Saturday, July 9

The Terror Attacks in London

London has witnessed one of the biggest attacks on her transport system in history. There had been warnings in the past that London is a potential target for a mega terrorist attack. It was a matter of time before it would occur. The time had arrived and caught the British People by surprise. The nature of this attack is similar to Al Qaeda mega attacks in Madrid on 11th March 2004. This is typical of an Al Qaeda attack. Their aim is to kill as many people as possible. It is a terrible tragedy. It would not be surprising if some Al Qaeda cells cooperate with Hezbollah in Lebanon, Hamas in Palestine as well as Islamic Jihad.

These attacks occur because the world is expedient towards the Islamist militants. Many Moslem Arab immigrants leave their countries of origin for pastures anew in the West. They brought their baggage of frustration with them. Many failed to "make it" in the West. They vented their frustrations on their adopted countries and some became Islamist militants.

Israel had been suffering from terrorist attacks for many years whether it is suicide bombings of innocent people, strategically placed homemade pipe bombs and so on.

The reaction of the West, while condemning these vile acts of terror against innocent people, had also been apologetic towards the "poor frustrated Palestinians" under Israeli occupation. They all tried to find a "psychological reason" for suicide attacks and perhaps show understanding for terrorism backhandedly. The same attitude prevailed towards militant Islamists. They never realized that this attitude would boomerang onto them as well. Many of countries, who had been easy on Arab immigration en masse, are now reaping the fruits of their tolerance, as many mosques had become havens for terrorist activity. These Islamist terrorists had used their adopted countries to hit at the West for their own failures. No country is immune from Islamist terror today. The West, in its hunger for oil and fear of the oil weapon against them, had adopted a tolerant immigration policy toward Arab immigration. Can one find a valid "psychological reason" for the cruel attacks that occurred in London?

Anybody who tries to differentiate between Hamas, Islamic Jihad, Al Qaeda, Hezbollah and all other splinter Islamist Groups waiting in the shadows to strike out against innocent people wherever they are, are bluffing himself or herself into a sense of security. There is no difference! All these terrorists have one thing in common – to kill and maim as many people as possible, irrespective of their faith, creed and color! This is their common ideology. They may have various superficial differences in their so-called "fight for liberation". This Islamist terrorist cancer is the result of a laissez faire attitude by the West towards Islamist immigration. Many Islamist Mosques established in Britain became the focus of Islamist Militarism in various sermons on Fridays. They used the freedom of democracy in their adopted countries to destroy Western values and spew hate against the West. They operated not only in Britain but also in many countries of Europe unhindered by the law. It is a matter of time before there is another Islamist terrorist act against one of these countries. These Islamist terrorists are going against the teachings of Islam. While the Arab Countries have condemned the bombings, there are elements that have been indifferent.

The various Al Qaeda cells that nurtured on the democracy of Europe are now attempting to destroy the system that nurtured them. It seems as if the situation has gone out of hand. Al Qaeda and its splinter groups have tentacles all over the world and there does not seem to be any leads to combat them.

While the world is not united in combating terrorism and confusing elements of terrorism with "freedom fighting" Hamas, Islamic Jihad and Hezbollah-style, Islamist terror will threaten Western values and democracy for many years to come.

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