Saturday, August 13

The Armed Struggle, Hamas & Co Style will continue

Already there are hints that the armed struggle against Israel will continue irrespective of the disengagement. Hamas has said that much. There have already been provocative statements even from Mahmoud Abbas. Are we on the threshold of renewed terror after the disengagement, including the possible establishment of an Al-Qaeda cell in Gaza in the near future?

This is not an easy time for Israel. The disengagement decisions are the correct ones from a moral standpoint. However, when there does not seem to be a serious partner with whom to negotiate about the future, many very serious questions and misgivings remain. The withdrawal of settlers within the green line in the disengagement decisions is a necessity for a smooth transition from Israel's point of view. The Palestinian Authority may also hold that view. However, the playing cards as to the future lie in the hands of Hamas who seem to be increasing their influence in Palestinian street. Another point of concern is the fact that they have remained an armed militia with Islamic Jihad. Mahmoud Abbas has decided to appease the terrorist groups by not disarming them. This does not bode well for the future of peace in this area.

To date, Mahmoud Abbas's Security Forces have not shown any signs of controlling the terror. There does not seem to be any hint that there will be an improvement in that situation. This means that the Israeli Security Forces will be withdrawing from Gaza but will have to remain very alert to any escalation of terror that could occur after the withdrawal. The firing of Qassam rockets as well as missiles into Ashkelon will remain a strong possibility.

The advantages of the disengagement are twofold. This is the reason why it should be supported, despite its inherent dangers:

  1. The Israel Army will not be utilized in protecting settlers in occupied Gaza from Palestinian terrorists with great risk to the lives of the soldiers.
  2. Israel's international standing will improve, as the world will view Israel favorably because of her attempt to disengage from the Palestinian areas conquered in the Six Day War of June 1967. Israel will not be seen as an occupier, which has been a very strong propaganda factor, utilized by the Palestinians.

These two factors are very important in justifying Ariel Sharon's position for disengagement. The inherent dangers in the aftermath of the withdrawal remain. The alternative to disengagement would be even worse. The thought of settlers remaining in the occupied areas could create an even worse scenario in the future. More bloodshed and loss of life in continuous clashes with the Palestinians would remain the order of the day.

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