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Jewish Radical Terrorism on the Rise

Wedding of Hate and praise for murder
of Ali Dawabsheh, a Palestinian 18 month old toddler
The rise of Jewish terrorism is despicable and cannot be justified under any circumstances. The justification of revenge killings is not Jewish. It is savage and barbaric! It is no less barbaric than Palestinian terror against innocent Israelis. However, we must also be cognizant of the fact that the attitude towards terror by Israelis and Palestinians does differ. The former, apart from the radical “religious” Jewish right wing radicals, condemn Jewish terror towards Palestinians, while the latter encourages it in their education system by dehumanizing the Jews. They even find justification for this in the Quran. The increase of Palestinian lone terrorist acts by stabbing of innocent Israelis and ramming them with cars is considered justifiable and are even praised by Hamas, which is the Palestinian terrorist organization that calls the tune in Palestinian Street. Mahmud Abbas is not a factor at all in stopping terror. The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict is unfortunately becoming more religious-oriented than a land dispute. It is actually a macabre mix of both. This applies to both sides. Radicalism in both Judaism and Islam is on the rise.
Jewish terrorist groups are on the increase. The purpose of this article is to find the roots of this barbaric phenomenon and only by recognizing its source can a solution be found.
We must remember that right wing Jewish zealous radicalism has its roots in the settler movements in the West Bank. It was always mutant. Now the right wing party, Bayit Hayehudi, is in the government with its right wing National Religious Zionist ideology. It overlooked these rotten apples in their midst. One of the Knesset members of this party, Bezalel Smotrich, even is on record writing in his column in a B’ Sheva weekly that attacks carried out by Jews known as "price tag” should not be considered terrorism. It is just serial nationalist crimes”. If this is the case, crimes committed by Palestinian terrorists logically should also be viewed in the same light as “serious nationalist crimes”. With this attitude prevalent in this party, it is not surprising that a mutant strain of their ideology gets taken to extremes by extremist right wing “religious” thugs. Now after the damage is done and Jewish terror has raised its ugly head, Naftali Bennett, the party leader, condemns these acts of terror, which clearly have its roots in the religious, Zionist settler movements, who are now condemning it. The following research comes from Wikipedia - Jewish religious terrorism
“According to a study by the political scientist Noemi Gal-Or, after the creation of Israel, Jewish terrorism has been assessed in Israel as "far less significant" than Arab terrorism.[7]It lasted a few years during the 1950s and was directed at internal Israeli-Jewish targets, not at the Israeli Arab population.[7] There was then a long intermission until the 1980s, when the Jewish Underground was exposed.[7] However, some argue that in the modern era Jewish religious extremism has been greatly underestimated. The phenomena of price tag attacks began around 2008. These are hate crimes done by extremist settler Jewish Israelis usually involve the destruction of property or hateful graffiti, particularly targeting property associated with Arabs, Christians, secular Israelis, and Israeli soldiers. The name was derived from the words "Price tag" which may be scrawled on the site of the attack — with the allegation that the attack was a "price" for settlements the government forced them to give up and revenge for Palestinian attacks on settlers.[8] They have been variously called terrorism, particularly when they result in death. Another modern phenomenon is "revenge" attacks, motivated by a desire for "revenge" against Palestinian terrorism. A particularly egregious example of this phenomenon was the Kidnapping and murder of Mohammed Abu Khdeir, in which a Palestinian teenager was burned to death by an Israeli man and two teenagers. Their declared motive was vengeance for the kidnapping and murder of three Israeli teenagers. In July 2015, two attacks suspected to be by religious Israeli Jews occurred a day apart, the first a stabbing attack at a Jerusalem Gay Pride Parade and the second a price-tag arson attack against a Palestinian house in Duma. Shortly after the two terror attacks, one of which killed an Israeli girl and another a Palestinian infant, Israel came under criticism, including from within its government and from the Jewish community in the U.S., for not doing enough to address the threat of terrorism by Jewish extremists. Those saying Israel should be more proactive in addressing Jewish extremism included the ADL and AJC”.
Suspects have been arrested for the Duma attack and the Shin Beth has been interrogating them. The suspects’ lawyers claim that they (the suspects) have been tortured. Amazing that great sensitivity towards torture is displayed towards right wing Jewish suspects of committing terror but issue, especially by those who are right wing. Even the Israeli Government is on record supporting the interrogation methods of the Shin Bet in extracting information from terror suspects in order to indict them. At least, the government realizes now, albeit a bit late in the day, that terror suspects, whether Palestinian or Jewish deserve the same treatment according to the law. The government claims that the interrogation methods used by the Shin Bet are in accordance with the law.
The only way to combat the rise in “religious” Jewish terrorism is in education. The National Zionist Religious camp that is settler-oriented has failed to teach their offspring the importance of human values and dignity of all human beings. They view themselves as having the monopoly in the occupied territories and the Palestinians are inferior. This attitude is no different from that of Palestinian radicals towards the Jews in general. The increase in Jewish nationalism as portrayed by Bayit Hayehudi has undoubtedly also contributed to the increase in Jewish terrorist acts. The monsters, such as Price Tag and Lehava under Benzy Gopstein that are fascist, are rotten apples that have their roots in the National Religious settler-oriented groups affiliated to Bayit Hayehudi. It has boomeranged on them so much so that Naftali Bennett, the Bayit Hayehudi leader and Minister of Education has come out in total condemnation of these Jewish terrorist groups as the damage they have caused to Israel is enormous. This is creating a serious difference of opinion within this right wing party. There are even members in this party, who are not adopting Bennett’s relative “moderate” attitude that supports the work of the Shin Bet in bringing these young racist thugs to justice.
The occupation and the right wing National Religious Zionist Movements that support it must be held accountable for this kippa-cladded, unruly ear locked, hairy scruffy fascist thugs that are involved in arson and terror attacks against Palestinians as well as desecration of churches and mosques. The extremist, hateful, charismatic rabbis of the ilk of Rabbis Dov Lior and Yitzchak Shapira have great influence on the fascist Jewish terrorist movements.

Now these right wing religious settler-oriented Zionist movements are busy wiping the egg yolk from their faces in denial. The roots of these thugs come from these movements and have taken their hate for Arabs a step further. We witnessed the “hate wedding” in the West Bank and this was a shocking example of what is becoming more widespread because of the apathy over the years towards a right wing “religious Judeo-ISIS” cancer that is gaining support by extremists within the settler movement.   

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