Wednesday, July 27

Comparison to Martin Luther King's Freedom March on Washington

How disgusting! There is no comparison to Martin Luther King's famous march to Washington DC on August 28, 1963. The anti-disengagement marchers are certainly no freedom fighters nor are they stalwarts of democracy. Many are religious fanatics whose aim is to maintain their right to settle in Gaza and not make any sacrifices for peace, which is for the well-being of Israel in the end. Their religious zeal is occupation of lands and not a march for human rights and democracy. This is a march of abuse of human rights. Tom Segev had mentioned this fact in another article. He compared it to the march on Rome under Mussolini.

The comparison to Martin Luther King jnr's aspirations could not be further from the truth. These right-wingers are NOT democrats nor have they any aspirations to be such. They are religious Zionist fanatics of the worst kind whose ideology is not very distant from fascism. They take the law into their own hands. Now some are giving support to the assassination of PM Ariel Sharon in macabre "pulsa denura" ceremonies. Where does this compare with the late Martin Luther King jnr? It takes a rather twisted and sick mind to make this ridiculous comparison. Apart from that, Martin Luther King's March was legal whereas the anti-disengagement demonstrations are not. They have created havoc towards those who were not involved by blocking roads and burning tires not to mention damage done to private property.

The settlers in Gush Katif have made very little contribution to Israel. Perhaps their contribution is to increase the population according to the first commandment. They have complicated the negotiations for peace with the Palestinians, which is not straight forward as it is. They have a fanatic religious zeal to conquer Palestinian land and pay any price to remain there.

They make cynical use of democracy to attain that goal of settlement expansion amongst a population that does not want them on their doorstep. These settlers are not fighting for democracy or human kind but for their own selfish and racist interests. They wish to keep the Palestinians under occupation and a cheap source of labour for working in their hot houses. There is nothing democratic or liberal in their ideology. One must also remember that fanatic, orthodox Judaism which these people follow is not democratic and is bound up with conquering territory and subjugating the Palestinians.

The disengagement has its pitfalls. When Israel had withdrawn from occupied territories such as Sinai and Yamit in the past, there was no Hamas, Islamic Jihad to fill that vacuum. Today, there is some danger in the withdrawal. Hamas and Company terrorists could fill the vacuum because of the disengagement. They may continue firing Kassam rockets and missiles into Israeli towns such as Ashkelon – not to mention Sderot, which is still under fire from the Palestinian terrorists.

Today the Palestinian Security forces are in total disarray and their ability to control the terror against Israel is highly questionable. Nevertheless, it is not in Israel's interest to remain in Gaza and sacrifice soldiers lives in order to protect settlers living in Gush Katif. They must return to Israel's mainland.

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