Thursday, July 3

Islamist Hate and their Supporters

It is a sad fact that Islamist hate comes in so many forms. Before I continue to enlarge on this, at the outset I wish to make it clear that there is a huge difference between Islam and Islamist extremism. Islam is NOT a religion that preaches hatred of the non-Muslim, nor a religion that preaches terror. The three monotheist or Abrahamic faiths have their extremists that preach hate and create evil mutations of Islam,Judaism and Christianity. It starts off with bigotry and hate for those who do not conform and ends up in terror and bloodshed. The monotheistic faiths have the same common denominator in their origins - Judaism! The diversity from these common roots had both its positive and negative aspects.

Each faith had made positive contributions to the world as we know it. Judaism gave us the idea of one God and the 10 Commandments that is the basis of Christianity and Islam. The difference is the former is a diversification, as Jesus Christ, who was a Jew, had different interpretations and concepts unacceptable to the mother faith - Judaism, but had a large following that viewed him as the Messiah resulting in the birth of a new religion. His teachings and prophecies are in the New Testament which the Christians view as an extension of the Old Testament (Tanach).

Islam is also an offshoot of Judaism, in many ways, closer to Judaism than Christianity. An example of this is the dietary laws - it is forbidden to eat pork. Also the concept of one God. There is no trinity in Islam despite the belief in Jesus being accepted as one of the prophets as well as Moses. The belief in Mohammed as the prophet differentiates this faith from the older monotheistic faiths.

However, whether it is Tanach (Old Testament), Brit Hachadasha ( New Testament) or the Koran, the morals preached in these holy books show many similarities. Looking at these holy books we realize that Islamist extremist belief of hate and bloodshed is far from the true faith of Islam. Islamist preachers have twisted the teachings of Koran into diabolical hate, justifying terror and killing of non-Muslims in a "jihad" of irreversible hate.

All religions have their fanatics and extremists. "Religious" infighting has become predominant in their self-righteous attitudes towards those who are different.

In Islam, there are the Islamist extremists on the Sunni side such as Al Qaeda, Hamas, Islamic Jihad and numerous other offshoots, who are power-hungry, violent, racist fanatics who have no respect for human life. Their agenda is not democratic or human rights-oriented by any stretch of the imagination, but rather of spilling blood, creating chaos and hate wherever they are able  to establish autocratic Islamist rule. On the Shiite side we have Hezbollah, the Iranian regime, Alawites of Bashar al Assad of Syria that are no less cruel and autocratic.

The Middle East is in turmoil with no end in sight. Blood baths in Syria and Iraq, where the Middle Eastern pot is boiling and on the verge of spilling over.

In Israel, there is a clean up operation in the Hebron area as the IDF goes after the terrorists, who kidnapped the three teenagers. At the same time they are capitalizing on this evil incident to force Hamas to surrender as well as the destruction of their power base. There has been a news black out on this operation with very little information being published in the media. What we do know is that many high ranking Hamas members have been arrested, weapon cache's  discovered and computers have been confiscated. The kidnapper suspects are Marwan Qawasmeh and Amer Abu Aisheh, activists from Hamas in The West Bank city of Hebron near where the youths disappeared. These two Hamas activists disappeared when the kidnapping and the murders took place and their whereabouts are unknown.

Hamas is a huge organization whose military wing has a number of independent cells that operate independently from the military and political wing. It means that Hamas did not give a directive for the kidnapping and those responsible acted on their own. Hamas is responsible for creating the atmosphere for kidnapping Israelis and encouraging violence in the same way that the extremist right wing Price Tag has tacit support of extremist right wing elements in Israel, some of whom are even in the Knesset as part of the Netanyahu coalition. Viewing this ghastly act in that light means that Hamas is just as responsible for the kidnappings and violence against Israelis as the right wing lunatic fringe in Israel is responsible for the racist Price Tag that vandalize Palestinian property.

What is amazing is the indifference of much of the world towards Islamist Hamas violence, especially when it is directed at Israel. So-called "human rights activists" turn a blind eye to the horrors and torture that Hamas commits against Israelis and Palestinians.Do these activists want a Hamas regime? Some even go so far as to sympathize with Hamas and believe their cover-ups, lies and propaganda - almost sanctifying them as freedom-fighters against the occupation which they are not. As much as the Israeli occupation of the West Bank is morally objectionable, this is not a factor when it comes to Hamas attitude towards non-recognition of Israel. Even if Israel were to withdraw from the territories captured in the Six Day War, Hamas would still support terror attacks against Israel as their agenda is total destruction of the Jewish people. Their evil rhetoric and rabble rousing Hitler-style is all available on the net and leaves one with no doubt as to their "final solution" of the occupation. 

Our worst fears were confirmed. The 3 teenagers, Eyal Yifrach 19, Naphtali Fraenkel 16 and Gil-ad Shaar 16 were murdered soon after they were kidnapped. It is shocking and tragic. Nothing on earth can justify such an evil dead!

This ghastly, barbaric act serves nobody. It is because of inbred hatred for Israel. It goes beyond the occupation. The extreme right wing in Israel are making capital of this cruel deed and the war cry is "more settlements and revenge".A 16-year-old Palestinian boy, Mohammed Abu Khdeir, from East Jerusalem was kidnapped and found murdered July 3rd 2014, his body burnt, in a forest near the entrance to the capital. 

The reaction of Hamas to the murder of the Palestinian teenager was barbaric in contrast to mainstream reaction in Israel which condemned this tragic act of revenge.

This is a shocking, tragic, heinous act! Our hearts go out to his family no less than to the family of the 3 Israeli teenagers, Naftali Frankel, 16, Gilad Shaer, 16 and Eyal Yifrach, 19. These heinous crimes are unforgivable! If only the families, whose children, Israeli and Palestinian, were killed in these ruthless barbaric kidnappings, could find common cause by meeting and pledging for an end to this cruel and tragic violence and bloodshed. Both sides have lost what is most precious to them - their teenage innocent sons! Hamas and right-wing Jewish extremists have more in common than what either side would admit. A member of the Fraenkel family in mourning said:“There is no difference between blood and blood. A murderer is a murderer, no matter his nationality and age. There is no justification, no forgiveness and no atonement for any murder. If an Arab youth was indeed murdered for nationalistic reasons, this is a heinous and shocking act,” 

Hamas may not be responsible for this deplorable act but they are responsible for stoking up hatred of Jews, not only in the occupied territories, but also in Israel within the green-line. It is the same as saying that the Nazi politicians in power in Germany were not responsible for the Holocaust or murder of Jews. They had their SS and SA units that killed 6 million Jews. Does this not make the Nazi politicians in power responsible? Of course it does! Same with Hamas with their rabble-rousing and fantasizing. They will never cease their terror until Israel is destroyed. The occupation is just an excuse for their terror, even if there was no occupation they would still encourage genocide. Hamas has declared war on Israel and the Jews which means they must be destroyed!

Hamas is no paragon of virtue. It is an umbrella organization of Islamist Nazis! They have no democratic values, justice or dignity. Their treatment of women is shocking and they have no intention of helping Palestinians. They are cold-blooded fascists who abuse non-Muslims. Their ideology is violence in order to install an Islamist dictatorship which is not even a shadow of Mohammed's teachings.

Whatever punishment those Islamist Nazi bastards - Hamas - receive from the IDF, they deserve it. They are not freedom fighters, but savages, who abuse their own people and torture those who oppose them. They are not Muslims any more than extreme right wing "religious" Israelis are observant Jews. Both groups use hate for their own narrow myopic agendas of violence for dashing any hopes of peace and coexistence.  Both groups survive on vengeance.


James McMaster said...

Palestinian hatred of Jews and their desire for the destruction of Israel is a theme we have heard for decades from those who try to justify the illegal occupation of Palestinian territory and the brutal treatment of the Palestinian people meted out by the Israeli authorities. People go to war to defend themselves and their territory. You accord this right to the Israelis but not the Palestinians. Why? Are the Palestinians an inferior people in your view?
You call Hamas "bastards" and compare them to Nazis because they create an atmosphere of hatred,yet give short shrift to Israeli extremists who shout "Death to Arabs" and call for more Price Tag activity. Some Israeli politicians want to "teach the Palestinians a lesson" and call for another invasion of Gaza.
What is "shocking, tragic and heinous" is the absolute refusal by Zionists and their supporters to recognize the importance of the settlements and the occupation as key components in this conflict. But then again, it's much easier and certainly more convenient to blame those terrorist Palestinians. That way the Israelis can continue their policy of ethnic cleansing and hand over more Palestinian territory to the settlers.

Shimon Zachary Klein said...

I suggest that you read my previous posts on Israeli Jewish racism and you will see that I have written ad nauseam on this subject. I condemn racism of all kinds and this includes slogans such as "Death to the Arabs" as being abhorrent.