forces in Operation Protective Edge

Explosions in an Israeli Attack on Gaza

The IDF Ground Forces have gone into Gaza, moving at a slow pace supported by the Israel Air Force and Naval Forces. The object is destruction of the numerous tunnels that Hamas has dug for entering Israel to carry out terrorist attacks. Fortunately, the attempted terrorist infiltrations have been foiled so far. There are no intelligence reports as to the number of tunnels existing, so the progress to discover them will be slow and dangerous.

As very open happens in a ground force operation, it goes beyond the declared aims and a Pandora's Box of surprises can occur. Discovery of these infiltrating tunnels cannot be done by the air, only by a slow-moving clean-up operation. It will take a few weeks if not months to destroy Hamas terror nests and their enormous weapon caches under homes, hospitals and mosques. The army retaliations have no option but to bomb out these areas after evacuating the inhabitants. Hamas issues orders to the civilians not to evacuate so that the death toll can increase in order to capitalize on their evil propaganda for world consumption. These Hamas barbarians know that the IDF is very sensitive to the loss of innocent lives. This is the reason why they make use of human shields in areas where they have their command posts and weapon stores.In this way they can increase the fatalities of Palestinians for cynical propaganda purposes.They also strap explosives onto donkeys sending them in to explode Israeli soldiers where they can.

Israel is facing an armed, cruel, enemy that has incredible resilience. More infiltrating tunnels are being discovered and are being destroyed by the Israeli Engineering Corps. The IDF has managed to kill many terrorists during the ground operations but the resolve of the psychopathic Hamas to launch missiles into Israel has not been broken.

Many "bleeding heart humanists" are applying pressure in many countries against Israel. The silence of these "bleeding heart, double-standard humanist hypocrites" on other more pressing issues, such as the mass murders in Syria, Iraq, Libya and Sudan is pathetic. Israel is fighting a war of survival against a vicious, armed and cruel enemy. Thank goodness for the Iron Dome Interceptor system and the security cellars, where citizens flee to safety. This explains the low casualty rate so far in Israel. However damage to homes is large.

If these so-called "human rights activists” really care about the suffering of innocent Palestinians many of whom are human shields, they should demonstrate against Hamas terror and demand that they agree to the cease-fire that Egypt had initiated. This would save the lives of innocent Palestinians who are exposed to the cruelties of Hamas and have nowhere to hide. Hamas wants to destroy Israel and the Jews. They have support of many double standard "humanist" allies who are lobbying their respective governments, give a large boost to Hamas to continue their aggression against Israel and harm the Palestinians further.

Prime Minister of Turkey, Recep Tayyip Erdogan has made some irresponsible statements against Israel that has fomented violent demonstrations against the Israeli Embassy and against Jews. He has behaved in a shocking manner, rabble-rousing his people. Erdogan's true colors of hate for Israel and the Jews have come out in the open. He is now supporting Hamas. It is now dangerous for Israelis to travel to Turkey, which was a popular place for Israelis to spend their vacation. Turkey cannot be considered a mediator for a cease-fire because of the loutish statements of the megalomaniac, Erdogan.

Hamas requested a temporary cease-fire of two hours for humanitarian reasons through the Red Cross. There is nothing humanitarian about Hamas. They do not want a cease-fire.

The possibility of Israel occupying Gaza is on the table. It is a bad idea but if it is occupation of Gaza by Israel or "liberation" of Gaza by Hamas, for the Palestinians it is not Hobson's choice.

What is becoming clear to us is that all the basic building materials coming into Gaza from the Erez Crossing on the Israeli border such as cement has been used not for housing but for building a web of sophisticated underground tunnels for terrorists to infiltrate into Israel to carry out deadly terrorist attacks on kibbutzim near the border. These tunnels were built of a high engineering standard. All the so-called humanitarian basic goods coming into Gaza from Israel were confiscated by Hamas for their own use. The same is true of financial help coming from many countries. The money was used for massive armament programmes on a massive scale. None was used for rehabilitating Gaza or improving the quality of life in Gaza. They were left to fester in poverty and no economic development apart from propaganda, hate and preparations for the destruction of Israel was on their agenda.

The IDF ground forces are advancing. Hamas terror in places like Shejaiya is being located. Houses booby trapped with dynamite taking their toll on soldiers who enter. The Hamas secret of human shields which these savages have been denying is now becoming common knowledge world wide.

Haaretz reported on July 23rd 2014 that The United Nations Human Rights Council on Wednesday launched a commission of inquiry into alleged Israeli war crimes in its current Gaza offensive, backing Palestinian efforts to have Israel held up to international scrutiny. This is such a cynical attempt to blame Israel for war crimes but Hamas was not included in committing war crimes. The UNHRC double standards are not surprising. I guess firing rockets in order to kill Israel citizens is legitimate and not a war crime according to South African Navanethem 'Navi' Pillay, UN High Commissioner for Human Rights by the fact that it was not even mentioned.

Israel is justified to protect its citizens from the launching of rockets and infiltration of terrorists for killing innocent citizens. This is a war against Hamas terror committed against Israel nothing more and nothing less. It is not a war against Palestinians. Israel could have destroyed Gaza ruthlessly by the use of carpet bombs, but because of the IDF bending over backwards to avoid harming innocent Palestinians that are human shields by force, many intended targets were avoided.

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