Saturday, August 6

A Despicable Act

It is predictable that an extreme right wing religious zealot would indulge in a terrorist act. The indiscriminate shooting witnessed on a bus in Shfaram is despicable and ought to be condemned in the strongest terms. This terrible tragedy is horrifying.

There is no difference in this abominable act by a Jewish terrorist and the suicide acts of Palestinian terrorists. This despicable human being, Eden Natan-Zada, received his just reward. People say that the fatal lynching that he received was barbaric. If a surviving Palestinian suicide bomber would have been lynched would this be less barbaric? There is a definite double standard here.

Terror is terror and this evil act cannot be condoned any less then the despicable terrorist acts committed by Palestinian terrorists.

Kach and company are alive and well. Their fanatic rabble-rousing rabbis are behind them. This is another aspect of the orange adorned extremists. These extremist firebrands hide behind their fringes (tsitsit), long sidelocks (peyot) and large knitted kippot. Under all these symbols are racist monsters that are closer to fascism rather than democracy. There is a frightening trend in Israel that is making cynical use of democracy and breaking the law at the same time. The newly religious as symbolized by this despicable terrorist, Eden Natan-Zada , is the beginning of a trend, which will gain ground if not nipped in the bud. Tapuach, a settlement beyond the green line, seems to be a breeding ground for this kind of trash. They believe in following the footsteps of the late arch racist, Rabbi Meir Kahana.

This is a breeding ground for the dregs of Jewish Society, whose contribution to Israel is nil. The cynical use of terror to side track the security forces from Gush Katif is horrifying. We must not fall into the trap of trying to find a psychological reason for this kind of terror. This would mean a form of justification. The same ploy was used by anti-Zionists on numerous occasions to try to find psychological reasons for Palestinian terror.

It seems as if we are on the threshold of a "Jewish Hamas" or "Jewish Jihad" style terror group hiding under orange ribbons and Jewish symbols. Many call this the lunatic fringe on the right.

What is incomprehensible is the Israel Army's inability to disarm a soldier who was AWOL. There was no attempt to trace this deserter, especially if he was armed and potentially dangerous. According to reports, the family of Eden Natan-Zada had appealed to the army to disarm their son and their pleas were ignored.

Now is the question of burial. Perhaps it would be a good idea to cremate this terrorist's body and flush his ashes down the toilet! This should be the fate of all terrorists no matter from where they come.

A dangerous precedent has occurred under the orange right wing lunatic fringe. There are many potential right wing zealots waiting in the shadows poised for committing another frightening terrorist act.

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