Saturday, November 14

The Tragedy in Paris and The EU Appeasement of Islamism

We have witnessed a terrible tragedy in Paris with the cruel massacre of close to 127 people, about 200 injuries ranging from light to critical. How is it possible that Daesh managed to send in 8 suicide terrorists to commit such a despicable crime under the noses of the French Security Authorities? We extend our sympathies to France and to the families and friends who have lost loved ones in this terrible tragedy.

J’accuse the EU with their vacillating, appeasing attitude towards Muslims. They bow to their whim and fancy, even to the extent that their attitude towards the culture of Europe takes second place to sharia law. The EU exhibits enormous tolerance for the Muslim onslaught on European culture and democratic values so non-existent in the Muslim world. The immigrants build mosques where xenophobic imams preach hatred for Jews and Christians, unhindered as this is their democratic right to free speech, while underneath it all there is recruitment of wayward European youth into the arms of Daesh via Turkey to training camps in Syria where they are trained to return to Europe to kill for the cause of establishing a caliphate in Europe and converting Europeans to Islam by the sword.

What is Europe and their representative the EU doing to counter this? Nothing! The EU is wasting energy on bashing Israel and hugging BDS “humanists” and their hypocritical NGO allies  condemning Israel for its “human rights abuses” of the Palestinians under Israeli occupation. The fact that many of these “poor Palestinians” are involved in acts of terror against innocent Israelis in their “justified liberation struggle” against the occupation does not influence the double-standard, spineless EU in their attitude towards Israel, which is apologetic at its best to downright indifferent at its worst.

The latest time wasting activity of the EU is to pass legislation to label Israeli products from the occupied territories for boycott while ISIS is preparing the groundwork for a mega attack in Paris.  How noble and brave is the EU!! The Palestinians “under Israeli Occupation” are far better off than their brothers in Syria, Iraq, Lebanon, Libya and Yemen where ISIS and their Islamist terrorist groups are decapitating and murdering without mercy. Yet the EU and the double standard NGO “humanists” continue to bash and isolate Israel for “abusing” the poor Palestinians that are harboring Hamas-ISIS home-style terrorists in their midst.

Can you imagine the Palestinians achieving an independent state in place of the occupation? It will be a state run by Hamas-ISIS. This is guaranteed! Enough said. It will not be a paragon of democratic values. Blood, decapitations and torture will be rampant. All this will be on Israel’s doorstep threatening Israel’s existence.

The pathetic EU is laying the groundwork for the next spate of mega-terror attacks on European soil by their appeasement and spineless attitude towards ISIS on their soil. EU, leave Israel alone to join the battle against Islamist terror! The “occupation” is our guarantee against ISIS and its ally, the evil Hamas. The alternative is far worse. Today it is Paris - tomorrow, who knows? The time has come to smell the true Islamist coffee beans and to unite to expel this cancer from Europe. It will never be achieved while the EU panders to the whims of sharia law and its hateful imams of the mosques of hatred in Europe. The price that Europe will pay by kow-towing to Islamist extremism will be great and involve more mega terrorist acts. 

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