Monday, June 13

Children in Militant Movements – Palestinian-Israeli Style

The place of children, whether Palestinian or Israeli, is not on the battlefield of conflict. There is no justification for the cynical use of children in disputes between warring parties.

The Palestinians have been exploiting children by brainwashing them to become suicide bombers. They have deprived them of the basic right to live and be children. The Islamist extremists who pump them with the most vicious propaganda by promises of 70 virgins in heaven are cheap, cynical and cruel. There has been a lack of the Islamic clergy taking a strong stand against this so-called "tactic of warfare". The use of the terms "tactic of warfare" and "collateral damage" because of a legitimate fight for the Palestinian cause in the eyes of the occupied turn this terror into form of martyrdom. Where are the parents? How can they allow their children to engage in this form of terror? What normal parent would condemn his child to a "martyred" death for the sake of a cause no matter what that cause is?

On the other side of the coin, we have the Israeli right wing extremists who are against the disengagement from Gush Katif and Gaza. They also make cynical use of their children in order to achieve their object of opposing the disengagement. Parents support their children in their illegal actions against the police and the soldiers who are carrying out their duty. These children are also in danger of serious injury. There have been many arrests of children for their illegal activity. The parents are no less to blame for encouraging their children's illegal activity.

At the end of the day, the children of both Palestinians and right wing Israeli anti disengagement supporters are victims of a situation for which they were not responsible.

When one hears the utterances of the children of both sides, it is obvious that they have been brainwashed by their parents and extremist religious leaders - Jewish as well as Moslem. There is no difference in concept between the two sides when it comes to the exploitation of children for militant purposes. Each side justifies their fight according to their own demented ideologies when it comes to the use of children.

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zac said...

It is true that the right wing settlers do not turn their children into suicide bombers.They use them in demonstrations against disengagement and for political purposes.