Thursday, August 11

The Jewish Fascists

How short memories are! In 1933, the Nazi Party under Hitler came into power in Germany. Germany in pre-Nazi times was one of the most democratic countries in the world. The Nazis abused the democratic system in Germany by slogans, rabble rousing, incitement, war mongering and last but not least anti-Semitism.They were elected to power democratically. The results of that are well known! Had Germany banned this lunatic fringe at that time, would there have been an outcry that democracy in Germany is being threatened?

What is the difference? The Jewish Fascist movement Kach (and their racist offshoots including various tsitsit and kippa-cladded pseudo-religious louts) does not espouse to democracy but abuses the democracy system of Israel as a means for their ends. There is no doubt that if Kach would be legal and gain power, there would be no democracy in Israel and many people would suffer because of their abuse of power and not being Jewish.

The prevention of these louts from carrying out racist incitement and violence serves democracy. Many of these extremists will be joining the opposers of the disengagement in demonstrations at the 11th hour before the deadline on the 14 Th August. There have been macabre prayer services at the Western Wall and the masses of people that gathered were frightening.

The biggest danger to Israel these days come from these right wing extremists. They are the lunatic fringe and are involved with incitement. Those who are involved in the incitement to flout the law are rabbinical leaders whose influence amongst the right wing religious movements is high. Former chief rabbi Avraham Shapira is a case in point. Another prominent religious Zionism rabbi, Rabbi Shlomo Aviner, has also goaded the soldiers not to carry out army orders. There is an inherent danger in these pronouncements. It gives legitimacy to anarchy and does not serve the purpose of democracy.

Nobody denies that the settlers who have been living in Gush Katif are experiencing trauma. Nobody wants to be evicted from his or her home. However, these people are to be compensated and are not being left in the wilderness. They are paying the price for the follies of past governments who had legalized and encouraged settlements in areas that are not and never were part of Israel.

The worst and most dangerous aspect of disengagement is the cynical use made by the Jewish Fascist movements to violence and breaking the law. The violence can endanger lives and does not serve any purpose. The disengagement is legal and was passed by the Knesset and upheld by the High Court of the land. This being so, citizens must obey the law despite their right to protest their opposition peacefully.


Anonymous said...

To the outside world looking in, the Israeli occupation of Palestinian is history repeating itself. The German’s forced resettlement of millions of people from the countries bordering Germany to make room for the repatriation of Germans to the fatherland is exactly the same as what’s occurring in Israel, were Palestinians are forcibly removed to make way for Jewish settlers.

These policies are Nazi policies and the whole world sees them as such. Clearly the Jewish psyche has not fully recovered from the atrocities of the holocaust and importantly its inability to fight the Germans passively accepting death. This has left an intolerable bitterness in some Jews to inflict pain and suffering on others in order to try to wash away the indignity of the past.

As for the rightwing Jewish fanatics (Nazis) I find it difficult to believe that a people so persecuted in the past can embrace the fascist tactics of the SS, and try to justify them as correct because the fait of Israel (fatherland) depends upon it.

Using the word of God to justify ones own political and personal ambitions is an arrogant and blasphemous act. People who espouse there religious beliefs to the detriment of others are fools and should not be countenanced. If one believes in the word of God, one should marvel in the profound goodness of his teachings and not seek to implement their own interpretation of them.

JP said...

The anonymous poster above is your typical anti-Semite. (And no, I'm not trying to 'silence criticism of Israel' by calling him such. In fact every time a concerned person points out true anti-Semitism they get told they're just trying to 'silence legitimate criticism' which leaves the stage open for anti-Semites to say what they want.)

By comparing the Jews to the Nazis he shamefully compares the victim to his murderer, insulting the memory of millions of people and many survivors. Nazis and Israelis are simply not morally or historically equivalent. Not in terms of policy, attitudes or amount of people they've killed. END OF.