Wednesday, June 29

The Anti-Disengagement Forces on the Right

Those settlers and their vicious allies who oppose the pullout are the creation of the various Israel Governments since Israel's victory after the Six-Day War of 1967. Lack of foresight and a certain amount of Israeli xenophobia had blurred many issues that could have brought peace with Israel's Arab neighbors were overlooked.

Time has proved once again what a terrible mistake Israel had made in her occupation policies. She had created a monster in her midst. That monster is the settlement movement beyond the green line. It had shattered the myth of Israel being the David amidst Goliaths. Had Israel developed the territories she had conquered, encouraged foreign investment to improve the living conditions of the Palestinians, rather than squander the taxpayers' money and oversea donations in establishing settlements beyond the green line, our situation would have been different.

Zealous, right wing, religious Zionists intent on colonizing Palestinian lands was the fatal result of the Six-Day War. Arik Sharon, with some pressure from the US, has seen the fatal mistake over the years. He is now risking his political future and creating divisions in his party by adopting the policy of disengagement from Gaza and with it the Gush Katif settlements.

The descendents of right wing religious Zionists are opposing the disengagement plan with all their might. They are closing down roads, breaking the law and causing damage to cars by throwing nails in the street as part of their demonstration tactics. They hope to gain sympathy for their lost cause.

The fact that Israeli soldiers have lost their lives defending these fanatics does not leave any impression on them! They wish to remain in Gush Katif at all costs! Apart from that, many lawbreakers have seized this anti-disengagement battle as an excuse to vandalize and create havoc.

It has now become fashionable to identify with these settlers by wearing orange ribbons and garments.

The right wing extremists are using democracy to force their will on the public. They are not democrats but fanatics who are only interested in their own partisan interests of keeping Palestinian territory that does not belong to them and is costing the lives of many people.

There is no doubt that the right wing settlers are responsible largely for the bloodshed that both Palestinians and Israelis have suffered. They have usurped Palestinian lands, destroyed Palestinian crops and made their home amongst Palestinians who do not wish to live amongst them. They have also exploited the Palestinian worker by paying him less than minimum wages. They have also treated them badly.

Many people have no sympathy for these right wing settler fanatics and rightly so. They have cost Israel dearly. If they do not wish to return home to Israel within the green line as many of them have demonstrated, they should be allowed to remain under Palestinian rule if that is their wish. The days of colonialism are ending.

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