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IS (Daesh, Radical Islam) and Nazism

Al Aqsa in Jerusalem ‪Norsk (bokmål)‬: Al-Aq...
Al Aqsa in Jerusalem ‪Norsk (bokmål)‬: Al-Aqsa Moskeen i Jerusalem (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Radical Islam is composed of numerous terrorist groups. Al Qaeda, Daesh (IS), Hamas - yes - Hamas, (contrary to what the usual double standard hypocritical left “humanists” believe, They are not freedom fighters for human rights, democracy and transparency let alone a democratic Palestinian State alongside Israel), Boko Haram in Nigeria and many other splinter radical Islamic groups too numerous to mention, springing up like mushrooms after a rainy, winter day. All these radical Islamic groups have more in common with Nazism in their hate and xenophobia than what one would like to admit. The terror and torture they carry out is proof of that.

Some of these Radical Islamist terror groups act in a specific country. Examples coming to mind are Boko Haram in Nigeria, who at this stage is killing, kidnapping and trying to turn Nigeria into a caliphate, Hamas in Gaza and the West Bank do not tolerate opposition in their ranks. They torture ruthlessly those who oppose them. They are not interested in establishing a Palestinian state unless it replaces Israel and the Jews are driven into the sea. Their stance is such that makes any form of negotiation impossible, except on Israel’s total destruction. The PA is on the verge of collapse and has no power to negotiate any settlement with Israel. All it can do is make clucking noises about taking Israel to the ICC in the hope of drumming up world support. At the end of the day, Hamas is no liberation organization for a Palestinian State except on their terms of establishing a Caliphate similar to the aims of Daesh.

It is an unfortunate fact that radical Islam in all its forms has a common ideology - the destruction of non-Muslim culture and the establishment of a Caliphate based on Sharia Law. While local terrorist groups are trying to achieve their aims in the countries or territories of their origin, the final plan is obvious. Their terrorism knows no bounds. The Paris terrorist attacks on 13th November 2015, followed by Islamist terrorist attacks in Mali, the US (“lone wolf” attacks), stabbings in Israel, and the list will no doubt increase. While there is no coordination between these attacks with IS, there is a common ideology that is embraced by all these radical Islamist terrorist groups and lone wolves - the ideology of IS (Daesh). These groups hate non-Muslims, while Hamas has a slight edge on hatred for Jews. The latter spreads hate propaganda against Jews and Palestinian children are brainwashed into glorifying killing Jews whenever they have the chance. There is so much evidence of this in the radical Hamas children’s programmes on Palestinian TV.

The cartoons of hate coming from the PA and Hamas ruled Palestinian areas are now reaping results of Palestinian hate education. Young frustrated Palestinian teenagers and pre-teens as well as a couple of older terrorists, armed with knives and cars for ramming innocent people to death, are also part of poisoning minds of susceptible youngsters into killing. Note that IS has more resources to carry out mass killings than Hamas. Is IS under occupation? Is Hamas under occupation, while their leader, Khaled Mashal, basks in his millions in Qatar, living the life of an effendi coated in gold? Mashaal is not under occupation. He uses the Palestinians and spreads lies all over the world and even into the heart of President Jacob Zuma of South Africa where he received accolades for his “fight” against the Israeli occupation as well as a warm state reception. He cares a brass farthing if not less for the Palestinian People. His allies in IS have the same mentality and desires, despite the fact that he denies this.

Palestinian leaders believe in a fantasy world of lies and distortions. Tell a lie often enough and it becomes a truth. They believe that Israel intends to destroy the Al Aqsa Mosque is a famous example of a lie that has hit the Palestinian psyche with a vengeance and is a catalyst for the stabbing (innocent people with knives) and ramming ( cars into innocent people) sprees going on in Israel today.

 Rampage: Hundreds of male villagers who refuse to convert to Islam have been shot dead by IS

In addition, the EU and the anti Israel NGOs (which receives much money from the EU) are part of the problem and far from the solution. The EU that shows more tolerance to radical Islam rather than uprooting it from their countries are now tasting the coffee that they had brewed over the years. IS terror has now reached their soil and is threatening European civilization in Europe. European appeasement of radical Islam on their soil and the apathy of EU towards it over the years have resulted in horrific terrorist attacks against their countries. The mushrooming of radical Islamic mosques with charismatic, racist Imams as well as social media, have been recruiting susceptible European youth to their ranks for training in Daesh camps in Syria. First generation Europeans of Middle Eastern parents are brainwashed into radical Islam ranks and are trained as killers after their stint in Daesh camps in Syria.

What is it that gave the US, EU, as well as many other 
countries such incredible tolerance and apathy towards the cancer of radical Islam mushrooming in their midst? Radical Islam is very close to Nazi ideology. This has hit Europe like a boomerang.

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