Wednesday, July 20

Ken Livingstone – the Mayor of London has done it Again

Ken Livingstone – the Mayor of London defends the use of Palestinian suicide bombers. Apparently, the honorable gentleman differentiates between terror directed towards his own people and Israeli citizens. He condemns the London bombings in very strong terms but justifies Palestinian terror when directed at innocent Israelis. This person is an example of double standards second to none.

The reasoning is crooked and illogical. It also illustrates Mr. Livingstone's total ignorance of the Palestinian-Israeli dispute. He views the Palestinian as the underdog, suffering and subjected to inhuman treatment by Israel. He also sees Israel as abusing Palestinian human rights. This gives the Palestinians legitimacy to kill innocent Israeli citizens by using the suicide bomber. According to him, Israelis are violent and the poor Palestinians, who have limited resources to defend themselves from the might of the Israeli Army, are using a legitimate tactic against Israel.

This means that Mr. Livingstone is not a man of peace. He condones terror when directed at others and not his own. He is an amoral person. Terror is terror that is directed towards innocent people. He who does not condemn terror will eventually be a victim of it himself. There is no such thing as justifiable terror or otherwise.

Does Mr. Livingstone not understand that Israel has an existential problem with Palestinian terrorists such as Hamas, Islamic Jihad, Al-Aqsa Brigades and all the other splinter groups including factions of Al-Fatah. These terrorists are not prepared to recognize Israel's right to exist. Does Mr. Livingstone support the Hamas Charter hell bent on Israel's total destruction? Of course, Mr. Livingstone I presume, you support that as they are only fighting for their freedom from the occupation. Livingstone said that Israel has "done horrendous things which border on crimes against humanity the way they have indiscriminately slaughtered men, women and children in the West Bank and Gaza for decades."Does Mr. Livingstone know that the suicide bombers have taken refuge amongst the civilian Palestinian population and whose families were promised over $500 by Iran for every family who sacrifices a "martyr" for the sake of getting seventy virgins in heaven? Surely, Mr. Livingstone, your ignorance is misconceived bliss.

None who condemns terror when it is close to home and supports terror elsewhere when it is far from home and for the sake of expediency can be taken seriously. Mr. Livingstone you are a total disgrace to your country and show lack of knowledge in what is happening in the Middle East. What about Britain's participation in the Iraqi War? Do you regard the suicide attacks in Iraq by Iraqi terrorist factions against U.S. and British soldiers and civilians as legitimate? After all, according to your logic, they are fighting the occupation with limited resources. I fail to see the difference here between Al-Qaeda, Hamas and Zarqawi – maybe you do?

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