Wednesday, June 29

Media Bias is in the Eye of the Beholder.

The international media such as CNN, BBC, Sky News, CBS, Al Jazeera and many other TV news companies report news as their reporters view and experience it. Those who accuse reporters of not being objective are those who are connected one way or the other, usually emotionally, with the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict. Yardsticks of objectivity are unknown by the average reading public and their judgment is subjective rather than neutral or objective.

The Middle East arouses many emotions and it is very difficult to be objective. TV News services may give factual reporting, such as Al Jazeera, using terminology to suit their listening audience. A classic example is the word "terrorist". Those who carry out terror against Israel are termed "freedom fighters" or "guerrilla fighters" by TV news services that are opposed to occupation of the territories or are hostile to Israel.

Bias on the news services may be a catalyst in influencing people but it does not is biased to the other.change the basic viewpoints of most people. News audiences are selective in what they want to hear or see on TV. If they see or view things that are against what they believe, they will consider that news report biased even if the news is factual and objective

There are no real effective ways to limit bias. Perhaps an international news reporting committee could form criteria on which honest, objective reporting could be based. Reporters are human beings with subjective outlooks and this could influence the way they report a situation. In any case, what may be objective to one side of the conflict.

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